21 06 2012

The privilege I speak of is that of God allowing me to be a mother.  He has so blessed me every day of my life, but the greatest blessing I have had is that of being a mother.  He could never have given me anything  I would have appreciated more.  I have had a wonderful life just being a mother to all these great kids.

It is such a great privilege to be able to teach them every day.  And to see them grow and learn the niceties of life.  Manners are so important.  It is easy to see which people have been taught this.  And then, respect for others is all important also.  That is another thing very easy to spot in this day.  Children dumped on someone else to teach them these things have obviously not been taught.

No one teaches as well as that mother who cares for her child.  

So, if you have an opportunity to stay home and take care of your children, by all means do just that.  I know it is not an exciting life.  Everyone knows it is far more important in today’s world to bring home a paycheck.  But the paycheck is not nearly as important as seeing your young man hold a door for an elderly person or hearing your young daughter answer with a ‘Yes Ma’am’ when asked a question.   These are gifts that no one else can give your children.  

Childhood doesn’t really last very long.  Take the opportunity to be with your children every day in their young lives.  Then you can spread your wings and become that all important person you might have been had it not been that God had other plans for you.

He sure did for me and I am very grateful that He was so much smarter than me.  Thank You Dear God for this great privilege of being a mother to my children.  Thank You again and again.