27 02 2012

I really try to keep my mouth shut and not be too opinionated.  But I am, so there!  Anyway, today I was trying to watch the television news and they came on with whatever the children are supposed to eat today. Now, I have studied in depth all there is to know about good eating habits and optimal health benefits and all that good and wonderful stuff.   And I can tell you from my expert advice that no one knows what really makes up a good diet.  That depends upon the person and how much he eats and when he eats and all his heredity, etc.  So, I really do try not to intervene much.  Most people would not understand all that.

But — now we are being told how to feed our children.  And this is being done by the latest in experts.  Whoever they are.  But the children are the victims of this latest craze.    Not only are we being told what to eat, but our government is telling us what light bulb to use.  And this is only the beginning.  With the price of gasoline now, they are in that way already  telling us how far we can drive and next will be what we can wear and how we can walk or talk.  As I said, this is only the beginning.

Pay attention when you vote this year.  It is extremely important that you not follow the latest fad or the latest interest.  Keep your mind open and learn from all the rhetoric.  The media will do all they can to convince you to vote for the Democrats.  For one thing, they provide more and better news.  Just look at the past and you will see that.  Newspapers and magazines are full of stories about the latest problem with a Democrat somewhere.

Now, of course, they are hyping up the story about the birth control.  No one is telling anyone what to do with regard to that.  But the news media is already blaming the Catholic Church and Bishops and anyone else who comes down that pike.  They are harping on the birth control when the real problem is the fact that the government is trying to tell us how to live once again.  I thought we the people were the government.  What happened to that one.

Value your vote.  Vote for a Republican, no matter who it is this year.  I would vote for Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck myself if they were Republicans.  Would be better than the government constantly telling us what to do and how to live.  Pay attention!!!  Very important!!!


25 02 2012

I don’t know if anyone else pays much attention to the details of politics.  But I do.  Guess it was handed down to me by my father as he was always very interested in politics.

But to get to my point for the day, do you remember the debates between President George H.W. Bush and Clinton?  I do.  Prior to this time, the Democrats had mastered the issue of Gridlock.  They had locked up the Congress so that President Bush could not get any of his agenda through to the people.  No matter what the issue was, Bush was stopped.  He could not manage to get any of his ideas nor his bills nor his programs through Congress.  So he spent the last years in office trying to get some of his ideas passed through Congress and was stopped on every front.  The only thing that went through was an increase in taxes.  And that made him look stupid because he had said – No New Taxes.  But he couldn’t get any cuts through, so he was stuck with the taxes. Then the media set out to make him look like an idiot. No matter what he said or did, they slanted the stories to make him look stupid.

And then, those wonderful debates. I remember watching one of them for sure.  The stage hands brought out a high stool for George Bush to sit on and one for Clinton.  Both men are tall and the stools were going to work fine for them.  Then Clinton sat down and everything was just fine with his stool.  But when President Bush sat down on his stool, it wobbled quite a lot.  The stage hands came out again and tried to fix the wobble.  But you know what?  Couldn’t be done.  Wonder why. And so once again, he was made to look like a fool while he tried to balance himself on that wobbly stool and answer the questions he was asked.  Try that for yourself sometime.  But again, no one in the country seemed to even notice that.  And the media never even mentioned it.  Isn’t that strange though.  I was sitting in my living room watching the debate and I saw it all.  But I must have been the only person to notice that small issue.

Also, did you know why the election was called and over before California ever got to vote?  It was because Clinton  and his colleagues figured out that if they got the right number of electoral votes from the states that voted first, he would win before the other states even got to the polls.  So they set out to do just that.  No one could really understand why Clinton spent so much time campaigning in the northeast, speaking to the factory workers and generally making himself known over and over again.  The media never mentioned the reason for this.   It was almost like the western part of the United States wasn’t even important – and you know what?  It wasn’t.  Because Clinton  and his friends had figured out how to do this legally but just a little  bit shady.  That was their usual format anyway.  And they did a good job of it.  But they were the first ones over all these many years since the foundation of the United States of America to take that road and be masters of a shady election.   Isn’t that a real shame, though.  But it happened and we all watched while it  happened.

Again, for some reason, none of the shady, slight of hand things were ever reported by the media.  But the Democrats knew what they were doing.  And they won again and again with their shady deals.  Watch out this year.  There will be even more of those shady deals.  Be careful with your vote and make sure it counts to elect people who are not shady nor underhanded in their dealings whether it be on the local, state or national level.

God has shown us the way to walk in order to follow Him.  Be careful when you walk this year.  Make sure you stay on that Right Path.



23 02 2012

So many people, especially younger ones who have not traveled the world yet, do not realize what marvelous freedoms we enjoy every single day of our lives here in the United States of America.  As adults, we can choose to work at any job we please.  We can choose to further our education or not.  We can choose to live at home or go out on our own.  We are free to do all these things without having to get some kind of permit or license or permission from anyone.

Then we are also free to marry or not.  In many countries around this world, people are not free to do that.  And then we can choose to have as many or as few children as we want.  It is all up to us as individuals.  We never had to worry about a baby or an old person being slaughtered until the last few years.  Those are the most unprotected of our species and have no way of stopping that slaughter.  We can choose to hold that baby in our arms and promise him a future he cannot possibly imagine.  And we are free to help our parents as they age and make sure they have a dignified existence.  In a lot of countries of this world, these things are not possible.  In China for instance, you are only allowed to have 2 children.  I’m so glad I didn’t live there.  I have a wonderful family and would not want to have missed out on a single one of mine.

We can choose to live where and how we want to.  Even those who live on the streets have chosen that lifestyle for themselves.  We can choose to work hard, save our money, and progress in this life.  Or we can choose to do nothing and have nothing.  When we traveled to Russia, the guide told us that he lived in an apartment with 12 other people.  He and his wife had one child and they had to share everything they had with those  other people.  He talked of wishing he could have a life like ours.  He could not even choose where he would by his food.  He stated that the older the food was, the more valuable it became.For instance, the greener the cheese was,  the more it cost. And everything belonged to the state.  The people still had to buy their milk from a truck on the corner and their bread from a wagon on the next street.  I’ll take WalMart any day over a lifestyle like that.

We can get in our car, turn the key on, and drive to anywhere in this country that we want to go.  We don’t have to give our identification to anyone anywhere unless we are not a legal resident.  We don’t have to go through interrogation because we crossed a state line.  We are so fortunate.

We can also wear whatever clothing suits us.  And we can buy that clothing in any store we wish.  No one tells us how we have to look, where we have to shop, nor how many times we can shop.  We can send our children to any school we wish. We are free to make any friends anywhere that we please.  All these freedoms we take for granted each and every day.  But they are not available to most of the people in this world.

We are the most fortunate people in this world.  Remember that when you vote this coming election time.  Count up how many freedoms of yours are being threatened every day.  Put a list in your pocket to remind you.  Don’t let this election pass you by.  It is very important that you vote to keep your freedoms.

For instance, gasoline has skyrocketed in price this past year.  Think about that.  If the gas is so high that you cannot buy it, then your freedom of movement has been curtailed.  You cannot get in that car and turn the key and go anywhere. So you will end up living like the people in Russia or even England where travel is  restricted.  And soon, you will find yourself living in a ghetto like situation in old buildings, crammed together like rats simply because you could not afford the price of gasoline.  This would influence how you work, where you work, where you live, how you raise your children, where you shop, and what clothes you are able to buy.  That is only because of the price of gas.

Pay attention!  Be careful how you vote this year.  Be sure and vote for a Republican.  No matter who is running.  At least you will not lose your freedoms.  If you vote for a Democrat, you might just lose all that freedom.


21 02 2012

We had managed to live through the latest of crisis.  After 1955, the world sort of leaned over just a bit on its axis.  First, we had that integration crisis in Little Rock.  Eisenhower took care of that one with his tanks.  Then we had shortages of coffee, sugar, bacon and other various products.   Why, I don’t really remember, but I’ll just bet it had something to do with prices.

The news media was running things more and more these days and everyone was listening and paying attention to whatever it was they said.  Mostly because everyone was watching that box in their living room and in their bedroom and in their kitchen.  But we were all more prosperous than ever before.  And it was fun for most people.

In my life, we were living in an 800 square foot house, very happily.  And we had a new baby and a 3 year old.  I was busy at home and my husband was busy traveling and selling.  Most of my neighbors were living the same sort of life as me.  Husbands left home on Monday and returned on Thursday.  We mothers watched out for each other, drank coffee together, and watched our kids play.   But that world just kept rolling right along.

A young whiz bang named John F. Kennedy won the next election.  He had all the support of the media behind him in his election bid.  He was running against a Republican name Richard Nixon who had served as  Vice President under Eisenhower.  The media did all they could to help Kennedy and hurt Nixon.  We had the first of the television debates and the media even made fun that Nixon needed a shave.  All of America was watching these debates and people stood in line for hours in order to vote.

When Kennedy was inaugurated, he had the full support of most of the country. But the first thing Kennedy had to face was the unsuccessful invasion by exiles of Cuba in the Bay of Pigs.  Next, the Russians tried to install nuclear missiles in Cuba, just 90 miles from our borders.  After this, Kennedy got us into the space race.  About this time, the Berlin Wall was also built.

Meanwhile back at home, those ‘in charge chidren’ were taking charge of everything they could. The had discovered the ‘demonstration’ technique.  They had destroyed virtually most of their families or home lives and now they were going to work on the country.  First issue was that of integration.  They banded together and held demonstrations all over the country for whatever cause it was that day.  They left their homes and began to hitch  or hike everywhere.  The highways were full of them as they hurried to their destination in order to march, sing, have a bonfire and generally cause trouble.

Back at the White House, Kennedy had inherited a problem with Vietnam.  Eisenhower had warned him not to get involved, but this didn’t stop Kennedy.  Eisenhower had 900 advisors in Vietnam to help the French.  Kennedy made this number much higher.  Then he was assassinated in Dallas and Lyndon Johnson was made the new President.

Johnson immediately increased the number of troops in Vietnam.  In the first few days in office, he urged passage of Kennedy’s civil rights bill and a tax cut.  Meanwhile, he tripled the number of troops in Vietnam twice over the years.  Most Americans wanted out of that war and Johnson kept getting us in deeper.  I remember one Sunday evening when he made a speech on the television.  Everyone knew it was going to be about Vietnam and were waiting for his words to say that we were pulling out.  Instead, he reported that he had sent in an untold number of fresh troops and planes and ships.  After Word War II, we had the Korean Conflict and now this Vietnam War.  Enough!

Those children who were protesting everything and anything took on the Vietnam War.  After all, they would be the ones who would be called to duty and they did not wish to go.  Most opted to go to college in order to avoid being drafted.  So these students now protested everywhere they could.    Living on the streets, they were unwashed and grew their hair long in order to show their solidarity.  Some of these students were killed during their protests and this just escalated their causes.  The television screen was full of their antics day after day.

While all this was going on, Johnson pushed through his Great Society programs.  These were virtually welfare for everyone.  We were all going to live this great, wonderful life of no work, all play, and lots and lots of free stuff.

All this will be done right after we all have a group hug.


19 02 2012

By now in the 1950’s, we were beginning to see the first real split in the family unit.  For, not only were the children running the family, but there was so much outside interference, too.

The schools were transgressing into the family unit in various ways.   It was time for things to begin to change to give all our children a better education.   I’m still waiting for that one to materialize.  Before this time, we all learned reading, writing, and arithmetic on a regular basis.  Everyone knew what each year taught and we were all satisfied with that.  Now, things were confused and children were being taught in different and not so successful ways.

And then, the workplace started doing things a little differently.  After the big War, the advertising business blossomed and between that and the television sets, the family had become more open to the outside world.  Instead of being a close knit unit, it was beginning to become just another part of the world around us.  Everyone said the same things, everyone did the same things, everyone wore the same things, and  the power lunches and cocktail parties were a big part of the business world these days.  I cannot really imagine why as I never knew of much being accomplished when people were a little tipsy after a martini lunch or  a standing room only cocktail party.

Not only that, but the businesses started sending their executives all over the country and in some instances, all over the world.  If you were successful, you were going to move.  The business needed you in a new and ever expanding business world.  Some families moved numerous times. As their children grew older, they left children all over the country because that is where their roots were and their friends were and that is where their job was or their college was.  It was a disaster for the family unit.  Also, as the families were moved around, they dropped their extended family.  It had always been true before that a family had branches all nearby.  If you needed help, Aunt someone would come and babysit or help you out.  Or if financial help was needed, you could plan on Uncle somebody coming to the rescue.  Not true anymore.  Some children never even saw their grandparents.   This was also disruptive to the family unit.

And now, with all the hoopla about the women needing to go out into the big bad world and get a job, the family unit got even worse.  No longer could the mother know that she would be there when school was out.  Or that she could take care of her pre-schooler.  So, guess what!  After -school care and pre-school care became available.  As the years passed, everyone could find someone to take care of their children.  Thus, the mother was no longer needed at home.  And, as time went on, too, the government started paying some of the costs for this care for those working mothers.

So the children were pretty much raising themselves or being raised by someone who was not a member of the immediate family.  Wonder who would raise your children.  Certainly not those who were intended to do so.  God must have had that all wrong.  He didn’t know what He was doing I guess.  Sort of like the breast feeding of those babies.  Someone else always knew better.  And the children paid the price.

A lot of the fathers were salesmen during this time.  And a great number of them traveled on a regular basis.  This was the way it was done back then.  Father got in his car on Monday morning and didn’t come home again until Friday afternoon.  So, Mother and children were truly on their own.  Of course Father was making an enormous amount of money these days, but then he had to have a good car all the time, too.  And not all businesses provided for that.  And he spent his nights alone in a motel room.  Watching that television most of the time.  And Mother was home trying to catch up each evening after her day at work.   And the children were watching that television set, too.  Such was life.

As salaries and commissions rose, so did the price of all goods.  As once was said, ‘Expenses always rise to meet income’.  And that is so very true.  Mother had an automatic washer now and a dryer and a dishwasher because she couldn’t possibly do all that work and have an outside job, too.  So more money was spent.  And she didn’t have much time for ironing so most of the clothes went to the cleaners.  Pretty soon, all her paycheck was spent in order for her to afford to go to work.  In the business world, she had to have more money, so this meant that in order to pay her more money, the price of goods had to be raised.  But everyone was going to have that good life, just as soon as they could find out where it was or even what it was.

Our families really need Your Help, Dear God.


12 02 2012

Do you happen to remember the time of the litter bags and being called litter bugs because we had supposedly polluted this earth?  Well, look around you today and see what those litter bugs are doing to our society everywhere, every day.   When those who thought they were in charge began telling all of us who were just out there minding our own business and working every day – that we needed to watch how we lived, we listened.  They invented the litter bag which I think was the forerunner of the plastic bags we get in every store these days.  And now those same people are complaining about those bags.

Anyway, we all got a litter bag everywhere we went.  Every time I stopped in at the bank or the grocery store or the utility company or the drug store, I was given a free litter bag so that I would be ‘trained’ to put my trash in a litter bag and then remember to throw it in the trash when I got home.  We were all well trained every day all day long.  And then those who thought they were in charge began telling us what else to do with our lives.  They are still doing that every single day in some form.

Meanwhile, they and all their children evidently never saw a litter bag.  They are the ones who drop the trash at their feet as they walk through the post office, the bank, along the sidewalks of our town, and everywhere else.    Trash just falls all around them everywhere they go.  Just watch and see.  And then watch while they think it is o.k. to spit on the sidewalks and crush the cigarette butts beneath their shoes.  Even when there are cigarette butt receptacles within five feet of them.

Maybe someone should ‘train’ them or teach them about litter bags.  Maybe we could even tell them they are polluting the earth with their trash.  But they probably wouldn’t listen anyway since they think they are in charge and can do whatever and whenever they please.

All my life I had been taught to pick up my trash.  All my life I had made sure I never crushed a cigarette butt or spit on the sidewalk.  Bums did that.  Still do.

I guess they have forgotten all about those litter bags.  Maybe someone should give them one and ‘train’ them to pick up their trash.  Everyone is doing all they can for them, but they seem to be blind to cleanliness.  Even the post office sports recycle bins these days. Instead, these people just throw their trash on the floor as they look at their mail and walk.  I guess they don’t realize that someone has to be paid to pick up their trash.

Just remember to put your litter in the litter bag, especially that one that is hanging in your car. Remember them, too?  And then find a trash receptacle and put the trash in there where it belongs.  If you see a litter bug anywhere, point them to a litter bag and suggest they use it.  Sure would help these days.  Might even save our government some of that wasted money.


10 02 2012

I have heard this rhetoric about the class warfare until I am nauseated by it all.  What in the world is going on here.  I thought everyone knew what the American Dream was all about.  It is the opportunity to have our own life and do whatever we think we can to have a better life.  My parents always said that every generation wanted to make America better for the next generation.   They wanted their children to do better than they did.  They wanted those opportunities to be there for all their children and grandchildren to come.  That is the American Dream.  That was the plan before the idiots decided to mess it all up with their agenda.

Now, we can’t find the plan under all that rubbish of theirs.  They are so busy killing the babies and trying to save the dogs, cats, lizards, horses, and other related animals that it is hard to see what is going on in this world.  And they want to tell all of us that we can’t use electricity nor gasoline, nor anything else they have deemed sacred.  As I said, what in the world is going on here.  Why is anyone listening to any of them.

They have never lived the American Dream so they don’t even know what they are talking about.  The only things they have done is to go to school if made to, graduated because they were made to, go to college because someone made them, and then tell all the rest of us how to live.

It must be time to tell them all how to live. To tell them to get a job and enter the American Dream world.   They, too, can have the opportunity for a better life.  They just have to get cleaned up, dressed up, and go apply for a job.  It is past time for them.  The world is passing them up every day.

No one can squash the American Dream of those who really have it in our mind, soul, and heart.  That Dream will be there forever.  We all know what a precious commodity that Dream is.  We are the only place in this whole wide world where we can actually, truly, absolutely make that Dream come true if we are willing to work for it.  So get out and get your own Dream.  That is always free to each and every American.  To pursue his own Dream wherever and whenever he wants to.

That is the true Great American Dream.