3 06 2012

When I was growing up, my father worked at night. Of course we kids went to school during the day, so we hardly ever saw him.  Sometimes we would see him in the car as he left home right after three in the afternoon and we would be hurrying home from school.  Except for his day’s off, we hardly ever got to see him.  But we were still a very close knit family.

My mother was there and  my grandmother always and we ate our dinner together and did our homework together and listened to the radio together.  Then when Daddy was home, we still did those same things together.  Always together.  This was what a family did.

Of course we only had one car and my mother would use it once a week to buy her groceries and pay her bills or do any shopping she had to do.  Otherwise, we really didn’t have any place we had to go.  So we stayed home and enjoyed our home and our family.  Thank You, Dear God, for the example of that family!

When I married and began my own family, we lived this same sort of life. My husband was one of those traveling salesmen and was gone a great deal of the time.  My kids and I still spent time together.  We ate together, we watched television together and we visited with each other quite often.  So my own children grew up with that example in their lives also.  Each of them now has their own families and although some of them travel for a living, they still make a point of being there when possible.   And those families spend that precious time together.  They eat together, they watch television together, they visit with each other often, and they truly enjoy being together.  This is what families do.

I had a lot of children so when it was time for dinner, they all knew they better be in the house and ready to eat at a certain time.  Then we all stood together at the table, each one behind their chair,  while we said our Blessing before the meal.  We had to stand to do this.  Otherwise, we might have forgotten our prayers.  Or we wouldn’t have all started eating at the same time.  So this worked very well for us.

During our meal, we caught up on all the latest news from the neighborhood and the schools and the friends, and whatever else was going on in our lives.  We all relaxed together and enjoyed our dinner.

All these things are some of what makes up a real family.  In today’s world, so many people do not take the time to be a real family.  Please try to be a family in your home.   No matter what, your children must know what constitutes a real family.  They must grow up realizing that this closeness, this sharing of time and conversation, this being together wherever and whenever is what a family is supposed to be.  How can they have a family life if they don’t know what that is.

Help your children to grow up to be family oriented.  Then you, too, can say ‘Dear God:  Thank You For Family’  For this is the most important element in this world anyway.  Take advantage of it every day and enjoy your family life and your family members every day as much as you can.  They will soon be gone to have their own families.  Help them to be successful in their endeavors.  And to thoroughly enjoy their lives.

To be surrounded by the love of a real family is the greatest gift of all.