13 03 2012

I am quoting here – ‘Liberals always think their ideas are the only ideas. They think whatever they want is what everyone else in this world wants, too.  They ‘assume’ everyone agrees with them.  Typical conquering attitude.’  You know what that word ‘assume’ means?  Makes an ass out of you and me.  Never assume anything.  Go with the facts.

‘In today’s world, the leading liberals usually make their point by talking too loud, too fast, and too often.  The would-be conquerors who started World War II also talked too loud,making constant speeches.  Some of those speeches lasted for hours.  They talked too fast for most of us to understand, usually to mask over their discrepancies of thought. And they certainly spoke entirely too often.

Those two wannabe liberal leaders attracted the same kind of  ‘always ready followers’ that the liberals of today do.  The follower is usually hungry to join up with anyone on any subject and the leader who espouses extreme ideas always attracts his attention.  The idea itself does not really matter.  It is the charisma of the liberal leader, the speech, the inflection of his words, the almost hypnotic effect of his behavior that attracts the ‘always ready follower’.  When the liberal’s words are analyzed, it becomes instantly obvious to anyone with common sense that his ideas are completely ridiculous.  However, by the time common sense enters into the picture, the liberal has already attracted quite a following of those ‘always ready followers’.’

You recognize any liberal leaders here?  You recognize any of those ‘always ready followers’?   Take a good look and see your government at work today.  And those  people who follow along as though they were following The Pied Piper.  Just listen and watch.  Same scenario.  Same speeches. Same everything.  Promises of anything and everything mankind could ever want.  And you only have to be one of those followers to become that clone.

Hitler did it all.  Mussolini tried to do it also.  The Japanese leaders did it.  And look what they caused in this world.  Just search out any World War II landing or beach or island in the Pacific or country in Europe.  See what they did.  And then make sure it never, ever happens again in your lifetime.  Never, ever vote for another Democrat who espouses that same kind of scenario to get your precious vote.

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23 01 2012

It’s been cloudy, foggy and wet all day here.  Makes me remember when I was a kid.  My father was gone to the big War and it was always cloudy, foggy and wet every day that year.  Or at least that was the way it seemed to me.  Seemed like every day was dreary.  I remember standing on the corner waiting for the city bus and being cold to the bone  And it wasn’t a whole lot different at home.  Mother tried very hard to make us all happy all the time.  But some days it was just a losing battle.  We all smiled and laughed and tried to have a good day or a good week or whatever.  But it was still hard.

We all missed Daddy a whole lot.  He was always the happy one in the family.  He sang and whistled until he just drove us all crazy.  And he could really tap dance and would do that occasionally. We missed Daddy and his smiles and his fun all the time.  But we really didn’t talk much about it.  Didn’t do any good anyway. Was still cloudy and rainy and foggy outside.

I remember a lot about those days and the challenges of the family unit.  Not only in my family but in all those around us.  Everyone was involved in that War.  It wasn’t just a War of a few people.  It involved the whole country and in fact the whole world.  Mr. Roosevelt talked on the radio and we all listened.  We read the newspaper until it had almost no print left.

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By the way tomorrow would be my father’s 106th birthday!


6 12 2011

Tomorrow is a very special day – Pearl Harbor Day.  We live in the most marvelous Country in the world.  The good old U.S.A. is far and above any other place on this earth.

I have traveled to lots of places over the years.  Have been to Italy and Germany and Austria and Switzerland and all the Balkland countries and Finland and Holland and Russia and all points in between.   There is nothing to compare anywhere to our wonderful Country.  When visiting Russia it was like stepping back in time to the 1920’s.  Nothing was modern.  Everything was old and used and worn out.  Even the electric wires were strung everywhere out in the open like they used to be here when I was a kid.  Their museums contain almost nothing of any value.  And people watch the visitors like a hawk to make sure no one steals anything.

We have everything we could ever want here.  And we are supposed to be free to live a good life every day in whatever manner we choose.

No matter where I ever went or what I saw, I was always so happy when I put my feet down on American soil once again. Even if I had to wait in the airport in Atlanta for hours and hours in order to make connections to get home, I was still so glad to be here again.  It is just a marvelous feeling to be a citizen of this great country.

So tomorrow, if you think of Pearl Harbor, say a prayer for  all those who gave their lives in that horrendous war and thank them once again for all they have given to you.   As is said, Freedom isn’t Free.    And it most certainly is not.  Treasure it.  Thank God for it.  We are the most blessed people in the world.


21 08 2011

I was just talking to one of my daughters  about how people used to live a long time ago.  Well, I was there then, so I know how they lived.  And sometimes it wasn’t pleasant at all.  Those good old days really weren’t so wonderful.  Only in the imagination or wishful thinking.  We had started out talking about the kids beginning a new school year and I remember how difficult that could be.

For instance, there were no pants for girls or women.  Everyone had to dress up wherever they went.  The girls and boys wear shorts now.  They also wear t-shirts and sneakers or sandals.  I’m sure they are a whole lot more comfortable than we were.  Back in the good old days, the boys wore dress pants and oxford shoes and a shirt that buttoned up.  We girls always wore a skirt and oxford shoes and usually a starched stiff blouse that we will try not to get too dirty all day long.  But then of course we could never  even have imagined the way people dress these days.

Also, clothes washing was such a chore that clothing was worn more than once if at all possible.  And cleaning was almost never.  It took my mother the first half of a day to wash and in the second half of that day  she brought the clothes in from the line to fold and get ready to iron all day the next day.

People used their washcloth and towel for several days, hanging it in a particular place so everyone knew whose washcloth and towel it was for the week.  And we all bathed in the same bathtub.  Of course my mother made sure it was scrubbed clean after each bather, but that in itself was a big chore.  There were 6 of us in the household.  And I’m sure in looking back that not everyone bathed every day.  Showers were not even heard of.

My father went to the service and was stationed in the Philippines.  He learned to shower there.  The men had hooked a hose over some  wire and directed the water into a shack built for that purpose.  So when he returned home, he rigged up a shower for himself using a garden hose in our basement and that was how he bathed every day for years.  There were none of these nice showers we enjoy today.

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