7 04 2012

In the 1950’s which was truly a wonderful time for just about everybody, things were o.k.  We lived in an 800 square foot house with three children and didn’t even realize how cramped we were.  We had such a nice time.  The kids played outside all day every day.  We had picnics in the backyard.  They and all their neighborhood friends played in the sandbox that Dad  built.  I ran that washer every single day.  When the local gas company offered a deal of $3 a month to everyone who bought a gas dryer, I was one of the lucky ones on that issue, too.  They had to run a gas line out to my garage in order to install the dryer, but it was truly, truly wonderful.  That meant I had to carry the wet clothes outside through the back yard to the dryer in the garage.  And I didn’t mind that one single bit.  Life was very nice at that time.

Then we all had the Hong Kong Flu which about killed us, but we were still very happy people. My husband had a sales job and the salesmen were making more money that just about anyone in the area.  All the men in our neighborhood were traveling salesman.  We ladies watched out for each other and thoroughly enjoyed our every day lives.  Note – we were all stay at home moms on purpose.

Then those Feminists came along a few years later and gave us all those wonderful benefits we didn’t even know we ever wanted.  And sure enough, we didn’t.  They gave us the right to go to work every day.  Who wants that!    Certainly not anyone I knew.

They gave us the right to have an abortion.   Who wants that!  Certainly not anyone I knew.

They gave us the right to be smarter and more smart aleck than our husbands.  Who wants that!  Certainly not anyone I knew.

And then we could compete with our husbands!  Oh yes.   And lots of people got divorces over that one issue.   No one I knew wanted that one either.

Those feminists marched, hollered, yelled, and whooped it up.  They chanted and ranted and generally caused a lot of noise and trouble.  They even got that glass ceiling broken.  Who wanted that one either!  If I had a glass ceiling, I would just have to clean it!

They gave us the right that every single woman had to get a college education so she could get a good job.  Before them, there were a lot of jobs out there that did not require a college education.  A lot of women could work from their home doing part time secretarial work or insurance work or other things like that.  I know, I did that myself, drawing a decent hourly wage and working in that dab of typing along with cooking, cleaning, and loving my children.

And then they gave us all the right to get to buy and pay for our own cars.  Who wants that!  Before that, our husbands bought and paid for those new cars.  Or used cars. Or whatever as long as it had 4 wheels and a key.  And it moved forward.  We didn’t have to go in the car much so it really didn’t matter.  Until they gave us that right to drive all the time.  After them, we were on a constant treadmill of driving children and driving ourselves nuts.

By that time, we didn’t have many neighborhood schools anymore because we didn’t have much in the way of neighborhoods anymore.  All those happy moms had to go to work to satisfy all those changes. So the houses were all empty every day because the moms were at work and the children were in the daycares or care centers of some kind.  And following that, everyone had to send their children to kindergarten because they couldn’t wait until first grade to learn to start reading and writing.  Everyone was on a fast track now.  It was so important that the children  needed to know so much before age 6.  Why.  Because they said so, of course.

And of course prices increased because most households now had two salaries.  In case you don’t remember the saying – prices always rise to meet income. And that is so true.  So prices went up.  That $10,000 house now costs approximately $150,000.  And it is still the 800 square foot house that is cramped.  Only now it is a lot older.  But those modern people all knew they were smarter.   Oh Yeah!

So, thanks to the feminists, we all progressed or regressed depending upon your point of view.  Mine is regression.  Terrible regression.  And for what!  Nothing!  Except hard nosed loud women.

So, Dear God:  Thanks to the Feminists, we all got a good dose of change of life.  What a shame!




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