8 06 2012

I can never thank God enough for giving me so much happiness and pleasure in my life here on this earth.   I have just had a wonderful time.  Of course, like everyone else, I have certainly had my share of troubles and sorrows.  But in giving me such a large family, God has made certain that I was always covered up with happiness and love.

And that is what makes the difference, that love shared by everyone.  We never did sit around and hug and kiss all the time.  My mother once told me that if you help each other and enjoy being together, then you are showing your love and it is not necessary to hug and kiss all the time. We never even said the words ‘I love you’ when I was growing up.  That really wasn’t the thing to do until the 1960’s crowd came along anyway.  And then they seemed to need that constant reminder of the hug – those big group hugs for example – for some reason.

I had a long span of motherhood.  My first child was born in 1954 and the last in 1968 so I had a lot of years to enjoy my children.  Even while the older ones were growing up and moving on to their own lives, I still had that constant of small children and was looking forward to lots of fun.

Things I remember are such as standing in the sleet and snow watching my youngest son play football.  Oh, what fun!  And he was only about 10 years old at the time anyway.   After that, he didn’t play on that particular football team anymore that year.  Surely someone should have enough sense not to make those young boys play in the sleet and snow.  Nor have their parents standing on the sidelines watching.  What happened to common sense.

And then another time when my youngest daughter brought home a note from the school cheer teacher saying that she would make all decisions regarding my child’s participation in cheerleading.  I read it over twice and then told my daughter that I didn’t raise her up to give her to someone else.  And I was not signing that paper.  She didn’t even question my decision, just walked off happily and went on about her business.

Now, my decisions were not popular, no doubt about that, but I did the best I knew how every single day of my life.  I am still doing that.  And I think I have made good and correct decisions many times over.  My children were my first priority.  I didn’t care what the sport was or what the occasion was.  Right is right and that is how I make my decisions.  There is no well maybe, perhaps or we’ll see.  I just made the decision and went on to something else.

And somehow, some way, my children grew up to be happy, well adjusted adults.  Now they are the ones making those decisions and I am glad it is them and not me.  My children got to do a lot of things while growing up.  We participated in almost everything having to do with their schooling.  But just because someone said they needed to do something special did not mean that we agreed.  Such is life and my children knew that we kept their well-being uppermost in our mind. And if we said No, we had a good reason.  In other words, they respected us and as a result, they did not argue about our decision.

As I said, I am so grateful to Almighty God for having blessed me with this large family.  It certainly was not in the plans I had made for my life, but I’m so glad I let God take over and run my life.  He sure did a great job!

Thank You Dear God for helping me with my decisions.