30 03 2012

I have been thinking again and that is always a mistake.  But I started wondering about all the liberal demands upon our time and money. I think I probably heard something on one of the talk shows about how the proposed budget by the Republicans – which I am all for by the way – would take money out of the coffers that pays  for some of the free stuff that those liberals want.

I think  I remember that God said in the Ten Commandments ‘ Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbors Goods’.  Now, as usual, maybe I am wrong, but isn’t that exactly what those liberals are trying to do – covet our goods? Aren’t they actually asking for what belongs to us?  I think God also says somewhere that He helps those who help themselves.  So, to me, that is the final answer to everything.  Those liberals can get out there and help themselves and then they can also learn that God will  help them.

I heard someone say recently that they felt sorry for all those street people and all those in the Occupy movement.  I find that ridiculous.  I am all for helping those who definitely cannot help themselves.  But for those who can help themselves, they need to get a job and start now to take care of themselves.

My husband and I got up every morning of our lives around 5.  We got ready for the day by bathing, combing our hair. brushing our teeth, and dressing for the occasion of another work day.   Then we worked throughout the day and finally finished up sometime around 11 at night.  That is how we accumulated enough money to pay for rent, groceries, utilities, and clothing.  And that is how we afforded to raise all those numerous children that God gave to us.

That is what we thought was expected of us every day in our lives.  Isn’t that what we were taught in our growing up years?  Didn’t our parents do exactly that in their lives, too?  Mine sure did.  And they taught me well.  If I found myself out of a job at any time, then I immediately knew to clean up, dress up, go to the employment agency and get another job.  I was never out of work very long.  My husband got into sales by doing exactly that.  I typed until my fingers were nubs, but this was o.k.  We were progressing.  We were living our lives the way we thought we should.

And we were never asking anyone for anything.  We were responsible for our own lives.  No one needed to feel sorry for us.  We tried and learned and tried again.  Such is life in the fast lane you know.

So once again, I give thanks to my God for everything in my life and always for showing us the way to live a good, honest, decent life.


25 01 2012

I was just wondering if anyone has thought the subject of traditional marriage all the way through.  We all know that God created man and woman.  Everyone should know this story.  If not, read it in the Bible in the first part of Genesis.  We all belong to God, like it or not.  It is a fact.   No one but God can create man and woman.  Period.

So, then the devil comes along and causes all the problems that we still face today.  This, also, is very well known.  The devil wants to and strives to discredit and actually win over God.  This has been his plan forever.  If he can destroy this humanity that God created, then he will win over God.

Now, we have the issue of homosexuality.  Did it ever occur to anyone that the destruction of traditional marriage between one man and one woman would also result in the loss of humanity?  Without the one man and one woman of traditional marriage, there will be no children.  This will result in the devil winning  over God.  The devil will  destroy all that God created.  The devil will destroy the procreation of all humanity.  No children, no people, no man and woman, no God’s  world.

Think I will stick with the one man, one woman of traditional marriage.  Certainly makes more sense to me.  I don’t want to live in a world that belongs to the devil.  I want to continue to live in God’s world.


17 08 2011

I noticed in the news reports today that someone has brought up sex education in the schools once again.  Why!  It all seems so redundant.  In the first place, why do these young children need to be taught any of that anyway.  And particularly why in the schools.

The schools are not teaching history anymore.   No one seems to know anything at all about this country or how we got where we are today or any of the wars or founding fathers or our flag or anything relevant to caring for this country.  So why in the world are they teaching sex education anyway.  Why sex education.  Teach history!!!

And the math is a constant disaster.  No one seems to know how to balance their checkbook or tell themselves no when they see a pretty shiny thing that they don’t need at the store.  And it seems to be ok to eat out all the time when it costs way more than it does to prepare your own food.  Why sex education. Teach them some math!

And English.  Half the country cannot talk in a normal way.  They don’t know what makes up a sentence.  And they sure don’t know how to write one.  Or what a paragraph is or how to write that either.  But someone somewhere thought it was a good idea to teach sex education in the schools.  Ridiculous!  Unnecessary!  All it does is wake up that desire that never was meant to be brought up at their ages anyway.

I had several children.  When the subject of teaching sex education came up at our school, we parents were called to a meeting.  We were told our children would be taught right.  There would be a doctor there and several nurses. So one child came home and running through the house after school called out to me – we had sex education today.  I answered back, what did you learn.  And the child answered me and said, don’t hold hands with the boys.  And that was that.   So much for that grand, great, unnecessary sex education!

And then another child came in and said he had sex education that day.  He was getting a snack from the refrigerator at the time and said, when you mix an x and a y, you get a baby.  And that was that.

Some sex education!  Some unnecessary intrusion into my children’s lives.  Why!!!!   Teach reading, writing,  arithmetic, science, history.  All subjects that should be taught.   Add a small amount of sports and cheerleading and leave my children alone!  Teach them sex education at home if you must.  But leave it out of the school system! In this world of today, we definitely don’t need that!