16 04 2012

There are so many things going on in my life right now.  Makes me almost overwhelmed so I try not to think about all the individual things and instead focus on the big picture and just know that I will do the best I can in my life every day.  And I also know that God is always with me and holds me by the hand and walks with me all the way.   So I try to remember to Trust in Jesus and get on with whatever needs to be done.

Right now, there are too many issues to even remember.  One family member having trouble with his eyesight. Several grandchildren graduating this spring and more in December.  And they are all going their separate ways and beginning their own lives.  Several of my families are on vacation or going on vacation or just coming home from vacation.  It is hard to remember who went where and when they went and when they are coming back.

And then we have weddings coming up and that calls for showers and presents and all that good stuff.  In between all that is Mother’s Day and more birthdays and lots of family together times.  I love those.  They are always such fun.  We all have a great sense of humor and use it to our best advantage.  It is always fun and lots of laughter.  And we truly love each other and it shows through on our every occasion to be together.  God has truly blessed me in this family.

Right now, there are a couple of medical issues going on in the family and those, too, will be addressed when it is time and we have to live through them.   Once again, I try to make myself Trust in Jesus and put my hand in His and walk with Him every step of my way.  Always something going on.  I just try to keep my head on straight and my memory intact  (and that ain’t easy to do sometimes).

Meanwhile, I have been praying just as hard and fast as I possibly can.  Need lots of prayers just to keep going some days.  But I will do just that.  No matter what comes down the pike.

One particular prayer that I meditate on is the Chaplet of the Infant Jesus.  This is just a small Rosary.  The first three prayers are said with one Our Father for the Infant Jesus, one for The Blessed Virgin Mary, and one for St. Joseph.  Then a Hail Mary prayer is said on each of 12 beads while meditating on Jesus’ life as a Child.  I say the first one while thinking of Mary sitting in a chair holding her Infant Son, the second also holding  the Child but he is about 2 years old now.  The third one of Jesus about the age of 3 kicking his feet on the chair while sitting with His Mother.  Then the fourth one with the Child Jesus fidgeting just a little more.  At age 5, He is standing beside the chair swinging on the arm;   age 6, He is walking away but looking back at His Mother.  Then age 7, He is walking further away and no longer looking back.  Age 8, He turns once again to look back and then age 9, He is at the top of a hill hurrying to see what is on the other side.  The other side is all downhill with 3 figures waiting for Him.  I assume this is The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit.  The Child hurries down the hill towards them.  Now, I have no idea exactly where these pictures in my mind come from nor why I have them.  I just thoroughly enjoy the depictions while I meditate upon them and say those Hail Mary prayers.   And somehow, after I have been there and said those prayers, things are just a little bit better for me.

Years ago, when I was having some particularly awful difficulties an elderly lady at my parish church told me to pray to the Child Jesus.  She said that He would always answer my prayers.  I had a lot of occasions to do that and I always remembered her words.  And you know what – He really does answer those prayers over and over again.

So I am so grateful to pray to the Infant Child Jesus and to know that He does hear me.  Dear God:  Thank You for the Child Jesus.  What a blessing this is.