11 01 2012

I read every day about the lovely houses for sale in my area.  Some of them are actual mansions fit for a king and queen.  But it makes me wonder about all these things.  Are these houses or homes?  Some have as many as 3 separate living areas.  Why?  I have been told that the reason for separate living areas is so the children can watch their programs or play the computer games, etc.   If I am in my living area, I want my children to be there, too. When we are all relaxing, why would I want my other family members to be in another room.  Much better to share the minutes and hours with each other.  How else do you get to really know each other.  I don’t mind watching games or watching the children enjoy themselves.   What is the big deal. I can always catch up on the news or weather later. Much better to share this time together.

When I was growing up, we didn’t have a separate living area nor did we have 8 bathrooms or whatever it might be today.  Why would my mother have wanted to clean all those.   And I want to share my kitchen with the children also.  I want them to enjoy their home.  This is what makes a home, not the number of rooms nor the rock or brick or mortar.  Nor the specially designed counter tops.

This is our home!  Not a house, but a real home where we can all share our time together.  We complain to each other of course.  Everyone does now and then.    But we still share our time and our thoughts with each other.  This is why our home is such a special place.  And this is why our children want to come home each day.  They prefer it here, not at a friend’s house.

Some days, I sure would like to go home again.  Back to where I grew up in that typical family consisting of a mother, father, sister, brother and grandmother.  It was a really great place to be all the time.  It was nice and happy, with the exception of the daily quarrels that all children have about chores and what to wear. But it was a place to share together while we were building a real family.  Wish I could open that screen door and go in to be with all of them just one more time.  Sure would be nice.

If  you want to experience some of that special family time that we lived during the late 30’s and early 1940’s,  just order my book entitled #2503 .  That was my address when I was growing up.   You can read about the fun and living history and great love we experienced in #2503.  In that place that was a real home and not just a house.

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30 10 2011

Hi”  Haven’t been writing as much lately,  always something else to do, but try to get back with it.  Thanks for reading the stuff I write.  Makes me feel pretty good to think that someone else enjoys my writing.

I was watching an old movie tonight and it made some more of those old times surface in my head.  My mother used to keep the car on Saturdays.  That is a whole story in itself.  We took Daddy to work early in the afternoon.  He worked on the local newspaper and his hours were from 3 to whatever time the paper was finished printing.  That might be 11 or it might be 4:30 the next morning depending on the news and views.  Anyway, Mother would keep the car and buy the groceries and run the errands for the week.

We kids rode around with her and usually sat in the car at the grocery store.  She said it made her nervous for us to help her buy groceries.  I can certainly understand that!  My kids used to make me pretty nervous in the grocery store too.  Sometimes they were  busy filling the basket for me while I was checking prices.  Or if they saw a friend, they might be racing around the shelves playing tag.  Not much fun to shop with kids.  I used to fill one basket with groceries and had another one with kids.  I pulled one and pushed the other one.  I was in my mid thirties when I had my last child.  One of the checkers in the grocery store asked me one day – ‘what’d you do, honey, wait late?’  I could have hit her with one of the canned goods, but didn’t bother, just smiled sweetly and said, ‘I have a few more at home too’.

But to get back to the story of Mother keeping the car.  We kids waited in the car and played ‘I see something you don’t see’.  I think they call that ‘I Spy’ now, but it didn’t have a formal name back then.

Anyway, when Mother got through  buying groceries, she would sometimes go further downtown and pick up a few items at the ‘dime store’.  That was the name for the five and dime in our area.  After she bought whatever she needed there, she might treat herself to a sheet of music for the piano.  Mother loved piano music.  She never played herself, but she sure loved to hear us play.  My brother and I both took piano lessons for many years, but it was classical stuff.  Hated that!!!  Eventually we both learned to play by chords and then could play any of the sheet music that Mother bought.

She would tell us to look around the store while she went downstairs where the sheet music was displayed.  That was also where the fish were displayed and we could spend some time watching the fish if we wanted to.  The girl who helped her in that department would show her all sorts of music.  Then Mother would choose one or two pieces and the girl would sit down at the piano and play the song.  If it was Mother’s wish, she would also sing the song.  Mother loved hearing the piano being played and she also enjoyed the girl singing the song for her.  What a treat!  Mother looked forward to that for weeks sometimes.  That has not really been that long ago.  Only about 50 years, give or take a few.   The world really was a little quieter and a little happier then I guess.

When we got home that day, Mother would ask one of us to play the music for her while she put the groceries away.  It was a nice day.  It was a nice time.  It was sure a nice family.  And that piece of sheet music was pretty nice, too.