9 04 2012

There is so much talk these days about kids bullying.  Made me think of things that happened when I was in school a long time ago.  For instance, there were notebooks called opinion books.  They would be banned today I am sure.  It was an ordinary notebook with your name on the front.  This was so everyone knew it belonged just to you. Every kid in the class had a page all their own.  Then you passed that notebook around to all your friends.  They could then write anything they wanted to about you or your friends.   And then they would pass it on to someone else.  So if anyone did not wish to sign their name, you would not know who had written in your opinion book.  Eventually, your book would come back to you and you could then see what everyone thought of you and everyone else.   Sometimes, it could really hurt your feelings, but it was all o.k.  No one really seemed to notice much.  Just something kids did.

Then there was my algebra class in 9th grade.  The teacher put us in smart to dumb rows after the first couple of weeks.  If you made A’s, you were in the first row, B’s was the second row, etc.  The children who made D’s and F’s were in the final row.  When the teacher began her lesson for the day, she would stand right over the children in the dumb row.  That way, she could watch what they did on their particular sheets of paper during class.  The dumb row kids learned some algebra but it cost them to do so, I am sure.  Nothing was ever said about this one either.

Then I had a stupid, really stupid teacher who particularly liked the girls.  All the girls avoided him as much as possible because he was considered to be pretty weird.  For instance, he would tell a girl when she needed to shave her legs.  Or tell another one she needed to wear a different color lipstick. One day, he told me to go into the bathroom and look in the mirror and try to figure out what was wrong with my smile.  I went to the bathroom, looked into the mirror for the whole class time and never did see anything wrong with my smile.  When I came back to the classroom, he asked me about it and I told him that I didn’t see anything wrong.  He then laughed and said I had a crooked smile.  Really a weirdo.  I never have seen anything wrong with my smile yet and no one else has either evidently.  If so, they haven’t told me about it.  But he was allowed to teach for many, many years.

Of course there were always those bully boys that picked a fight with everyone.  They were on the playgrounds and in the alleys and on the streets around the school where there was always a fight in the afternoons.  Some boys went screaming for home after getting a black eye or a bloody nose.  And then the next day, it would all happen again with someone else.  My own children talk of the fights after school and how many there are each day.  But no one seems to do anything about it.  It usually just included the boys.  Very seldom was a girl involved.  Guess it is still the same according to what I hear.

Don’t like it.  Don’t think it is necessary and looks to me like the school officials or the police could do something about some of this.  Meanwhile, guess I’ll just get another opinion book going.  Haven’t done that in awhile.  Might be interesting to find out what people think about me now that I have grown up.  I’ll think about that one.  Maybe some of my friends would like to have their names in my opinion book.  That would sure enough be fun.