8 04 2012

I was writing about those feminists yesterday.   You know they also gave us that wonderful Freedom of Choice that is purported to have solved all the problems in this here world.  Oh yeah!  Supposedly all the young women could choose whether or not they wanted to have children.  That way, they could have that wonderful sought after career and get all dolled up every day and have to go to work.  And they could choose when they wanted to have those children.  But nowadays a lot of them wait too late and then moan and cry because they are truly barren.  What a shame.

Well, I have some news for them.  I already had that choice for years.  My husband and I made that choice together in our bedroom.  We didn’t need any courts to tell us that was our choice.  We worked it all out with God and our choices were made for us by Him.  That way, we weren’t burdened by trying to plan every facet of our lives.  We were very responsible people and God knew all that.  He chose when and if to give us more children. We happily accepted whatever He gave us into our lives and always had a very happy life.  We didn’t think we missed out on a single thing.

But nowadays, these younger people all think they have to plan and plan and plan some more.  They really think they are in charge. They don’t know that if they would quit planning so much and trying to run everything, that God is just waiting for them to accept Him and to invite Him into their lives and then they would not have to plan everything themselves.  All that planning would be done for them and God would make sure that they survived just fine.

Isn’t it really amazing that those who put their trust in God don’t seem to be all worried all the time about how to live each day.  They are not always trying to stay one step ahead of  the daily grind.  Somehow, things always manage to work out o.k. for them.  And, as Rick Santorum has recently stated, ‘Get married first and then have children’.  That way, things will certainly work out much better.

If there are no ties that bind, then there will be no binding promises made.  There will be nothing to hold each other together as a family, so then one of both decide that they will just leave and leave the other person tied down with the  children.  If there were those ties that bind, everyone would stay put or they should stay put while they work out any problems and develop that  true and everlasting family.  All anyone has to do is live by the rules.

Place your life in God’s hands.  Let Him be the one who leads and guides you along. Ask for His help when you need it and thank Him for the help he gives to you.  And then live the most honest life that you can.  Don’t lie, cheat or steal.  Don’t curse God.  Don’t hurt others.  Stay true to each other. Don’t envy everyone else. Just settle down in your life and thank God for his many blessings.  And then get on with your life, whatever it may bring today, tomorrow and all the next tomorrows.  Somehow, some way, God will plan and work out everything for you just like it should be done.  You can count on that for sure.

So that Freedom of Choice was always there anyway.  You are free to make all your own choices.  We didn’t need some feminists to plan all that for us.  If we marry as we should and live as we should, there won’t be any problems to have a Choice over.  Try it.  It works every single time.  I know.  I have lived through lots and lots of trying times and still manage to somehow laugh at life and live a very good life.

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