1 06 2012

In this past week’s Human Events magazine, the cover story if about Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl who has been a prisoner in Afghanistan for 3 years – 3 YEARS!!

The story goes on to tell that he is mostly passed over.  He was supposed to be part of a prisoner exchange at one time but that didn’t happen and he has been there in prison ever since. It would seem to me that someone, somewhere could have enough influence to get this young man out and home again where he belongs.

I know if I was his mother, I would probably have learned how to walk across that ocean or flapped my arms so that I could fly over there to get my young son and bring him home.

It is said that one person can make a big difference, so this is your chance – write an email to your Senator or your Congressman or your President or anyone else you think might make a difference in this issue.  Just one email from thousands of people could make a huge difference you know.  And then maybe Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl could  be brought home.

Dear God:  Bring this young man home.  NOW  Please!