27 08 2012

Had 20 children and families here yesterday for July, August and September birthdays.  We celebrate every 3 to 4 months depending upon how many there are.  We had 11 birthdays to celebrate yesterday.   It was fun for all.  Always is.  We sing Happy Birthday to Everybody and enjoy the ice cream and cake.  It is a great time for visiting and enjoying the special company.

Almost all the cake was gone by the time the party ended.  And everyone had a sack of fun presents to take home.  We do not give expensive nor special presents.  Just items from the Dollar Store and fun things.  For instance, yesterday, everyone got a fireman’s hat fit for a 3 year old.  And they were all proud of them.  Some of them were wearing them for the afternoon.  Such things are just pure fun. And what is wrong with that.  Everything doesn’t have to be serious and grim.  Laughter is the best part anyway.

There were 4 different families here yesterday plus some who are not official families yet, but will be this year.  And then another generation will be coming along.  What fun!  I am so glad I have this big family and glad everyone gets along and is happy in their own lives.  God has truly been good to me and I appreciate that more than anything.  

Happy Birthday to All!!!


15 09 2011

Remember:  Purty is as Purty does!  My Nanma told me that almost every time I left the house when I was growing up.  This was her way of telling me to behave myself, be kind, be nice, and make everyone like me.  I have always appreciated that Purty advice.  It has held in good stead many a day when I wanted to bite someone’s head off.

After all, I am human just like everyone else.  And I get so tired of all the same old, same old bites in this world of today.  For instance, as I have already written in one of my blogs, I got so tired of teachers always telling me at the teacher’s conferences that ‘He could do better if he would just try.’. As far as I was concerned, she was the one who was supposed to make him want to try and if her classsroom was interesting, he definitely would have tried.  But then, I  had to hold my tongue and be Purty once again.  Or else be sent to the principal’s office.

And then the latest instance.  I ordered a medication from the drugstore this past week.  I had an infection come up on my leg and it was a real dilly, so had to have some pretty strong stuff to get rid of it.  I went by the drugstore and the doctor’s office had not called it in yet.  But the druggist wanted to know my date of birth so they would be looking for the prescription when it came in.   I ran some errands and then stopped by at the window once again.  The lady had never heard of any of this and she wanted to know my date of birth.  Then she disappeared from the window and I’m sure took her friends and relatives to lunch before coming back.  Then she informed me that if I wanted to wait, I would have to park in another parking lot and they would let me know when the meds were ready.  I said no thanks and went home to fume for awhile.

Next I called to ask if the medication was ready yet.   That lady had never heard of me either.  She wanted to know my date of birth.  Then she put me on hold and I heard all the advertisements at least once and was going around the second time when she finally came back to the phone.  Then she put me in touch with someone else who might know what I was talking about.  By this time, my leg could have fallen off.  But the lady assured me that they would have the medication ready soon.  So I started up the car once again and made another trip to the drugstore.  Then I had to wait in line behind four other cars.  When the front car didn’t move for a long time, I pulled around and parked and walked into the drug store.  There were about 40 people in front of me, but I guess I looked pitiful so the lady motioned for me to come forward.  By this time, I was ashamed of the way my leg looked and was pretty sure that was the reason I was summoned forward – so they could get rid of me.

After the lady went back into the pharmacy and evidently talked to everyone there, she finally came back and asked me my date of birth once again.  By this time, I was ready to lunge over the counter and tell her my date of birth in case she had not heard it before.  But then a pharmacist appeared with the bottle of pills and I just smiled and acted purty once again.

Then the medication made me feel really bad for the nest 8 days.  Think I’ll just give up, take to my rocking chair and try to be purty for the next 20 years.  Maybe then, someone else will take care of me.  Especially if I’m purty every day.  They might even ask me my date of birth.


19 08 2011

I had an infection come up on my leg this past week.  Didn’t amount to much.  I just ran into the dishwasher door and it took the top layer of skin off.  After a couple of days, I noticed it was becoming infected so I made an appointment with the doctor.  He prescribed a sulfa antibiotic which is really the only kind I can take.  I think most other people take something else, but not me.  Always have to be different.

I took an antibiotic several years ago for an infection on my arm caused by being stupid and pulling up some poison ivy plants.  That antibiotic really ruined my stomach and it has never been the same since.  Cannot eat fruit at all and have problems with a lot of other foods.  But the poison ivy rash got cured and that is the point, you know.

Anyway, I’m getting off the road here.  I got to thinking about the sulfa drugs and what a wonder they have been.  Most people just take them for granted and think they were always there.  But they weren’t.  Towards the end of World War II, the sulfa drugs were first used to treat men while they were still on the battlefield.  In fact servicemen were given a pouch containing sulfa drugs so they could treat themselves until help could reach them.  The sulfa drug was an absolute miracle, accounting for the saving of many men.  The drug was just sprinkled on their wounds and this kept any infection from getting into the wound which helped many lives to be saved.  This was called a miracle drug in its day – and it definitely was.

Then I read a book and cannot remember the name of it, but it was written by a lady who had leprosy.  She was shuttled off from her home in the United States  at night and ended up on the island where all leprosy people went to die.   Then she told of how awful the people looked and how scared she was and what it was like to know that she could never, ever again leave this island.  She met a fellow patient there and eventually they were married.  But this  would be her life forever, no children, no other family members ever.

And then the sulfa drugs came along.  They were found to stop the progression of leprosy and she told what a wonderful miracle that was.  No longer was she considered to be contagious.   No longer did she have to be an outcast.  She and her husband were able to leave the island and resume a normal life.  All because of the sulfa drugs.

I was just thinking about all that and how fortunate we are in our lives to have such wonderful miracle drugs.  And all the preventive care that is available these days.  There are a number of drugs now that are used to treat leprosy.  No one has to be shuttled from their home in the middle of the night anymore.  No one has to be isolated on an island in the Pacific.  And no one has to endure the horror of having leprosy.  What a wonderful world we have.   How fortunate we are.

God takes really good care of all of us.  Thank you, Dear God.