16 12 2011

Well, it finally happened.  I got up this morning and looked in the mirror and there it was – a wider part on the top of my head.  My part was much wider than it had been when I went to bed last night.   This tells me just one thing.  It is a plot; a planned discrimination against brown colored hair.  No doubt in my mind about that.

After thinking about this all day, I have come to the conclusion that I will have to be the one, the instigator, of a new government program against such discrimination.  Just simply cannot have this in my life.  So, I have come up with a name and have planned some of my strategy.  The name will be Suspicion Of Discrimination of Beauties Undergoing Loss of Brown Hair.  The shorter version will be simply called SODBULB.  That shouldn’t be too hard to remember.

First, I will have to contact my congressmen and insist that they add this new government program to their list of earmarks in the next bills coming up.  Then I will most certainly have to hire lawyers to represent this important issue.  That shouldn’t cost much, only about 50k or so to begin.  Then I will have to hire people to conduct studies to see why only brown haired women are subjected to this terrible travesty.  I looked around today and didn’t see even one blonde or one red haired person with the wide part on the top of their head.  Even the dyed brunettes did not have this.

Next, I will have to have a petition to circulate so that everyone will be aware of this program.  This will require that I hire an assistant.  I can cover the position of CEO easily but I will need an assistant to dial all those numbers of people I will have to call.  Each state will have to be contacted you know. In just no time, SODBULB will become a household word.  Oh yes, this means I have to contact all the media too.  How am I going to keep up with all these lists.   I know, just need another new phone.  That should do it.  With a calendar or two on it and a place to put lists.  Oh dear, so much to do.

Well, it certainly looks like I have my work cut out for me in the next few months.  Have to set my salary also.  That will take some figuring.  And expenses to cover. I can readily see how that money gets spent.  Just 50k here and another 50k there.  And some of those employees will cost  even more than that depending upon how much they know about the Parting of the Waves. Plus benefits of course.

Need to run out now to the office supply store.  I’m sure I will need some computer software and a calculator to add all these figures up.  While I’m out, I will have to stop at the Garden Supply Store also.  Don’t remember what for  but it will come to me I’m sure.

SODBULB, SODBULB, SODBULB.  Has a nice ring to it.  Probably have to get that name copyrighted.   Everyone will want to be using it.


4 11 2011

Well, I’ve tried to stay out of the political situation.  Been sitting on my hands a lot these days.  But things do sort of get to me.  I grew up always being taught I was responsible for myself and whatever I did each day in my life.  I raised all my children in that same way.  Every single person in this world is responsible for whatever it is he or she does every single day of their lives.  Now people can choose to be ugly or mean.  They can choose to rob and steal and pilfer all their lives away.  Or they can  choose to be nice, pleasant, and honest in their daily lives.  I have chosen to be nice and pleasant and honest every single day.  Sometimes I have fallen from grace in my life.  Everyone does that now and then.  But then I have picked myself up, brushed off the bruises, and been responsible for   my daily life.  I think that is what people should do today also.

I am not a politician.  Nor am I too smart for my own britches.  But it would seem to me that these protestors such as they are today, would realize they are their own worst enemies.  If they wanted to work, they would be out trying to find a job.  No one is ever going to hire someone who does not know how to get up off the street and present themselves in an orderly manner.  For instance, if you were running a company, would you hire someone who did not bathe, nor wash their hair, nor get a haircut, nor shave, nor dress properly for a job interview?   I would not.  Neither would any company that I know of.

So, if they are out protesting and cannot get a job, then I would say that was their problem.  Not everyone else’s.  Not Wall Streets nor Main Streets.  Their fault.  Their responsibility to look nice and to present themselves in an orderly manner.  If they wanted to work, they would be dressed nicely, standing in a line to wait their turn at the next job opening, and being pleasant to everyone around them.  Otherwise, then, they are welcome to live on the street, forage for food, and hope for the best – from the government.  This is all they want anyway.  Free life with no responsibility for their own actions.


17 09 2011

As usual thinking about times long ago.  Although to me, it isn’t long ago at all.  People just assume that everyone ate salads forever.  That is not true.  It was the early fifties before salads became popular.  It was then a popular thing to say about salads,  ‘I’m not a rabbit, you know.’    There might be a mixture of lettuce and tomato on the table now and then, but usually it was just sliced or cubed tomatoes as a side dish – and that’s a new phrase, too.  But there were no salads at all.  Then someone came up with the bright idea that we could combine some of those greens and lettuce and tomatoes and all that other good stuff and we would call it a salad.

My mother had been cooking for a good many years by that time.   So she gave this salad business a try.  Worked out pretty well, too.  Almost everyone seemed to like having a salad with our dinner.  Then it became the thing to do to have the salad before the meal.  So we did that for awhile.  There were only two kinds of dressing.  We could either have white – which was mayonnaise or white salad dressing sold in the grocery store.  Or we could have the yellow which was the only kind of salad dressing available to buy at the grocery store that was actually a salad dressing for actual salads. I really think it was a form of french dressing or perhaps thousand island.  There were a couple of off brand type salad dressings but we ate this on crackers or bread as a snack before salads came along.

We ate a lot of tomatoes that were locally grown and they were really really good.  Not like the ones of today.   Someone told me that all the acid has been taken out of the tomatoes of today and that is why the taste is gone.  Don’t know that is true, but it makes sense to me because the tomatoes definitely do not taste like they used to.  That someone also said that is why the tomatoes don’t rot as fast.  And also why if you are canning today, you have to add some sort of acid to the tomatoes you are canning or they will not can properly.   I didn’t know that one either.  Things sure have changed since my canning days.  Oh, I hate canning.  That was such a chore and kept me in the kitchen for days at a time. (You might enjoy reading my blog about jars, jars everywhere) My mother-in-law grew vegetables for me.  Then it was up to me to come get them, prepare them and can them.  And I always said very nicely ‘thank you’.  She was a wonderful gardener and could grow absolutely anything.  But I sometimes wished she hadn’t been so good at it.  I had all those babies to take care of and canning was not exactly what I wanted to do every day during the summer months.   But you should always be grateful for anything you have, so I was properly grateful and meant it properly too.

But getting back to whatever I was writing about before the tomatoes came along, I think it was salads.  It is very nice nowadays to go to the local store and pick up a package of salad to have for dinner or lunch.  I have never found any problem with any of the packages yet.  Just grateful and properly so for them also.  Glad someone else is doing the picking and the washing and the preparing these days.  And also glad there is such a good variety of salad dressings in the grocery store.  Whole shelves full of them.  How fortunate we are in this country.

Well, that brings up something else to write about another day.  I went to Russia one time and we are so very fortunate every day wherever we live in this marvelous country.  Will write about that one.  Also will write about dieting before diets became popular.  Have a good evening.


12 09 2011

I am told pretty often about how I fall asleep in the chair in the evening.  The way I feel about that is that I have earned the right to fall asleep in the chair if I wish to do so.  So there!

I am a pretty old person and just today, I mopped the kitchen, and 2-1/2 bathrooms.  I also cleaned a couple of those bathrooms.  I made 2 trips out to the drug store, one to the post office and one to the cleaners.  I also played bingo with some other old ladies today for an hour.  Won too!  We play for nickels and it is a lot of fun.  The coverall which I also won is played for a quarter.  Fun, fun, fun all around.  Lots of laughter and good natured kidding.

Then I raced home, ran the dishwasher, changed the sheets on a bed, washed a load of clothes and dried and folded them up.  Then I paid a couple of bills, started dinner, provided a snack for the afternoon and watched the evening news.  And that in itself is quite a chore.  Some of that news is horrible!

During this day, I also prepared breakfast, emptied the dishwasher which had been forgotten the evening before, put away all those dishes, filled it up again, and spent an hour in Adoration of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Eucharist at our local parish chapel.  I also made a couple of important phone calls, tried to remember my name, and probably tried to remember a couple of other things during the day.  But I can’t remember what.

And that brings up another point.  Do you know where the word Senile comes from?  It means you go into a room and then say to yourself, ‘Let’s see now, what did I come in here for.’

Well, it’s time to set the alarm and prepare for another busy day tomorrow.  That alarm rings pretty early in the morning.  Then it will be time to rise and shine porcupine.


4 09 2011

Hi again:  when I was growing up which has of course been quite awhile ago, we did not have shampoos as such.  I guess there was something around because there were beauty shops but I don’t know what they used.  At our house, we used a bar of ivory soap and rubbed that in our hair and then scrubbed with our fingers until we were clean.  This was done in the kitchen sink.

Then we rinsed until we were sure all the ivory was gone.  After that, we rinsed our hair with a combination of vinegar and water.  Probably about 1/3 vinegar to a cup of water.  Then we rinsed more with water and we were through.  The vinegar worked like a combination  of conditioner and rinse.  Anyway, it worked beautifully.

To this day, I have used many a shampoo in my time and  some I liked and a lot I did not.  But in the last few years, I have gone back to the soap, using liquid dawn most of the time.  Then I scrub my head with my fingers just as I have always done.  Then I rinse with that same combination of vinegar and water.  Then I rinse again with plain water and I’m done.  Not expensive, not hard to do and my hair always turns out o.k.  Don’t have a lot of tangles and never have any oily or fine type problems.

When shampoos first became popular, it was advertised on the radio every Sunday night with the girl singing of the shampoo.  I am sure you have heard the jingle many times.  My grandmother who lived with us believed in all the commercials.  So she insisted my mother pick us up some of that new, wonderful shampoo.  But don’t think any of us liked it much.  My grandmother went to the beauty shop every week anyway, so didn’t matter to her.  When she went to the beauty shop, she usually came home with blue hair.  But we all told her how nice she looked so she was happy with blue hair.

I hated beauty shops because I only got to go there to get that terrible, awful permanent wave every year before school started.  The last one I got was so fuzzy that my date called me fuzzy bear when he picked me up to go to the movies.  After that, I was permanently through with fried permanent waves.  But then home permanents came out and that was a whole new story.

Meanwhile back at the shampoo story, earlier in the century, my husband’s grandmother lived in the country and she combed kerosene through her hair to make sure there were no bugs.  At that time, women washed their hair in soft rain water which was caught in a cistern.  Didn’t want to use that hard well water.  So, see, things really aren’t so bad after all in this world of today.  At least we don’t have to worry about having our hair catch on fire because we have just combed through it with kerosene.

If you like this sort of story, you will love my books.  #2503 (my address when I was growing up) tells of growing up in the 30’s & 40’s.   In The 1940’s is the name of the next one and tells all about those War years and living at that time and  The Wonderful 1950’s is all about that time.  Each book is $10 with no postage or order all three for $25.  Just send check or money order to BET   P.O. Box 2249, Benton, AR  72018    You will love them!



1 09 2011

I was driving into the neighborhood recently and noticed that a house near the entrance has been rented to a group of young men. The most important thing they do is wash their truck.  Each one, all the time.  What time they aren’t washing their trucks, they are parking them all over the place.  Nice boys.  Nice area.  And they keep it looking really nice around their house.

But I remember back when  the most important thing I did was ‘wash my truck.’  What fun!  No responsibility.  No problems.  Just make sure my bank account  was current.  Why, I might even have as much as $25.30 left after the month.  Rich! this month.   Meanwhile I’ll wash my truck again.  Needs it really bad.  Might have a spot or two on the top.

That windshield could use a little more wiping.  And around the gas cap  has finger prints  from when I filled  up the tank the other day.  Guess I’ll wash my truck!

Mom calls that dinner is ready now.  ‘Be right there as soon as I finish washing my truck.’    Or maybe I’ll wash my truck before I go in to work.  Or to school.  Or to anywhere else.

Mom might ask me to take my sister over to grandma’s.  ‘Sure, soon as I finish washing my truck.’

Or  – Mom might want me to run to the grocery and pick up a loaf of bread for dinner.  ‘Sure, just as soon as I finish washing my truck’.

What fun!  Think I’ll go wash my truck.  Probably needs it.  Been hauling trash and kids and groceries and all that good stuff all  week.

Need to wash my truck!!!


30 08 2011

Speaking of the past – again – did you know there were almost no deodorants until the early 1950’s?  I was a teenager and never had used a deodorant and never needed to.  For some reason, people did not usually smell bad.  Unless they had been working and sweating all day and then they would need to ‘wash up’ in order to smell better before dinner.  But that was usually a man who had worked outdoors doing manual labor all day long.

Anyway, the Lifebuoy was the only deodorant soap on the market that I can remember and Bob Burns was a radio personality who had a funny variety type show on every week.  He fashioned himself as a hillbilly from the backwoods of Arkansas and his sponsor was Lifebuoy.  They had a song on the show that advertised that if you had B.O. (body odor), then you needed to use their soap.  And people who had that B.O. did use their soap and it usually took care of the problem.

Now, I am wondering why people stink so much these days.  And why everyone needs to use the deodorant all the time.  As I said, that was really unheard of before the early 1950’s.  I have been thinking about this all day and it seems to me that people ingest a lot more salt now than they did back then.   We had very little processed foods and almost no ‘eat out’ foods.  So wonder if that could make a difference in our B.O. problem.

I, for one, always ate a lot of sugar so that didn’t seem to present a problem.  But I am wondering about the amount of salt.  Oh well, I will never know the answer to that one, but I can wonder anyway.

Arrid was the first popular deodorant to come onto the market that I remember and they did lots of advertising of their product.   Everyone had Arrid after that and it did a good job.

Well, just thought you might enjoy knowing all that.   Will have something else of supreme importance tomorrow.  Like maybe shampoo or toothpaste.  Hot Dog!