13 01 2012

I have so much trouble accepting the fact that no one seems to  understand what is going on in our country today.  It is being destroyed right in front of you and no one seems to know why.  Sure, employment is down.  Sure, money is tight.  What could you possibly expect.  Also, the rhetoric about the greedy American and the terrible, terrible big businesses.   All this is being generated to work your mind and make you think everything and everybody here is just absolutely awful.  This is not true at all and this is not the reason why we have economy problems.

The truth of the matter is quite simple.  And you don’t have to be a math whiz to understand it.  But today, a lot of high school graduates can hardly write their name much less handle a checking account.  And they don’t realize that people have to make money in order to have money to spend.  Simple facts.

The Federal Reserve or whoever it might be that really handles the money issues in Washington decide how much interest will be paid on money invested and they set the standards for all the country.  So, they decide not to pay any interest on borrowed money, then no one makes any interest on borrowed money.  This doesn’t bother a lot of people but it stops the growth of the country.

The way it works is like this – If no money is paid out in interest on investments, then investments dry up.  That is answer #1

Then everyone has to come to a screeching halt because there is no investment, no money to work with on building of any kind.  This includes building of municipal projects, schools, roads, hospitals, almost any large projects that you can think of.

So the money is now dried up.  No investments, no money to work with.  Everything and I do mean everything stops.  That is answer #2

This means that no building is being done, no improvements anywhere so this results in layoffs and the people in the know blame this on everything from greedy Americans to big business because they are not ‘sharing’ their profits.  No one can make any profit either. There is absolutely and positively nothing going on anywhere.  That is answer #3.

So, you see, the answer to the big problems have to come from the top down, not from the bottom up.  You don’t put the whole country back to work by providing another big loan to a bank or to a car manufacturer.  You just simply pay more interest on money and then money starts to flow around and this is turn results in jobs being done and people going back to work.  It is very simple to understand, but most people have never heard this side of the story.

Look around in your town and see what is being built today.  Are new houses being built the same as before?  Are streets being fixed as before?  Are schools being repaired and enlarged or whatever is necessary in your town?  Or is everything at a standstill while we blame someone else besides the politicians and the money people in Washington.

If they raise the interest rate on investments even one point, you would see money begin to be invested once again.  But one point would not be enough to overcome this standstill.  If they raised it possibly 3 points, then things would begin to move even more.  This is not inflation.  This is simple business practices.  That money must be invested.  Bonds must be bought in order to finance improvements of any kind.  But the investor will NOT – I repeat will NOT – invest when he cannot make any money on his investment.  Simple math.  All those in the financial know know this.  They are working this in order to destroy our standard of living in this country.

Listen and learn.  And demand that something be done at the top.  Now!  Before we get any further in debt in this wonderful country.  Before this wonderful country is destroyed.

Wake up America!  Before it is too late.


4 01 2012

My husband tells the story that when he was a young boy, his family had a New Year’s Eve Party.  Said he was so excited as was the rest of the family.  When the party got going pretty good, the women were all in the living room, visiting and laughing.  The men had all retired to the kitchen.  Most of them had a little too much joy juice by the time it got close to midnight.

As my husband watched, an uncle went to his car and came back into the kitchen with a gun.   A real gun!  He proceeded to load it and all the men were laughing about the possibility of midnight’s approaching.  Because when it got to be 12:00, the uncle was going to shoot the gun up into the air. Oh boy!  How exciting!.

When it got close to midnight, all the men went outside on the back porch laughing and joking about how they were going to scare all the women in the living room.

Then when one of them said, ‘It’s time, Midnight, ‘  the uncle raised the gun and accidentally shot down all the power lines down behind the house.   The neighborhood went dark.

Party Over!


29 12 2011

Well, I warned you that I would give my opinionated opinions just as soon as I got around to it.  So here I am.

Went to the post office this morning to get my mail.  Ha!  3 letters, more advertisement than letter.  Almost no one working at my local station and lucky if we get any mail on some days.  Never on Saturday anymore.

I see on the television and in the newspapers that this is due to the internet. Not so!!!  The internet may have cut down some on the volume but not much.  Instead, the reason why the post office is in such bad financial shape is because of all those many, many benefits they promised to the workers many, many years ago.  For instance, when I was a younger person, the only way to go was to get a job with the government or the post office.  Both are in financial straits now as a result.

The post office was a prime job.  Took a long time to get a steady job there.  Had to be bumped and bumped over and over again, but if you kept at it, you would eventually land that prime job.  Then you were set for life – and I do mean life.  You could retire after 20 years and still be a young person and have a whole new life while you were  being paid that grand and glorious retirement stipend.  Many, many people did just that and are still collecting.

Not only did they get the retirement pay, but while still working, they got the vacation pay, the sick pay, the long vacations, (longer each year).  This was long before everyone else even dreamed of having all these benefits, but after all, the postman was the link to the world for a lot of people.  So they were glad their postman had such a good life.

The postal union raised its head all these years and made sure the employees got ever more and more benefits.  After all, no one ever goes down in pay or benefits.  Instead,  when contract time comes up, it is always time to ask for more and more salary and benefits.

Meanwhile, there were lots of people working for the post office.  Took a lot of hands to sort and deliver that mail.  After awhile, there was a post office on every corner and the mail was guaranteed to be delivered by early in the morning  My husband ran his business for years, always having his mail in his postal box by 9:30 in the morning.  Just watch and see what time you get it delivered nowadays.  It sure isn’t 9:30 in the morning anymorel

One of the employees told me recently that they are so slow because people are retiring or quitting and are not being replaced – anywhere.  So, guess what.  The taxpayer pays and pays again.   The stamp costs more and there is less service to everyone.

Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I really don’t think it is my fault that the postal workers got so many benefits and salary raises over the years.  I really thought that was o.k. at the time.  But now – in this financial crisis – be assured that the reason is NOT the internet.  It is because they bit off more than they could chew many years ago and promised what they could not deliver.

They should have known better.  They were the delivery experts.


17 11 2011

That teen who gets his first job is a very lucky person.   I hope no one gets too discouraged in trying to land a paying job.  This is an exciting time in a teen’s life.  I remember that feeling.  First job I had was working in a campaign of a man who was running for Governor.  Of course I didn’t really care who won, I was just interested in the paycheck at the end of the week.  It was a wonderful feeling to actually get paid for typing.  Yeah!

But all teens on a first job have to learn the very basics of what it means to work.  They have to learn to be there on time – not five minutes late, ever.   On Time!  And then no matter what the job is, the teen must learn that he has to be nice to everyone in sight.  That means to all the customers or anyone who works in the same place or the boss or whoever might come in the door.  Just a part of working life.

Also, the teen must always dress appropriately.  That means nothing hangs out the top or the bottom.  No too short skirts, no too low blouses, no pants that hang down, nothing like that at all.  Working people don’t dress like that.  And in fact, most people do not like that sort of dressing anyway.  In fact, they downright disapprove most of the time.  Learn to fit in.   Dress like the other people that work there.  No way out hairdo, no heavy makeup, no greasy face and hands.  Just plain, simple you.  And get that smile on your face and keep it there.  Very important.

And then the teen has to learn to do the job.  If he doesn’t understand what to do, he can either ask again or he can just do the best he can.  He will soon learn anyway.  And then he cannot be a clock watcher, always waiting for the next break or lunch time or time to leave for the day.   People notice when you do that, so don’t be a clock watcher.  And then, finally, just  hang in there and do the very best job you can every hour of every day.

The first job teen doesn’t realize it is happening but he is getting a fast track, cram course in responsibility.  Yeah!  Follow the rules and have a very successful first job and a successful life because you are learning how to work.  Have to know that first before you can progress in anything. Very important!


1 11 2011

Well, it finally happened today.  My electric clock that had been hanging in the wash room quit clicking, quit ticking, and quit being my friend.  If it won’t work, it ain’t gonna’ be my friend.  Ever.  It had been hanging in the wash room since 1992.  Before that, it had been hanging in whatever kitchen I had since 1954.  Can’t even count up to see how many years that would be.  About 56 though.  Pretty good clock, so guess I will be its friend after all.

My husband and I had been married just a few months.  We had lived in a one room apartment for one month until we got flooded out.  Then we moved to a duplex with three rooms.  Stayed there for a few months.  And then we found this really cute 4 room house.  Not 4 bedroom like today’s homes, but 4 rooms total.   We were thrilled.  Our very first house!

We moved in in bits and pieces.  Of course about we owned at that time was a bed, chair, couch, coffee table, refrigerator, and stove.  We moved when we weren’t working at our regular jobs. My mother told my brother who was older than me, that he needed to give us a house warming gift.  He agreed and so she went to the department store and bought this electric kitchen clock.  It was in the shape of an apple and was red except for a green leaf sticking out of the top.  I loved it!  And I told time by it for all these years.  Over and over again.  Many a day went by according to the ticking of that clock.

We moved around like everyone else.  It ticked in Dallas and in Memphis and in Little Rock.  We lived in different houses over the years and it still clicked in each and every kitchen.  And the kids all learned to tell time by its ticking.  And watching the hand move until the favorite TV show came on.  Or time to go somewhere or time to start dinner, or time to do homework, or time to go to bed each night.

But today, it just gave out.  It just simply couldn’t make that hand go round anymore.  I replugged it into the wall a couple of times and it would run for about thirty minutes each time.  And then it just gave out.  The ticker just couldn’t tick anymore.

Hope my ticker doesn’t give out  anytime soon.  I still have a lot of ticking to do.