27 08 2012

Had 20 children and families here yesterday for July, August and September birthdays.  We celebrate every 3 to 4 months depending upon how many there are.  We had 11 birthdays to celebrate yesterday.   It was fun for all.  Always is.  We sing Happy Birthday to Everybody and enjoy the ice cream and cake.  It is a great time for visiting and enjoying the special company.

Almost all the cake was gone by the time the party ended.  And everyone had a sack of fun presents to take home.  We do not give expensive nor special presents.  Just items from the Dollar Store and fun things.  For instance, yesterday, everyone got a fireman’s hat fit for a 3 year old.  And they were all proud of them.  Some of them were wearing them for the afternoon.  Such things are just pure fun. And what is wrong with that.  Everything doesn’t have to be serious and grim.  Laughter is the best part anyway.

There were 4 different families here yesterday plus some who are not official families yet, but will be this year.  And then another generation will be coming along.  What fun!  I am so glad I have this big family and glad everyone gets along and is happy in their own lives.  God has truly been good to me and I appreciate that more than anything.  

Happy Birthday to All!!!


22 05 2012

After the third apparition, the children talked often about seeing the poor souls crying out in Hell and prayed more for the salvation of souls. They were followed everywhere they went by people asking about the secret.  To avoid this, they went to their pastures over back roads and through deserted areas.  They longed to be left alone so they could pray even more.

Jacinta was particularly disturbed after seeing the suffering souls in Hell.  She prayed almost constantly. At one time, she saw a vision of the Pope kneeling before a table in a big house.  He was crying and holding his face in his hands.  Outside, some people were throwing stones at him and saying many ugly words.  Another time, she began to cry and asked Lucia if she could see the great number of people who were crying from lack of food.  And the Holy Father praying before the Immaculate Heart of Mary and all those praying with him.

Great numbers of people, even priests, began to visit the Cova and some wanted to see the children.  Most wanted to know the secret and would offer presents and special favors.  But the children never told the secret to anyone.  In fact, they would run and hide when they saw people coming.  This interfered with their daily lives.

Lucia’s family still ridiculed her often and now visitors tramped on their garden until all the plants were ruined.  Lucia could no longer watch the sheep and they had to sell them.  Her mother was particularly distressed.  One of the visitors said Lucia had taken a dollar from another visitor.  Lucia denied this but her mother thrashed her with a broomstick.  Too late, it was found that Jacinta was the one who was given a dollar.

Even newspaper reporters came to talk to the children.  The stories written later depicted the children as epileptic and victims of greed and fraud. This only served to further divide the community.

The Chief Magistrate of the County where Fatima is located was a man of great power.  He had been baptized as a Catholic but had left the Church to join the Masonic Lodge.  He then started his own Lodge and was its head.  He also published a newspaper which served to ridicule the Faith and the Catholic Chuch and its Priests.

Both fathers of the children had been summoned to appear before this Magistrate to answer for their stories.  Lucia’s father willingly took Lucia.  Jacinta and Francisco’s father refused to let them go. The Magistrate began to question Lucia but she remained quiet.  Her father answered that this was all women’s talk and was not to be believed. Jacinta and Francisco’s father spoke up and said he believed the children. The Magistrate warned Lucia that if he did not learn her secret, he would kill her.  And then they were dismissed.

Early morning of August 13th, the Magistrate came to Jacinta and Francisco’s house.  He said he wanted to see the miracle too.  He insisted on taking the children in his carriage.  On the way, they were to stop at the rectory so he could ask some questions.  Lucia was questioned by the Pastor, who now believed the apparitions not to be the work of the devil,  but invented stories.  When she would not disclose the secret, he accused her of spreading lies.

Now, the Magistrate kidnapped the children, putting them in his carriage and driving them to his house.  There, he locked them in a room and said they would never leave the room until they told him the secret.  However, his wife let them out of the room, gave them lunch and let them play with her children. Meanwhile, everyone became angry at the Magistrate over the kidnapping of the children.

At the Cova, the thunder sounded and then a flash was seen and there was a little bright cloud that appeared over the holmoak. It stayed a few minutes and then ascended towards Heaven.  At that time, everyone’s face seemed to glow in all the colors of the rainbow.  The tree leaves were replaced with flowers and the ground was in little squares of different colors as was all clothing. The lanterns hanging over the holy spot were of gold.  Next day, the Pastor wrote an apology for his unbelief.



29 04 2012

My mother sewed beautifully all my growing up years.  My sister can sew perfectly.  I am a real mess when it comes to sewing.  Just never could manage to do any sewing or needle work of any kind.  When I finished it, it looked like I had done it for sure.  Some people just can do things and others cannot.  I tried.  I really did.  I darned my husband’s socks when we first married and he threw them in the waste basket after they hurt his feet all day at work.  I took Home Ec like all the girls did in my age group.  The teacher hated me by the end of the year.  You can read all about that one in my humorous and pure fun book entitled In The 1940’s.  Remember, all my books are $10 each plus $2 postage and they are well worth that much.  True fun and lots of living history.  Great!  Can order from me anytime at P.O. Box 2249, Benton, AR  72018.  Just send check and I will send book – gladly.  My storeroom is getting full.  Thanks.

Anyway, getting back to my lack of sewing ability, I have all these wonderful kids and by the way, I am also a great cook and can do just about anything else except sew – So?

So I decided to make each of them a quilt.  Now, I know that most people don’t decide to make quilts, but I did.  I figured I could do that one easy enough.  I bought 2 flannel sheets,  each one twin size.  Then I drew a picture on one of the sheets.  This was all free hand drawing.  Starting with a big clown and balloons, I painted the picture. Then I joined the two flannel sheets together.  After putting on the binding, I embroidered around the picture.  This attached the two flannel sheets to each other with the padding in the middle making it a quilt.  It was really pretty and I was duly proud.  By the way, that quilt is still in use today and it is really old so must have done a pretty good job.

Then the Fair came to town and I decided I would enter it just to see what happened.  I carried it proudly to the judging booth and presented it.  The lady looked at me and looked at the quilt and then she fingered it all over and looked at me again and asked me what I wanted to do with it.  I told her I wanted to enter it in the Fair.  She said, ‘But honey, it’s not quilted’.  I just looked at her and started to sputter a little bit and then the lady in charge of the booth came by and said ‘take it anyway.’  So the lady did.

Now I was so excited.  I had actually made something and it was entered.  Hot Dog!  Then when the judging was over.  I somehow missed out on the judging part, probably by intent as I didn’t want anyone to know that it wasn’t really quilted like everyone else’s.  But I didn’t care anyway.  That evening, my husband drove me to the fairgrounds and I hurried inside to pick up my quilt.  Sure enough, there was a ribbon on it.  An actual ribbon.  Of course it wasn’t first place by any stretch of the imagination.  But I still got a ribbon.  I think I still have it somewhere.  And I also had an envelope with $.40 in it which was my prize money.

After that, I was so proud of my quilt forever.  And I continued to make  a total of 16 over the years.  Each one has a different picture on it. Everyone still uses them.   I had kindergarteners who took theirs to show and tell.  Some have taken them to camp.  Others wouldn’t dare spend a night without their quilt.  One of my daughter-in-laws suggested I make them and sell them.  She said I could sell all I wanted to. But that would defeat my purpose.  I just wanted to make something that I could be proud of and I have done that.  It was fun but I sure wouldn’t do it for the money.   It is a lot of work and takes a long, long time to make one.

But, it was fun.  And I would do it all over again if I had a reason.  But all my reasons already have a quilt.  And besides, it isn’t quilted.  That lady at the Fair just didn’t know that I had made new rules about quilting.  Mine was quilted just fine.  Wasn’t my fault I didn’t know how to really quilt.  My way works o.k. anyway.   I have proof of that since all those quilts are still being used today.



24 12 2011

Hi and hope all my friends have a wonderful Merry Christmas.  Will be back with my opinionated opinions just as soon as I get caught up from the Merry Christmas I am having here with all my family.

And, hope all of you know that 2012 is going to be the best year we have ever had.  Yay!!!


11 11 2011

My youngest grandson was over for awhile this afternoon.  He told his mother he had never heard me play the piano.  I don’t play much anymore, too busy on the computer.  Anyway, he asked me to play it for him so I opened the keyboard and sat down.  The first song that came into my head was ‘The Waltz You Saved For Me’.  I had told him that I only know old songs.

As I played, my mind could see all sorts of people dancing the Waltz.  There were my parents in the dining room.  They had a Christmas party on Christmas night every year when we were growing up.  My brother played the piano very well and he would play that type song.  The couples would dance in the dining room while other people were visiting in the living room.  It was a lot of fun and makes for nice memories.  As my parents danced the Waltz, they would glide across the floor, moving as one person. Both were very good dancers and always enjoyed their dances very much. They were beautiful to watch.

As I played the song, the words echoed in my mind also.  ‘I will sometimes remember the Waltz You Saved For Me’.  How simple.  How beautiful.  And the music glides along while the dancers glide also.

Dancing has changed a lot since those days.  And that is a shame, I guess.  Wonder if anyone dances like that much anymore except for the professionals who know that is a beautiful way to dance.  That three cornered way of moving makes just the right turns at the right time.

Now  ‘I will sometimes remember the Waltz you saved for me’ echoes in my mind tonight.  Nice memories of a nice life.


18 10 2011

Well, it’s that time again.  Gotta’ get that Fall cleaning going around here.  Started with it a few weeks ago – takes me awhile to get anything going.  Cleaned windows in a couple of rooms and then thought – to heck with this stuff.  Some of my grandchildren are always asking me if I have a job they can do – so here it is.  They can clean the windows.  Glad I figured that one out.  Haven’t done it yet, but the first day out of school, they will be here.  That will only cost me lunch and a few bucks and it is fine with me.  Besides, I will enjoy the day with them.

Just had one of the boys detail  my car really good so got that out of the way.  Now, just need someone to swirl the dust around a little bit and then to wipe the handprints and spots off the woodwork and stuff like that.

Maybe, just maybe, someone will offer to do that job for me, too.  Then I will have ALL my yucky FALL cleaning done.  Hooray!  Come to think of it, I may just skip doing anymore of this hard work and wait until right before Christmas.  Then all those grandchildren will want to do more jobs for me and I won’t have to do anything to get ready for company.

You know what they say – plan your work, so I’m planning mine.  Happy Fall to Youall!


20 09 2011

Hi again:  We have a lot of fun with birthdays at my house.  We also have a good time celebrating Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and all other necessary celebrations.  There are a lot of people in my family and so we really enjoy the visits with one another.  Everyone has such a good time just laughing and teasing and talking and visiting about everything from politics to old times.

We only celebrate birthdays every 3 months.  And it doesn’t have to be any particular time during that three months.  We might have it on the first weekend or the last weekend.  Never know.  We just try to do it when the most of us can come.  And then comes the presents.  And those are some presents, too.  We trade gifts back and forth.  I usually give the kids some money, but it isn’t much.  Then everyone usually gets some candy or treats of some kind.  After that, it is ‘hold the buggy, betsy!’  You just never know what might be in that sack.

For instance, one of my daughters and I trade a cheap, ugly statue back and forth, so we are going to get that if it is our turn.  That’s for sure!  Another child and I have been trading an ugly puzzle that no one could possibly work.  It is all in shades of black and gray and not even a good picture.  He originally got it at the dollar store, but we trade it every birthday.  Then, one son gave me a bag of plastic balls and said, ‘have a ball’.  Another time, I got a gold brick.  I have also received a stimulus check in the amount of $2 million.  I am still trying to cash that.  It came from one of my grandsons.

So, as you can see, presents are just for fun.   There is no great expense to this.  No one has to spend much money.  Sometimes they even make their own birthday cards with cutouts from magazines.  Always fun stuff.   We don’t usually put a limit on the money for birthdays.  No need to.  No one is going to spend much anyway.  And it is well known that not everyone has to get a gift for everyone.  Sometimes we have a lot of birthdays and there is no reason for anyone to be obligated.  It is all just for fun anyway.

I buy a cake at WalMart and put everyone’s name on it  Then we all sing, Happy Birthday to Everyone.  After that, we enjoy visiting some more and have our ice cream and cake or ice cream cones or whatever all those kids want at the time.  We have colas or tea or coffee to drink.  And a great time is had by all.

We do this same thing on other holidays.  Only we usually have a limit of $5 for gifts.  When my own children were younger, there was a limit of $1 for presents for Mother’s Day.  No reason to spend more.  I didn’t want anything anyway.  I usually got typing paper or envelopes or something in that range.  One year, my daughter who had grown up and was working went to get me a present for $1.  She saw a mirror that stood up in the bathroom.  It said, ‘Hi Gorgeous’ so that was what she wanted to buy for me.  When the clerk took her money, my daughter was laughing and saying that she was buying it for her mother for Mother’s Day.  This made the clerk mad and she said my daughter had no respect for her mother and made my daughter feel really bad.  I thought that was truly ridiculous.  Since when did the amount of money spent for a gift have anything to do with respect.  I treasured that mirror for many years.  It was always one of my favorite gifts.

So, next time you are thinking of giving a family party, you might want to bring out some of these ideas and use them.  Makes for a lot of fun and a very close family.  Have a Happy Birthday and make it fun this year.