29 08 2011

HI:  Was just  thinking about those good old days today.  You know, the ones you always hear about that were so wonderful and we should all go back to them.  Bull!!  Things are so much better now.  Or at least they were before you know who came along and started messing with everything.  But that is another story for another day.  And believe me, I will write those when I am ready.

Anyway, when I was a younger person, there was no air conditioning at all.  And on those 100 plus days, it was pretty hot.  But as kids we didn’t know any better anyway so we were perfectly happy with our lives.  We played all over the neighborhood, running as fast and hard as we could.  We skated on the sidewalks and rode our bikes and sat on the porch, swinging with our friends while we visited.  It was a very nice life.  We sweated a lot, but I don’t remember anyone ever having any problems with heat prostration or having to drink water all the time.  When we got thirsty, we just ran into the kitchen, grabbed a drink of water and ran out again.  We drank out of the same glass all the time because there were no dishwashers except us.

We had oscillating fans that kept us cool when we were really hot.  But they didn’t do a lot of good.  I can still see my mother ironing in the front bedroom with an oscillating fan blowing on her legs.  The fan couldn’t blow higher than that because then it would dry out the sprinkled clothes.  The sweat would run down her legs because ironing was such a hot job on a hot day.  But I don’t remember her ever complaining about it.  She listened to the radio while she ironed and that seemed to make her happy.  That was just life in those good old days.

When attic fans came on the market, we were fortunate that our attic could accommodate such a big monster as that.  It took every relative we had to get that fan up in the attic and wired properly.  And it took  a full day for this to happen.  Meanwhile, mother cooked a big pot of spaghetti sauce and all the fixins to go with it.  We had a real feast that day – eating in the big dining room instead of the kitchen – and then the men went back to work while the women and children cleaned up the dishes.

It was a fun day and we all enjoyed it a lot.  But the best part was that night when we opened the windows about a foot, just enough to let that air blow on us while we slept.  It was wonderful.  And I remember it as still being wonderful.  The whole day was lots of fun for us kids.  And just the thought of that blast of cool air coming in that window and blowing the curtains is enough to make me sleep really good even to this day.

Guess those good old days weren’t so bad after all.  Maybe they really were the good old days.  Will write about some more of those.


19 08 2011

I had an infection come up on my leg this past week.  Didn’t amount to much.  I just ran into the dishwasher door and it took the top layer of skin off.  After a couple of days, I noticed it was becoming infected so I made an appointment with the doctor.  He prescribed a sulfa antibiotic which is really the only kind I can take.  I think most other people take something else, but not me.  Always have to be different.

I took an antibiotic several years ago for an infection on my arm caused by being stupid and pulling up some poison ivy plants.  That antibiotic really ruined my stomach and it has never been the same since.  Cannot eat fruit at all and have problems with a lot of other foods.  But the poison ivy rash got cured and that is the point, you know.

Anyway, I’m getting off the road here.  I got to thinking about the sulfa drugs and what a wonder they have been.  Most people just take them for granted and think they were always there.  But they weren’t.  Towards the end of World War II, the sulfa drugs were first used to treat men while they were still on the battlefield.  In fact servicemen were given a pouch containing sulfa drugs so they could treat themselves until help could reach them.  The sulfa drug was an absolute miracle, accounting for the saving of many men.  The drug was just sprinkled on their wounds and this kept any infection from getting into the wound which helped many lives to be saved.  This was called a miracle drug in its day – and it definitely was.

Then I read a book and cannot remember the name of it, but it was written by a lady who had leprosy.  She was shuttled off from her home in the United States  at night and ended up on the island where all leprosy people went to die.   Then she told of how awful the people looked and how scared she was and what it was like to know that she could never, ever again leave this island.  She met a fellow patient there and eventually they were married.  But this  would be her life forever, no children, no other family members ever.

And then the sulfa drugs came along.  They were found to stop the progression of leprosy and she told what a wonderful miracle that was.  No longer was she considered to be contagious.   No longer did she have to be an outcast.  She and her husband were able to leave the island and resume a normal life.  All because of the sulfa drugs.

I was just thinking about all that and how fortunate we are in our lives to have such wonderful miracle drugs.  And all the preventive care that is available these days.  There are a number of drugs now that are used to treat leprosy.  No one has to be shuttled from their home in the middle of the night anymore.  No one has to be isolated on an island in the Pacific.  And no one has to endure the horror of having leprosy.  What a wonderful world we have.   How fortunate we are.

God takes really good care of all of us.  Thank you, Dear God.


16 08 2011

I once knew this wonderful family.  The lady was beautiful, the man so handsome.   No apparent problems.  When they married, it was with a huge, beautiful wedding in the biggest church in town, complete with all the bridesmaids and flowers and groomsmen and huge reception afterwards.  Everything was wonderful!

They started out their life together.  He had a good job, she was a housewife and soon had a new baby on the way.  I remember being in their apartment one time and they didn’t seem to be too happy that day.  It was miserably hot and only a fan for cooling.  So I could understand why no one would be smiling just a whole lot.  They soon bought a home and life seemed wonderful once again.  After the first child came another and another and soon another one.  All boys.  She always wanted a girl, so eventually they adopted one.  Life was too good to be true.

Over the years, the father developed quite an alcohol problem.  And some of that was passed down to the boys as they grew up.  Trouble brewing.  The father continued to be a problem for many years.  The mother opted to stay in her bedroom almost all the time.  They lost touch with most of the world.  And the boys deteriorated.  One went to AA.  He got better and eventually had a better life.  Never did know just a lot about the boys as they grew up except what I heard from other people or read in the papers.

Then the youngest son deteriorated into being a really bad alcoholic.  He tried to work but could not.  Never had a family or anything to hang on to.  He finally killed himself at a very young age.  The father developed cancer and died in a hospital.  The mother didn’t live much longer herself.

Then today, I read where one of the boys was killed in a motorcycle accident.  He was 55.  And I am so sorry for so much sorrow.

Great beginnings.  Life just demanded too much day after day.  What a shame.  What a great sorrow for everyone.  What do you do.  How do you avoid such deep and lasting sorrow.  Just cluster together and help each other, that’s how.  Don’t write anyone off.  Everyone can be helped through love and understanding and  a closeness that only a family can bring to each other.  Stay close to your spouse and to your children.  Let them know you care.  Tell them often how much they all mean to you and mean it when you say it.

I contact or have contact with each of my children almost every day.  If I don’t hear from each of them every few days, I am on that phone or texting or emailing or doing something just to make sure they are alright.  I always let them know I care for them and for each member of their families.  I am there if they need me and they are there for me if I need them.  That is the way it is done.  Keep the doors open.  Keep the conversation flowing.  Love them.  Help them.  And maybe then there won’t be that uncalled for deep sorrow that this particular family endured day after day for many years.  It doesn’t matter what caused all the sorrow or how many arguments there were or what anyone said or did.  The point is to stay close as a family.  You know, that closeknit feeling that only a family can share together.  Who else do you know that knows all there is to know about you.  Who else was there when you were 4 or 10 or 20.  Always remember that.

Tell your family you love them.  If there are problems, work them out together or just learn to live with them.  Whatever happens, you are family.  Help each other!


15 08 2011

Well, today was the first day of the school year around here.  All those big yellow busses were just scooting right along this morning.  And the traffic was terrible.  Now, I live in a small town and the only time we have a traffic jam is when school is either taking up or letting out.  When I first moved here, that was absolutely wonderful.  I had been fighting traffic while running carpools for many years at that time and I would take that school rush hour any time over what I had been driving in.

I hope all the kids had a wonderful start to their school year.  All the little girls looked so proud in their new uniforms at the school where I saw them.  And the boys were playfully shoving each other around.  Looked typical to me.  Seems like I remember a few of those first days myself.

And of course, I remember a few of them with my own children. In fact, I didn’t think I would ever get through with those first days of school year after year after year.  I dearly loved each and every one of my children, but I did not dearly love each and every one of their schools nor their teachers, nor their friends sometimes.

So, I don’t miss the first day of school.   In fact this morning I was much relieved not to be in that parking lot line of traffic.  And I was relieved not to have to walk another child into his classroom and meet his new teacher.  Oh boy, I sure did not miss that one.

And I’m glad I was not there to pick up children when they got out of class at 3 this afternoon.  Again, I didn’t miss the waiting in line to pick up my child.  Nor did I miss the ‘hey Mom’, I’ve got to go by the store this afternoon.  My teacher says I need a poster board for tomorrow’.   Ugh!!!  I will never miss that one, especially if I have ice cream in the car or have to pick up another child or whatever might make a big difference in my afternoon on that first day of school.

I am definitely not an old grouch nor an old prude nor any of those descriptions that describe someone hard to get along with.  But I can sure get along without that first day of school – ever again in my life.  I’m so glad I’m old today.


13 08 2011

Getting ready to put dinner on the table and decided at the last minute to have a piece of buttered toast to go with it.  Asked my daughter to please toast the bread for me.  I got two pieces of bread out of the wrapper and put them on the cabinet.  I saw my daughter put the two pieces of bread in the toaster and push the handle down.  When I finished preparing the dinner, she was walking across the room with her toast in her hand.

I asked her where was my piece of toast.  And she said, ‘I don’t know’.  Then she turned to walk on to the table.  I thought to myself, ‘what do you mean, you don’t know.  How can you not know.’   So I asked again where was my piece of toast.  She turned and looked me directly in the eye and said again, ‘I don’t know.’  Well, that was probably the silliest thing I had ever heard.  She was obviously through with the conversation, but I knew I had another piece of bread somewhere and it wasn’t in the toaster.  So where was it.

I looked in the toaster again, looked all around the cabinet, looked across the room at the other cabinet and started to get down on the floor and look under the cabinet.  Instead, I asked again, ‘where is my piece of toast’.  In exasperation, my daughter turned to me again and said, ‘I DON’T KNOW!’.

Well, you can’t just lose a piece of toast.  I have been reading newspapers forever and I have never seen an article that says, ‘lady loses toast’.  It had to be here somewhere.   I pulled the toaster out from the wall and looked behind it.  Not there either.  Again, I was about to get down on hands and knees and look under the cabinet.  Instead, I raked my hand along the back of the toaster and the piece of toast fell down on the cabinet.

Somehow, some way, the toast had popped out of the push down toaster and wedged itself  onto the back of the toaster.  When I pulled the toaster out, it had remained stuck to the back of the toaster.  But when I raked my hand along the back of the toaster, it fell down onto the cabinet.

See, I really am not that crazy. Just a little looney now and then.  But like I said, when have you heard of anyone losing a piece of toast.  I was about to call the local news stations and ask them to run a story about my lost toast.  Luckily, I found it before I got to the telephone.

I’ll laugh about this one for awhile.  I have a whole pile of laughable stuff in my head.  Helps to pass the days sometimes when it really is looney around here.


12 08 2011

Well, surprise! surprise!  Reporters said on the news tonight that gasoline prices would be going down by about $.50 a gallon pretty soon.  That is great.  Now, I want to know why they went up in the first place.  Whose idea was that.  Who was it that decided that the American people needed to pay more for their gasoline all of a sudden.  And now then, they are going to lower the prices and no one really knows why the prices went up or why they are going down.  Sounds sort of fishy to me.  Wonder who will benefit from this.  And who benefitted from the prices going up.  Just wondering about such things, especially with the charged up political scene these days.

Just have to watch what is going on and make up my own mind.  I will definitely vote Republican no matter what because I understand their ideas.   But gona’ have to come up with someone better than I have seen so far.

Oh well, enjoy the break in the gasoline prices – for awhile anyway.  Until it will benefit someone to raise them again.


10 08 2011

Has the whole world gone crazy?  What is wrong with people these days?   I am wondering if I got off the bus at the wrong stop.  Surely there is a better place than this one right now.

I just heard on the television news that another young boy died today from heat stroke after practicing football.  What a waste.  How stupid.  There are no words to explain enough what a horrible, unnecessary death this is.

I know of a boy who was in perfect health, 13 years old, great shape.  He went out for football for his very first time ever.  While practicing the first day, he asked his coach for a drink of water and was told that it would be later before he could have one.  By the time the practice was over and the boy went home, his father knew he was not o.k.  The boy took a shower to help him cool off.  And then he was sent to the hospital.  He was flown to a larger hospital and died here two weeks later after much, much agony over why, why, what reason is there for this unspeakable death.

Last year here in my small town, I read of one boy whose mother picked him up from practice and realized he was not o.k.  She took him to the emergency room where he was treated and released.  Later on, she took him back again and he was saved.  Another boy had left the school and walked around the building where he collapsed.  He was walking home, I assume.  A delivery man saw him and called for help.  He was saved, too.

But several others have died this year in the various schools around the state.  Why?  What reason? It is a simple game.  Nothing more.  A GAME!!!  Stop!  Consider what you are doing to these boys and to their families.  No reason whatsoever for this outrageous problem.

Last year I picked up one of my grandsons from practice.  While I waited in the burning heat, the coach had the boys stand outside for another 10 minutes in full gear while he talked to them.  Then he had them to run up and down a nearby hill several times.  I was surprised no one passed out before they were through.  My grandson said that this year, they do not have to wear full pads in the heat.  And they can get a drink of water anytime they need one.  At least that is a beginning.

I understand football is being practiced in Dallas at midnight.  Even that is ridiculous, but at least the boys aren’t dying.  And I have heard and read of a pill the boys can take that allows the coaches to monitor their bodily temperature at all times.  But my point is why in the first place?  Why do this?

Why is it necessary that they practice at all this time of year when the temperatures are above 110 some days.  Why all the emphasis on the extracurricular activities and so little on the necessary subjects.  I understand children are not being taught anything of our remarkable history of this great country, but all the boys are playing sports and the girls are practicing cheerleading and dance routines constantly.  What is the point of all this.

Has the whole world gone crazy?  Is everyone on some kind of glory trip where they cannot see the forest for the trees?  Maybe somewhere someone can get some common sense going.  Save our children.  Football and baseball and soccer are JUST GAMES!!!!  Not worth dying for. Ever