10 11 2011

I look at the television news stories and I read the newspapers regularly and I keep thinking to myself, What in the world is going on here, or at least in this country of ours.  Surely, we don’t have to live through another hippie era with the campouts in the cities and the bonfires and the guitar music and the non productive citizens.  Surely not again!

But then, maybe I am the only one seeing this.  I saw where someone stated for all to hear that this was reminiscent of the civil rights era.  Well, that was originally a takeoff from the Vietnam era.  So anyone can think whatever they wish.  I just wish they would all get up, clean up, and get a job.  Then they wouldn’t have time to worry about how much money someone else was making every day.  They could only worry about how much money they were making.  And then they could think about how they were going to pay their rent, buy their groceries and clothing, provide water for baths for themselves and their families, and then work at taking  care of their own families.  There wouldn’t be much time for camping out in the city, nor playing the guitars and singing around the campfires.

Eventually, most of  those original hippies had to get a job and take care of their own families.  Time for this today.  Enough is enough.  Get on with life.


8 08 2011

Hi    I have written a book you might find very interesting.  It is entitled The Real Story.  It tells the real story of the 1957 Little Rock desegregation crisis at Little Rock High School and Governor Faubus’ true decision, NOT what was reported in the media.

The Real Story also includes the story of one person’s recovery from severe alcoholism and how it turned him into a resounding success.

Then The Real Story chronicles the decline of the moral values of our country over the past decades and offers some suggestions as to what might be done to return our country to its former greatness.

The Real Story and some of my other books are available on Amazon.com and Kindle.

You can also order direct from me at BET, P.O. Box 2249, Benton, AR  72018.  Send check or money order for $10 each book ordered.  No cash or C.O.D. please.

You will definitely enjoy all my books!  Thanks, Bet


8 04 2011

Well, it’s that time of the year again.  Lent.  Used to just dread that.  Have to feed all those kids and try to fill them up on meat substitutes a lot of the days of Lent.  But after the changes made in the Catholic Church, that is no longer necessary.  Don’t have to specifically do without meat so much anymore.  It is highly recommended that we do something in the way of penance during Lent, but it is your individual choice now.  It is still recommended also that you might want to do without meat on Fridays.  Still required not to  eat meat on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

So, what do you do without.  Some people give up eating a certain special food or having that special cup of coffee.    Others give up watching tv or listening to the radio. Some give extra money to various charities.  Others make a point of helping a neighbor or cooking a special treat for someone.  For myself, I just try to do more of the right things.  I make sure I don’t talk about anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings or give even the slightest hint that I disapprove of something or someone.

I also spend more time in prayer, offering up my life for whatever God wants of me in this life.  And I also spend some time thinking about the sins of my past life and trying to tell God I am so sorry for having offended Him in any way in my life.

For instance, when I pray, I am not saying that I am sorry for the sins committed by everyone in the world.  I am praying specifically because I am the one who put that Crown on His Head, the Cape on His Shoulders, the Reed in His Right Hand and the Slap on His Holy Face.  I can’t blame anyone else for anything I have done to offend God in my life.  It is I who caused Him to have to carry that Heavy Cross and to have the nails in His Hands and Feet.  It is I who have done all this to Him by the things I have done and said and thought in my life.  So it is I who want to say truly that I am so sorry for having offended Him.

And then I pray for His Divine Mercy that He will forgive me and allow me to serve Him better in my life.  This is what Lent really means to me.




7 04 2011

A couple of people have mentioned to me about hearing Donald Trump talk on tv and how impressed they have been.  I also got an email saying the same things about foreign aid that Trump is saying.  That is, we don’t need to be footing the bill for the whole world anymore.  They can pay us back and then take care of themselves.  We need to pull in our reins and take care of ourselves for a change.  It’s time!  It’s past time for us!  I am sick and tired of paying taxes so we can take care of the whole world.  Enough!!!

Also, Donald Trump is now looking into the fact that we have absolutely no proof that Barack Obama is a citizen of the United States.  Be anxious to see how that one comes out.  Who knows.  What is the big deal here.  Why the evasion.  Not necessary as far as I am concerned.   Either he is a citizen or he is not.

As I said earlier, I am looking at all the presidential hopefuls and noting their stance on the various issues.  That last election was a total disaster.  It was said that Republicans said it was McCain’s turn.  My foot!  I’m sure he is a nice guy, but why was it his turn.  It is my turn. And yours. Our turn for some straight up right kind of government where things get done the way the people want.

I noted today that a judge in California overthrew a ruling although the people had voted their wishes.   And in Arkansas, a judge overthrew a ruling about the marriage between a man and a woman.  Both those issues had been voted on by the people.  But what the people passed seemed to have no bearing whatsoever.  Some judge just said this is the way it is and that is that.   That is not right.  That is not the way it is supposed to be.   And it shouldn’t be ever again.  What good is it to vote if some judge just comes along and changes the rules.   What happened to the rights of the people.  When the majority votes in an election for an issue, then that is what should prevail.  Always.  That is the point.  Not some judge somewhere in never, ever land making up her mind.  Big deal.  Again.

Things sure have gotten turned around basackwards.  Crazy stuff.  Not for me.   I’m ready to see things change back to the way it should be and us get on with our lives without heavy taxes and burdensome rulings.  Not right.  Not right at all.   I am ready for the return of the United States of America as I once knew it.


6 04 2011

If you have read any of my blogs, you know I am a very devout Catholic.  I have just finished reading another report about  how awful things are here in the United States and how they are going to get much worse.  And that I do believe because I can see it happening all around me every day.  But there is hope and a lot of hope as far as I am concerned.  I am not a theologian by any means but I do have my own thoughts and beliefs about what is happening now.

In the early 1900’s, The Blessed Virgin appeared to three children over a period of several months in Fatima, Portugal.  She told them a lot of things that were to happen in the times to come if people did not turn back to God.  For instance, she said the World War I would end and it did.  She then said a much worse World War would come if people did not listen and it did.  She also told of a lot of other happenings such as how families would be attacked and in some cases, even destroyed. And how because of the sins against the Sixth Commandment, many souls would go to Hell.  She told of the rise of Communism at that time and how people needed to return to God and pray to stop these terrible things from happening.   She also states that she is to prepare the way for the second coming of Christ.  If you want to know more about Our Lady of Fatima, look it up on the internet.  There are also books available telling all the details.

Personally, I believe that all these things will happen during my lifetime.  And I am waiting anxiously because it will be good and not bad.  The Blessed Virgin has said that if people return to God and change their ways, then God will hear them and change the world for the better. She also recommends that people say the Rosary daily.  The Rosary is said always to The Blessed Virgin asking her to relay prayers to God.  If you want something from someone, you can be sure you will get it if you ask his mother first.  This is what she recommends by saying the Rosary.  Ask Her to intercede to Her Son for you.  Works every time.

I do not know if many people realize it, but our Country has been Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.   And in the messages of Fatima, The Blessed Virgin says that satan will bite at her heel and she will crush his head with her foot.  I believe all this is what is happening in our Country now and that She will indeed, crush his head with her foot.

Think about all this and do your part.  Pray to Almighty God that we will all be saved from the horrors of more evil and that all people will return to God.  Then all these fragmented things that are going on in our Country to take away all our rights and our privileges and those incidents against the families will all cease.  Pray.  That is all that is asked.  And the results will all be good and not bad.  Just pray.



5 04 2011

Believe it or not, I am an expert in this field.  No degrees, just plenty of steady employment.  I had six children, the first four in five years.  So that set me up for learning discipline the hard way.  I recently read a column in the newspaper about to spank or not to spank.  And then the columnist asked for comments.  Well, that was too much for me so I sent in my comments.  But I never heard anything from that.

I spanked my first two children.  That was the way it was done then, period.  Everyone spanked their children.  No one had ever thought of doing it any other way.  I was spanked, my siblings were spanked.  And I never saw where it hurt any of us particularly.  We grew up in a well ordered, normal household with lots of love and lots of laughter.  Normal was our middle name and we were all very happy people.

But then, Dr. Spock and ‘I’m o.k., you’re o.k.’ came along and people began to discuss this.  Fortunately for me, I could not afford to buy Dr. Spock’s book so I was saved from being a complete basket case.  I just had to wing it day in and day out.  My husband had also been spanked, only he was spanked much harder than I was.  I usually had to go out and cut my own switches off the bushes when I was old enough.  One day I put my hand in the bush and straight into a hornet’s nest.  I didn’t get spanked that day.  But I probably deserved one anyway.  I was always pretty sassy and sometimes did not mind at all.  But that was then and now I am the one in charge.

As I said, things began to change.  For one thing, I had more children and so had less time for spankings.  That made a big difference in my life.  I was usually telling my children to hurry up and get in the car so I didn’t have time to spank as we left the house.  My mother never had to contend with any of that driving or organizing or being involved like I did.  She just raised children, kept house and cooked.

I had a neighbor who had 4 boys.  She quit spanking her children because she got tired of the bruises on her fingers from the brads on their jeans.  So, you see, whatever works.  And I think that is the complete and whole answer anyway.   Whatever works in your household is what you should do.  I don’t think spankings are necessary if something else works.  I found that if I slapped the table with the ruler, I accomplished just as much as I would have if I used the ruler on the kids.  Got their attention; they knew I meant business; and they minded.  This is the result I was looking for anyway.

Time out had not come along in my day.  Thank heavens.  I probably would have lost a child who was in time out and I forgot where he was.  One of my grandchildren got in a fight at preschool.   He had to sit in time out.   When his time was up, he got up, hit the child again,  and then went back to time out.   I did make my child sit in a chair one day because we were moving and she kept getting in the way.  The other two younger ones thought that seemed like so much fun that they quickly sat in a chair, too.  Everyone was very happy.  Worked.

By the time the teen years came along, we had managed to instill enough discipline that we didn’t have much trouble anyway.  That is the whole point.  Instill that discipline early in life and then you don’t have to worry so much when it comes to driving and dating and drinking and all those temptations that come along.

By the way, all of mine turned out just great.  So whatever works is what should be done.  But no reason to hit on your children.  Something else will work just as well.  Think about it.  More another day.  I have lots of experience this field.


3 04 2011

I was laughing  to myself about my younger daughter  learning to sew.   I thought the sewing was such a good idea.  Well, at least it would be nice to know something about it.  So, I approached my younger daughter with the idea.  She was always one of those kids that never complained about anything and everything I suggested was o.k. with her.

Bought her a sewing machine and the man who delivered it showed her how to thread the needle and put it all together.  Forgot all about that bobbin.  Oh, that bobbin is really something.  I never could manage the bobbin.  Just beyond me.  But then most machines are.  I can run the washer, the dryer, and the other necessary items for keeping house, but that bobbin just was too much.

Next,  off we went to the sewing store (whatever they call it).  She decided she would make a skirt.  That would be easy enough.  So we bought all the necessary ingredients.  First was the pattern, then the material, then that blessed zipper.  Just the right size of course.  Then the thread and whatever was needed.

My daughter cut out the pattern, pinned it to the material and set out to sew the seam together.   She did a really good and fast job.  She had the skirt all cut out and ready to put together by the afternoon.   She never said much while doing any of the sewing chores.  She just seemed to be enjoying it and was quiet while she was learning, (I thought).

After we ate lunch, she sewed the whole skirt together, put the band on it and even got that zipper installed just perfectly.

Then she sat downstairs on the floor, leaning against her bed while she sewed the hem by hand.  After she was all through, I asked her if she wanted to try it on.  She said, ‘no’.  Then she handed me the skirt and said, ‘don’t ever ask me to do that again.’

With that, she turned and put all the ingredients away.  I left the room because I didn’t want her to see me laughing.  And I’m still laughing about it all.  She did what I asked and did it graciously.  She didn’t complain.  She didn’t fuss.  She didn’t even tell me she didn’t want to do the sewing.   But she, like me, did not have any interest in sewing.

Guess I had to learn that one the hard way.  As I said, I’m still laughing about it.  But I never did ask her to do that again.  And she never showed any interest whatsoever in sewing of any kind.  She never wore the skirt and as far as I know, she never even tried it on.

Oh well, everybody has different interests.  Such is life.   I have a lot of memories that make me laugh.  Such fun.  Wouldn’t have missed my part for the world.