9 08 2012

We have all heard a million times about hope and change.  Don’t really know what that means.  It took $68 to fill my car with gas this last weekend.  Guess that means I hope, I hope, I hope that changes soon.  Or maybe it means that I no longer get any change from my dollar bills.  Not sure which it means.  

I just hope that the change is that those who know the business start drilling for oil in this country so we can have some good, cheap gasoline in the next couple of years.  That shouldn’t be too hard to do.  There is enough oil below the ground to last us all the rest of our lives.   Why are we not using it!  It is time.  I am tired of hearing about the animals that we need to protect.   I’m sure you have seen the bears on the television screen who are so over-abundant that they are stealing candy from the candy store.  It is time to quit all this nonsense and get the good old U.S.A.back to being the country it has been for a long, long time.   Time for everyone to get up in the morning, put their shoes on and go to work.  Time to stop being important and go home and raise a family.  Time to start teaching the children what life is all about and that means responsibility, responsibility, responsibility.  

Maybe that is what is meant by the term, Hope and Change.  Sure hope so.  We sure do need some change.


12 02 2012

Do you happen to remember the time of the litter bags and being called litter bugs because we had supposedly polluted this earth?  Well, look around you today and see what those litter bugs are doing to our society everywhere, every day.   When those who thought they were in charge began telling all of us who were just out there minding our own business and working every day – that we needed to watch how we lived, we listened.  They invented the litter bag which I think was the forerunner of the plastic bags we get in every store these days.  And now those same people are complaining about those bags.

Anyway, we all got a litter bag everywhere we went.  Every time I stopped in at the bank or the grocery store or the utility company or the drug store, I was given a free litter bag so that I would be ‘trained’ to put my trash in a litter bag and then remember to throw it in the trash when I got home.  We were all well trained every day all day long.  And then those who thought they were in charge began telling us what else to do with our lives.  They are still doing that every single day in some form.

Meanwhile, they and all their children evidently never saw a litter bag.  They are the ones who drop the trash at their feet as they walk through the post office, the bank, along the sidewalks of our town, and everywhere else.    Trash just falls all around them everywhere they go.  Just watch and see.  And then watch while they think it is o.k. to spit on the sidewalks and crush the cigarette butts beneath their shoes.  Even when there are cigarette butt receptacles within five feet of them.

Maybe someone should ‘train’ them or teach them about litter bags.  Maybe we could even tell them they are polluting the earth with their trash.  But they probably wouldn’t listen anyway since they think they are in charge and can do whatever and whenever they please.

All my life I had been taught to pick up my trash.  All my life I had made sure I never crushed a cigarette butt or spit on the sidewalk.  Bums did that.  Still do.

I guess they have forgotten all about those litter bags.  Maybe someone should give them one and ‘train’ them to pick up their trash.  Everyone is doing all they can for them, but they seem to be blind to cleanliness.  Even the post office sports recycle bins these days. Instead, these people just throw their trash on the floor as they look at their mail and walk.  I guess they don’t realize that someone has to be paid to pick up their trash.

Just remember to put your litter in the litter bag, especially that one that is hanging in your car. Remember them, too?  And then find a trash receptacle and put the trash in there where it belongs.  If you see a litter bug anywhere, point them to a litter bag and suggest they use it.  Sure would help these days.  Might even save our government some of that wasted money.


6 01 2012

Do you remember the bully from your school?  I do.  He lived next door to me and would wait for me as I walked to school.  He would then push me into a bush or against a building and demand my lunch for the day.  My mother had made that lunch for me and I held onto that sack for dear life.  I was not giving that to him no matter what!  He didn’t really want it anyway.  He just wanted to harass me.  In fact, he would throw the lunch away before he got to school.  That was why I tried to protect it so much.  He had no right to that lunch.   It was mine and I properly appreciated it.

He was going to have a hot lunch prepared for him at school.  It would be the ‘lunch of the day’ provided free to him and paid for with other people’s hard earned money.   He just simply  wanted what was mine, not because he was entitled to it, but simply because it was mine. And he would just take it, not because he needed it, but because he felt like I should not have it.  In fact, in his eyes, I should not have anything more than he had.  So he was the bully from my school.

A bully always just takes what he wants.  He shoves, pushes, and harasses just to get his way.  He thinks he is entitled to whatever he wants.  He never would consider actually working for it.   He just thinks – monkey see, monkey have.  That is the way most bullies think.

Reminds me of the  thinking of  bullies of today.  Everyone else is greedy.   Bully want.  Bully should have.  They don’t need it nor want it.  And would never consider working for it.  Same Old Bully!


END OF 2011

30 12 2011

Boy am I ever glad this year is about to end.  It has been absolutely terrible.  All I read in the newspapers is violence, death, robbery, and trouble, trouble and more trouble.  Don’t think that is the way it is supposed to be anywhere.

One war after another.  People talking now about another war about to start.  The way I feel is forget it.  Let people live their own lives clear across the world and leave us alone.  And those comments about big business all the time and how rich everyone is – those that work that is.  Silly stuff.  Everyone is supposed to get out there and get it best they can.  May not be a million dollars a year, but anyone can make a living if they will just be willing to work.  People will not get hired if they show that they are not willing to work.  Period.  End of subject.

But the way I feel about everything is that God will provide.  Always has, always will.  But most people forget that it is said that God helps those who help themselves.  Always true and always will be.

Right now, I am hoping that God will send us someone to lead this wonderful country.  Haven’t seen anyone yet who can do that.  Seems that all of them have a strike or two against them.  Just have to wait and see who comes out on top of the stack and then I will vote for anyone who is running against Obama.  Period.  End of that subject, too.

2012 is going to be a great year.  Just wait and see.  Best year we have ever had.  All that violence and problems in the world are going to be much better.  And everyone is going to have a good life.  I’m sure that will happen if we will just trust in God and try to live a good life.  2012 Here we come!!!


6 12 2011

Tomorrow is a very special day – Pearl Harbor Day.  We live in the most marvelous Country in the world.  The good old U.S.A. is far and above any other place on this earth.

I have traveled to lots of places over the years.  Have been to Italy and Germany and Austria and Switzerland and all the Balkland countries and Finland and Holland and Russia and all points in between.   There is nothing to compare anywhere to our wonderful Country.  When visiting Russia it was like stepping back in time to the 1920’s.  Nothing was modern.  Everything was old and used and worn out.  Even the electric wires were strung everywhere out in the open like they used to be here when I was a kid.  Their museums contain almost nothing of any value.  And people watch the visitors like a hawk to make sure no one steals anything.

We have everything we could ever want here.  And we are supposed to be free to live a good life every day in whatever manner we choose.

No matter where I ever went or what I saw, I was always so happy when I put my feet down on American soil once again. Even if I had to wait in the airport in Atlanta for hours and hours in order to make connections to get home, I was still so glad to be here again.  It is just a marvelous feeling to be a citizen of this great country.

So tomorrow, if you think of Pearl Harbor, say a prayer for  all those who gave their lives in that horrendous war and thank them once again for all they have given to you.   As is said, Freedom isn’t Free.    And it most certainly is not.  Treasure it.  Thank God for it.  We are the most blessed people in the world.


10 11 2011

I look at the television news stories and I read the newspapers regularly and I keep thinking to myself, What in the world is going on here, or at least in this country of ours.  Surely, we don’t have to live through another hippie era with the campouts in the cities and the bonfires and the guitar music and the non productive citizens.  Surely not again!

But then, maybe I am the only one seeing this.  I saw where someone stated for all to hear that this was reminiscent of the civil rights era.  Well, that was originally a takeoff from the Vietnam era.  So anyone can think whatever they wish.  I just wish they would all get up, clean up, and get a job.  Then they wouldn’t have time to worry about how much money someone else was making every day.  They could only worry about how much money they were making.  And then they could think about how they were going to pay their rent, buy their groceries and clothing, provide water for baths for themselves and their families, and then work at taking  care of their own families.  There wouldn’t be much time for camping out in the city, nor playing the guitars and singing around the campfires.

Eventually, most of  those original hippies had to get a job and take care of their own families.  Time for this today.  Enough is enough.  Get on with life.


28 10 2011

Might sound goofy, but I am so glad I am me.  I have such a nice life and enjoy almost every minute.  If I don’t, then I will search in my goofy mind until I come up with something that once made me laugh.  Then I can laugh all over again.  Such is my goofy life.

Today, I was changing the sheets and airing out the covers.  While I was re-making the bed, I started laughing to myself about an incident several years ago.  I needed a new pillow, so made a trip to Walmart and bought  one.  When I got home, I tried it out and sure enough, the pillow was too  high and uncomfortable on my neck.  So- I could not jump up and down on it as that wouldn’t make it much smaller.  I could not walk on it to make it smaller.  Then suddenly, it came to me – I could roll over it with my car.  Now, only people with Goofy Minds  would think of that one.

I carried it down to the garage and pushed it carefully under the back tire.  Then I raised the garage door and proceeded to roll my car over the pillow, going back and forward a couple of times.   Sure enough – that made it just exactly the size I needed.  But – I had forgotten one minor detail.  I didn’t think to cover the pillow in a plastic bag.  And sure enough, there were tire marks on my new pillow!

Later on, I  was hospitalized.  (not for my goofy mind).   When I came home, I needed to have a caretaker for a couple of weeks.  Everything was going fine, but the caretaker could not find my pillow. I told the caretaker to just go in my closet and find the pillow with the tire marks on it.  She looked at me as though I had lost my mind.  And I guess I had.  What else can you expect from someone who has a truly Goofy Mind.  Always good for a laugh.

Still have the pillow and it still has the tire marks on it.  I laugh about it pretty often.  Makes me happy every time.