4 12 2011

So much talk at this time of the year about giving, giving, and more giving. Now, I am not suggesting that you give anything in particular for Christmas or for any other holiday.  I am just simply suggesting that you give of yourself every day of every year from now on.

And how do you do that?  Well, all you have to do is be a good listener.  Just listen to your friend, or your own children, or your relative, or your neighbor, or your co-worker.  Just simply listen.  Don’t judge.  Don’t change the subject.   Just listen.

You would be absolutely amazed at how many people you can help in this world by just simply being still and listening when they try to talk to you.  I have a friend for life now because I just listened when she started telling me about how bad things were in her home on a particular day.  I did not even know her and was surprised when she started talking to me.  But she needed someone to listen to her.  And she needed it really bad at that time.  And so I just sat and listened.    I still don’t know much about her personally, but am always so glad when I see her.  Because I know she is doing better in her life each and every day.  And a lot of the reason for that is just because I listened when she needed someone to talk to.

So try it for awhile. See what you think.  Just make yourself available when someone wants to or needs to talk to you.  Just listen.

And don’t ever tell anyone what is told to you.   That is as important as the listening is.


11 11 2011

My youngest grandson was over for awhile this afternoon.  He told his mother he had never heard me play the piano.  I don’t play much anymore, too busy on the computer.  Anyway, he asked me to play it for him so I opened the keyboard and sat down.  The first song that came into my head was ‘The Waltz You Saved For Me’.  I had told him that I only know old songs.

As I played, my mind could see all sorts of people dancing the Waltz.  There were my parents in the dining room.  They had a Christmas party on Christmas night every year when we were growing up.  My brother played the piano very well and he would play that type song.  The couples would dance in the dining room while other people were visiting in the living room.  It was a lot of fun and makes for nice memories.  As my parents danced the Waltz, they would glide across the floor, moving as one person. Both were very good dancers and always enjoyed their dances very much. They were beautiful to watch.

As I played the song, the words echoed in my mind also.  ‘I will sometimes remember the Waltz You Saved For Me’.  How simple.  How beautiful.  And the music glides along while the dancers glide also.

Dancing has changed a lot since those days.  And that is a shame, I guess.  Wonder if anyone dances like that much anymore except for the professionals who know that is a beautiful way to dance.  That three cornered way of moving makes just the right turns at the right time.

Now  ‘I will sometimes remember the Waltz you saved for me’ echoes in my mind tonight.  Nice memories of a nice life.


5 11 2011

Sometimes opportunity knocks and knocks some more and no one hears the sounds.  Other times, opportunity knocks so loud that it almost knocks the doors off the hinges and no one wants to hear the sound.

No one was ever promised a great life nor lots of food in the kitchen, nor even a kitchen.  Everyone has to get out and get it for themselves.   This is the good old American way.  This is how people are able to raise their standard of living over and over again over the generations.  When I was younger, it was thought that each generation should try to raise the standard of living for the next generation to come.  Instead, these days some people are   happy going downhill further and further.  They even drag those poor children along and teach them that this is the way to live.

In a normal company, after many years, a man might make a pretty good salary with all kinds of benefits.  Then if he gets laid off because the economy gets bad,  he might still think he is worth that large hourly salary he was making after 20 years with that former employer.  That cannot be.  He must go back and start over again with beginning salary and fewer benefits.  But many people are not willing to accept that.  They draw a line and say anything less than what they were making before is an insult.  So he collects his unemployment and time passes with no progress.  The longer he is without a job, the more it will hurt his future. Pride has to take a back seat.  Opportunity gets the front seat on the bus.

If the responsible man has saved some of his money and not spent himself into debt, then he can survive until he finds that prime job he is looking for.  Otherwise, he better take whatever is offered.  It might be a cut in pay, yes, or a cut in benefits, yes, but a salary of any kind keeps the wolf from the door.  It provides the money for that rent or house payment and puts groceries on the table.

And then if he is open for opportunity to knock, there will be other opportunities over time and he will once again progress to that larger salary and more benefits.  But he has to work at it every day.  He has to do all the things that make for a good employee.  That means he gets along with his peers, arrives to work on time, and puts in a good day’s work for that day’s salary.

It doesn’t take an economics professor to figure all this out.  It is very simple.  You take whatever opportunity knocks on your door.  You work at it and progress in your life.  You make the best of a bad situation.  But you don’t live on the street and you don’t sleep in a tent on the concrete, and you don’t have to beg for food.  Not if you have allowed opportunity to be heard over the years.  Listen and get on with a good life!  That is how Americans do it.  And have done it for many years in the past.

And don’t kid yourself or anyone else.  There are lots of jobs out there waiting for employees.    And that will be another blog to come.  Meanwhile listen when opportunity knocks on your door.  And open that door to a better life.


4 11 2011

Hi again:  Blogging twice in one day.  That means it sets a record for me.  Hard to find that much time most days.  If you like my writing, I sure do wish you would invest in my books.  Either that or else I’m going to have to build more closets around here.  Books are accumulating.

My books are very good and people who do buy them tell me they really like them.  I recently sent out a notice to people who had bought my books before that I have a new one out.  Most of the people who ordered wrote me a note and thanked me for letting them know about the new book because they have enjoyed my books so much.  I consider that a really nice compliment.

My books are based on just fun and happiness mostly.  They are intended to be a short reprieve from all the problems of the world.  And they are not expensive either. I only charge $10 for each book or any three for $25.  And they make really great gifts for anyone who might be on your list this year.   Acceptable for anyone from age 8 to 100.  One of the teachers in a school read some of #2503 to her class and they just really enjoyed it.  And I have lots of older customers who thoroughly enjoy reading about all the old times and things that jog their memories.  Just plain fun for all.

I have six books out now.  #2503 is based in the 1930’s and some 40’s.  In The 40’s is about that era and the War and just simple family life during that time.  The Wonderful 1950’s tells of all the changes and how people’s lives took a great big turn.  More family entertainment.  A Better World tells of the changes over the earlier 1900’s and what we can all do to help have A Better World.  Then I have a cookbook entitled Bet’s Cookbook that offers lots of plain, simple tips for anyone cooking for a family.  Nothing expensive here.  Nothing hard to prepare.  Just plain old food that fills everyone up and doesn’t cost a lot of money nor take much time.   And then my latest book is entitled The Real Story and it tells of life in the early 1900’s including up to the integration crisis in Little Rock and The Real Story of Gov. Faubus’ decisions.  This is NOT what was reported in the media.   Then I write of my husband’s experience with alcohol and his recovery and ultimate success in life.  Next,  I offer some suggestions as to how this beloved country of ours got in the mess it is in and I offer suggestions as to how to get out of this mess.

Just thought you might be interested in some of these.  They really are good books.  And make for very enjoyable reading.  Why don’t you give them a try.  I sure would appreciate it.  And then maybe I won’t have to build another closet.  Thanks.  Bet


18 10 2011

Well, it’s that time again.  Gotta’ get that Fall cleaning going around here.  Started with it a few weeks ago – takes me awhile to get anything going.  Cleaned windows in a couple of rooms and then thought – to heck with this stuff.  Some of my grandchildren are always asking me if I have a job they can do – so here it is.  They can clean the windows.  Glad I figured that one out.  Haven’t done it yet, but the first day out of school, they will be here.  That will only cost me lunch and a few bucks and it is fine with me.  Besides, I will enjoy the day with them.

Just had one of the boys detail  my car really good so got that out of the way.  Now, just need someone to swirl the dust around a little bit and then to wipe the handprints and spots off the woodwork and stuff like that.

Maybe, just maybe, someone will offer to do that job for me, too.  Then I will have ALL my yucky FALL cleaning done.  Hooray!  Come to think of it, I may just skip doing anymore of this hard work and wait until right before Christmas.  Then all those grandchildren will want to do more jobs for me and I won’t have to do anything to get ready for company.

You know what they say – plan your work, so I’m planning mine.  Happy Fall to Youall!


10 09 2011

When the television stations first came on the air in my area of the country, it was probably late 40’s, early 50’s.  I am sure everyone has heard of the dancing toothpaste images with the jingle that went with them.   It was really something to see.  In fact, we were invited to my brother’s boss’ house so we could see television for the first time.  No one had a set then.  Just those privileged few who had dared to purchase one of those ‘things’.  And it was considered a real folly to do so.

The television set was very small, probably a 9″ size.  It was on top of a cabinet and all their family and all my family sat in the dark room in order to see it because with the light it generated, it was possible to see the images through all the snow.  And there was definitely a lot of snow.  It was very hard to see through it all sometimes.  And then the television set might start with those diagonal lines that were all too frequent and we might just miss seeing anything at all.

But this night at my brother’s boss’ house, we could see well enough to make out the dancing toothpaste images.  And we were all properly impressed.  I think we were probably watching the Ed Sullivan Show at the time.  Of course I had no idea who Ed Sullivan was nor what the show was all about.   But I was very impressed with those dancing tubes of toothpaste.   I had never seen anything quite like that!

Later on, my husband and I, being newly married and without any children on the way, bought our first television set.  Ours was small, too, but it was larger than what we had seen before.  And there was not quite as much snow anymore.  Besides that, you could actually make out most of the people on the shows and actually keep up with what was going on.  That was a big plus at the time.

We had so much company then that we almost had to make appointments for people.  It got so we couldn’t even go to bed on time at night because someone was watching the Dave Garroway Show in our living room.  But it was o.k.   We were young enough to take all that and still keep going.  And we were both working and making enough money to afford all the popcorn and colas and other snacks that we were serving every night.

After that ‘new’ phase passed though, we had less company.  Most of the people decided that this new fangled thing wasn’t so bad after all and they were buying their own sets.

I went to work for a firm of accountants in the early fifties.  None of my bosses had a television set.  But that Christmas, they all got one.  It was the happiest bunch of people I had ever seen.  They were all talking about having the sets delivered to surprise their families and how exciting it was watching their first shows and how the kids were enjoying all the kiddie shows.

At that time, we only had television during the evening hours.  So we all turned on our sets in the late afternoon and watched the test pattern until the shows came on.  Oh, we were really hip at that time!  But it was all a lot of fun.  And I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

And speaking of the world.  Our world was never quite the same after that.  Such is life.  Progress, you know.



16 07 2011

I wrote you before, Mr. Swiffer, to tell you what a great invention you have come up with.   That Swiffer is just great.  Enjoy it almost every day.

However, I have another suggestion that would make housework even easier.  I have noticed that some of the dirt and dust and everything else gets shoved into the corners, especially around the door facings.  So, I was  wondering if you might try to invent a blower that could be used in the house. We could use this blower just like a leaf blower outside.  Except that it would have to be quieter so we wouldn’t wake up the whole neighborhood.  And, of course, it would have to have less blower output since we don’t want to blow the children out the front door or the plates off the table.

But, if you could come up with something like this, you might just have every woman in America buying the newer blower Swiffer.  Also, we need a bag of some sort on it so that when we blow,  the bag collects that dirt.

Then we can just blow our house out and go sit by the pool.  Or go to Walmart, Or take a shower, Or just goof off.

Think about this, please, Mr. Swiffer.  And invent it this year, especially for the Christmas Season.  Every woman in America would appreciate that for Christmas.  Just imagine how happy she will be  after she blows that tree and all the wrappings out the door.  Won’t that be great!  Can hardly wait. Thanks.