1 05 2011

I spent half my life swinging on a porch swing.  I spent the other half on the city bus.  But that is another story.  When you swing on a porch swing, you can swing high or low, fast or slow.  There is nothing quite like the wind in your hair when you are swinging as high as the swing will go.  Or to sit and just think about things when the swing is almost still.  Oh how wonderful that porch swing always was.

We would sit out there when I was a kid with the other kids in the neighborhood and talk about all sorts of things. Some of us would be in the swing and others would be on the bannisters of our porch.  We spent many an hour doing just that.  And then in the evening, Mother would come and sit in her chair and we kids would just barely swing on the porch swing.

I remember one evening when my sister and I got the sillies.   We would say anything at all and just giggle and giggle.  One of us would say something like ‘mashed potatoes’ and that would set off the giggling spell once again.  We couldn’t stop giggling even when we got in the bed that night.  Mother finally got us up out of bed and made us go sit in the porch swing until we got over our spell.  Didn’t take long until we were over it and ready for bed.  But it was all such pure clean fun.

When I was grown, I moved from place to place.  Never a porch swing in any of the rent houses.  When we bought our first house, we didn’t have a porch, so no swing.  Everyone had a patio by that time.  And cooked outdoors and never even thought about swinging.  But I did.   I missed my porch swing.  Finally moved out of town and there again, no porch swing.  Just a carport to sit in during the evening hours visiting with the neighbors and no one even knew what a thrill a porch swing would have been.  No one but me.

I sat on folding chairs and chaise lounges and rocking chairs and lawn chairs, but never a porch swing during all those years.  Finally, we moved to another house and my husband put up a porch swing on the lower deck.  I sat there many an afternoon and enjoyed just being me and just being there, swinging on the porch swing.  It had the springs so you could bounce if you wanted to or swing high or low.  Oh how wonderful.

Then we bought a small house on the river so we could fish.  And you would never have guessed it but we had a porch swing there, too.  I told my parents I was way behind on my swinging and might just have to stay there for a long time.  But we soon sold it and sold the swing, too.

Then we finally moved to our last place.  Maybe, just maybe here I could have a porch swing.  But no way.  The ceiling on the outside deck – they call it that now – is much too high and steeped to hang a swing from.  I bought one of those portable back yard swings last year.  It even had a nice top on it to keep the sun off your neck.  But the high winds came and took that top right off and bent the swing and moved it over and over until it was no more.  So much for the swing.

Sure wish I could buy me a porch swing for Mother’s Day this year.  Any of my kids would do that for me.  And any of them would gladly hang it for me, too.  But at this house, it can’t be done.  I’ll bet if I ever move again, the first thing I will look at is the porch to see if it has room for a porch swing.  Sure miss that porch swing.  I’m way behind on that swinging again.


22 04 2011

I was looking through a stack of old bed sheets today, thinking of giving some of them away.  I ran across one that had flowers and some squiggly figures on it and it jogged my memory.  I had bought that sheet, just thinking it was sort of fun patterns and would look nice on the bed.  I took it home that day, washed it, and put it on the bed.  Next morning, my husband said, ‘please take that sheet off the bed.  I didn’t sleep all night.  It kept me awake.’  I thought that was the strangest thing I had ever heard, but I didn’t answer.  I took it off the bed and never used it again.

I cannot imagine that something like that would keep a person awake.  But then, I also remembered that I bought a red bedspread one time for a child and the child had a terrible night.  He finally asked me to take off that new cover.  I never thought anymore about it, but today I did.

I hear on the tv all the time about sleep problems.  Could it be like my husband said and the sheet plays a part in this?     I know I never heard anything about any of this before.  I have my eyes closed while I sleep so nothing bothers me.  But everyone is different.

Just thinking.  Never know.


21 04 2011

All businesses are in business for one reason – to make money.   If they do not make a profit, they are no longer in business.  And it doesn’t take long to completely bury them.  So, all businesses, both small and large must make money in order to keep their doors open.   This is just plain old simple arithmetic or Money #1.

Obviously, everyone must balance their checkbook or keep their household money matters in line.  If you do not, you will eventually lose all credit ratings, have to file bankruptcy and may even find yourself out on the street with nowhere to go and no means of getting there.  This again is just plain old simple arithmetic.  There must be more money coming in than going out.  Works the same in business as it does in the personal life.

So, all these loud people who are hollering to soak the rich and make them pay and tax them more are just being plain stupid.  Obviously, if the so-called rich business owner has to pay more, then he will have to collect more on his products.  So prices go up and the more he has to pay, the more the prices rise.  This, then leads to inflation which we all know is a dead end street.  For in inflation, everything costs more and so everyone, even those who do the hollering the loudest get to pay more for everything.  This would mean groceries cost more – and they are right now.  Gasoline costs more – and it is right now.  Utilities cost more – and they do right now.  So, you see, in the lesson Money #1, the liberals who want to soak the rich and make them pay and tax them more are just being more stupid all the time.

Wake up!  Look who is causing all this.  And vote Republican and get us out of this mess.  And never vote for another Democrat ever, ever, ever!  Democrats do not understand money.  They never have.  They never will.  They only understand spending and the more THEY spend, the more YOU get to pay. Works that way every single time.  Soon, there will be shortages again also.  Worked that way before.  Because when the businessman can no longer raise his prices, he will stop producing his products and then there will be shortages.  So stop it now before the ball rolls any faster or any further.

Wake Up!!!!  Vote Republican!!!!


19 04 2011

Just heard some professor on tv talking about what makes people happy.  Big deal.  Anyone can be happy.  Happiness is a state of mind  It is also a very good habit. Everyone can make themselves happy just by concentrating on smiling, laughter, and nice thoughts.  No matter what the problems are today, it will only get better – or worse – tomorrow.  So why make a big deal out of everything.  Why make anyone else unhappy just because you might be. It is far better to make another person smile or laugh or just feel good about themselves.  Costs nothing to do this.  Just make a point of smiling when you go into the store today or into the post office or the fitness gym.  You will be surprised that after awhile everyone will be waiting for that smile and will always smile back.

Happiness is contagious.  But then so is unhappiness.  Are you going to grow into that old person who sits around and complains all the time?  I’m not.  I’m going to make a point of being someone that people want to be around and want to talk to.  Couples who have lived together for years tend to start picking on each other as they grow older. This is nothing more than a very bad habit.  And the more it is practiced, the more it is practiced.  My parents made a point of not doing that with each other.  And they stayed as far away as possible from other couples who did do that.  No one wants to hear all that bickering.  No one wants to see those frowns.  No one wants to be friends with people like that.  I sure don’t.

I want happy friends, those who laugh about the world and all is problems.  And our world definitely has lots of problems.  But it is much better to joke about something in a nice way  than to sit with your head down and bitch.  What can anyone do about the world’s problems.  Actually nothing more than pray to Almighty God that He might change things for the better.  So after you have done that, then just laugh about the world and about your own problems.  One thing for sure, something will happen somewhere about some matter.  And it probably won’t be because of you.  So why make an issue of it.

And remember, when you get old, you don’t have to be lonesome.  Just get on an investment mailing list and a charity mailing list and a religious mailing list and you will have mail, lots of mail every single day.  Add a couple of catalogs to that and you will soon have a box full of mail. Then you will definitely have something to smile about.


13 04 2011

I do not understand why some of these so-called environmentalists think they are above God and His Ways.  THEY seem to think they are in charge of this world.  THEY are definitely not in charge of anything and never should be.  THEY have all sorts of great ideas about how WE should live our lives.  I don’t know about you, but I’m doing just fine and enjoy my life just like it is.  I like the electricity and the automobiles and all those nice luxuries we enjoy in this Country of ours.  After all, we are the leaders of the world – at least we used to be before this administration got hold of us.  We are those people who literally have everything they want.  All they have to do is get out and work for it and it is ours.   It’s a shame a lot of the people don’t think they have to do that anymore.  Just hold out their hand and someone will put food in it.  Quite frankly, I am ready to spit on that open hand.  It is time for that to be through.

But getting back to that Global Warming, I have been reading a book called Cool It by Bjorn Lomborg.  If you can find it anywhere, by all means get a copy.  He has all sorts of credentials, one of which is an adjunct professor at the Copenhgen Business School and started a conference of top economists who prioritize the best solutions for the world’s greatest challenges.

I have not even gotten past the Foreword yet and am completely mesmerized by its content.  He states that neither viewpoint is right.  Global Warming is not an elaborate hoax and it is also not the end of the world.   Instead, he states that most of the CO2 cuts are ridiculous and cannot possibly work.  Not only will the ideas not work, but it is horribly expensive.

I am all for whatever needs to be done, but I am definitely not for what I have seen so far.  For instance, the idea of rolling blackouts will not work because then the electricity has to work that much harder to cool or heat or whatever it is not doing during that rolling blackout.  It is all ridiculous to me.  The glaciers are not melting.  Antarctica recently experienced record sea ice coverage.  We have not had more hurricane damage, in fact, have had almost nothing for several years.  Temperatures are not soaring, in fact, we all just lived through one heck of a winter with record breaking cold spells, rains, and more ice and snow than in a while.

But my whole point is that this is God’s world and He knows what He is doing with it.  He knows what we need and He will supply that.  All we have to do to reap this wonderful life is to recognize Him and turn to Him and let Him know He is in charge and we appreciate all that.

When you get up tomorrow, think about how the liberal element caused the sun to rise and the clouds to move and the air to flow.  Think about that water you are going to use today.  And then remember where it all came from.  God caused the sun to rise and the clouds to move and the air to flow.  He provides the water for us every day.  Give Him the credit He is due and quit listening to those environmentalists.   They are not in charge of this world.  Never have been, never will be.


3 04 2011

I was laughing  to myself about my younger daughter  learning to sew.   I thought the sewing was such a good idea.  Well, at least it would be nice to know something about it.  So, I approached my younger daughter with the idea.  She was always one of those kids that never complained about anything and everything I suggested was o.k. with her.

Bought her a sewing machine and the man who delivered it showed her how to thread the needle and put it all together.  Forgot all about that bobbin.  Oh, that bobbin is really something.  I never could manage the bobbin.  Just beyond me.  But then most machines are.  I can run the washer, the dryer, and the other necessary items for keeping house, but that bobbin just was too much.

Next,  off we went to the sewing store (whatever they call it).  She decided she would make a skirt.  That would be easy enough.  So we bought all the necessary ingredients.  First was the pattern, then the material, then that blessed zipper.  Just the right size of course.  Then the thread and whatever was needed.

My daughter cut out the pattern, pinned it to the material and set out to sew the seam together.   She did a really good and fast job.  She had the skirt all cut out and ready to put together by the afternoon.   She never said much while doing any of the sewing chores.  She just seemed to be enjoying it and was quiet while she was learning, (I thought).

After we ate lunch, she sewed the whole skirt together, put the band on it and even got that zipper installed just perfectly.

Then she sat downstairs on the floor, leaning against her bed while she sewed the hem by hand.  After she was all through, I asked her if she wanted to try it on.  She said, ‘no’.  Then she handed me the skirt and said, ‘don’t ever ask me to do that again.’

With that, she turned and put all the ingredients away.  I left the room because I didn’t want her to see me laughing.  And I’m still laughing about it all.  She did what I asked and did it graciously.  She didn’t complain.  She didn’t fuss.  She didn’t even tell me she didn’t want to do the sewing.   But she, like me, did not have any interest in sewing.

Guess I had to learn that one the hard way.  As I said, I’m still laughing about it.  But I never did ask her to do that again.  And she never showed any interest whatsoever in sewing of any kind.  She never wore the skirt and as far as I know, she never even tried it on.

Oh well, everybody has different interests.  Such is life.   I have a lot of memories that make me laugh.  Such fun.  Wouldn’t have missed my part for the world.


2 04 2011

When one of my daughters was about 10, she showed some interest in learning to sew.  There was a store in the mall offering free classes for young girls.  So we joined up.  Then my husband and I decided to buy her a small, simple sewing machine.  My daughter had decided she was going to make a dress for her younger sister.  The sister had agreed to be pleasant while the sewing was going on and also to try the dress on later.

Next I bought a book telling all about sewing.  I never could learn to sew.  I tried, but it was a total disaster.  So here I was going to help my daughter to learn how to sew.  Ha!  Like I knew what I was talking about.

Nevertheless, we went to the classes, purchased a pattern, and set up the sewing machine. First thing, the pattern was a total mess as far as I was concerned.  I never could read those things.  But my daughter was better at that than I was.  She cut out the pattern.  Then we laid the material on the table and cut the material, matching part A to part B and so on.

Now came the big test.  Actually sewing the parts together.  The first seam was finished and it was wonderful.  We were both so proud and so was the younger sister.  Then the pattern said – grade the seam.  I looked at everything in the new book about sewing and never could find a ‘grade the seam’ anywhere.  So I called my mother who was a very good seamstress.  I asked the obvious question – what do they mean by grade the seam.  She just laughed and said that means to cut the extra material away.

Well, I should have known that!  Wonder why they didn’t just say, ‘cut the extra material away.’  But then that would have been too simple.  Always have to have a new language with every new skill you know.

When the seams were all sewn and graded, then the ultimate test was putting the dress together.  My daughter did all this just great as far as I was concerned.  It wasn’t perfect, of course, but then what do you expect from a 10 year old learning how to sew.   I thought it was marvelous and said so a million times.

The younger sister put it on and stood still for my older daughter to pin the hem.   The dress looked a little funny in spots.   The zipper – oh, that was another big feat – that zipper.  First, we had to go to the store and find a zipper.  Then we had to make sure it was the right size.  Then we had to pin it into the dress and sew it just perfect.  So now, the zipper zipped and that was the most important thing that day.

Of course, I forgot to mention the facing, too.  That facing is a real milestone.  Once you have figured out all the special language attached to the zipper and the facing, you should have a special star in the sky.

My younger daughter stood there in her brand new dress, proud as punch.   The older daughter was exuberant over actually making a dress.  And I was overwhelmed by the feat itself.  How wonderful.

It really didn’t matter that the zipper puckered just a little here and there.  The sleeves were a little crooked, too.  But that could be overlooked.  And that facing was showing in spots.  But, heck, who cared.  The dress was made and it was wonderful and we had a really good time doing that project that summer.  I just don’t think I will plan on doing that next year.