11 05 2012

I can never Thank God enough for the fact that I have such a wonderful family and can enjoy them all so much.  I am a very fortunate person.

When I was growing up, I never even liked kids at all.  They always just got in my way.  Never babysat except one time and went to sleep that one time and the people got furious with me.  Never did that dumb thing again. If I wanted to make money, I got other jobs besides watching kids.  That was really boring to me.

I was planning on having one of those careers that everyone talked about.  I was going to really have a great life ahead of me.  I was an excellent secretary of the day and could manage people and things very well.  Had a great job waiting for me the day I got out of high school.  I was on my way!

And then this guy came along and messed it all up for me.  I got married instead of a career.  Worked a few years and then started a family.  By that time, I was really ready.  Because of medical problems, I could not carry a child before this time.  So after surgeries, I was able at last to begin a family.  And boy, did we ever.  We had that first child and then a couple of years later, another one came along and then another year later, here came another one and then another year later, another was on the way.  I had 4 children and the oldest was 5.  Was I ever busy, too.  And loved every minute of it, every day, everything I did.

I thought the life of a stay at home wife and mother to be the best life possible. I had a lot of fun during those growing up years with my own preschool/kindergarten.  If I ever wanted to be important in my life, I certainly was now.  I could tell that because there was a constant, ‘Mom, Mom, Mom’ all day every day.

I learned how to cook to feed them all and I learned how to pinch that penny when there weren’t many of them to be had.  And I learned how to balance my time and how to organize everyone and how to keep them all healthy and reasonably happy. And after I learned some of that, here came some more of those same type children along the way.   We had a house full of fun and work and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

So glad that God gave me this life that I could never have imagined.  Never even crossed my mind that I would live this sort of a daily life.  How could I have possibly known what was best for me.  But God did.  And He put me right smack dab in the middle of it. And I am so glad and forever happy that He did.

Thank You Dear God for letting me be one of those Mothers.    Happy Mother’s Day everyone.  May God bless you as much as He has me.




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