6 04 2012

I have read so much and heard so much lately about our rights that are being affected by the mandates with the insurance plans directed at us, that it makes me wonder just how everyone must feel.  As I have stated before, women have been targets for a good long while now.  My mother and grandmother were able to stay at home and do their primary job of taking care of family.  They also took care of neighbors if necessary and other families if necessary and all their relatives if necessary.  My father and grandfather and all uncles and other male relatives expected to go to work every day and make a living for all those at home.

Those at home might have included mothers, fathers, aunts, cousins, wives and children.  No matter, it was a way of life.  Women stayed home and took care of their primary jobs and men went out into the world and took care of their primary jobs.  And for the most part, everyone was pretty happy.

I have always blamed part of women’s problems on the automatic washer.  When that came out, women were no longer expected to spend a whole day a week doing the family wash.  And after the permanent press fabrics arrived, she didn’t have to spend another whole day a week ironing all those clothes for the family.  This left her with enough free time to actually watch that new fangled television set or to take her children for a walk or even to visit with a neighbor down the street.  This was a new freedom for most women.  And it was truly wonderful. Because, you see, the woman in the home is her absolute and positive own boss.  She can decide every facet of her life just to suit herself.  She might not decide to get dressed until noon if she wants.  And she might not have to wash dishes until she wants to.  And she can make up her own mind as to when and what she needs to do that day or the next or the next.   The results are all that matter.  As long as her home is clean and her children are clean and everyone is well fed and happy, then she is doing a great, grand and wonderful job as the wife and mother in her particular family.  She is free to cook what she wants to when she wants to.  And she can grocery shop when she wants to also.

Nowadays, some women are so cramped for time that they have very little choice about their lives.  They MUST cook this because of the time element.  They MUST grocery shop when they can squeeze in the time.  They MUST get up and at it early every morning, having no real time for themselves.  But then, they have been told and trained to be career women.  And someone forgot to tell them that they really had a primary job at home that should have and would have come first if they didn’t have to have a career.

But then, that is the way the world turned back then.  And now all young women think they have to  have a college degree in order to run out and get that all important job.  Then they can hurry to work every day and do whatever and whenever someone else tells them what to do.  At home, they could have done whatever they wanted to do whenever they wanted to do it.  But then, they wouldn’t have had that all important career.  Oh Darn!   Who cares anyway.

Except that the women of today think they must have that self -esteem packed away all safe and sound.  They have to have that competing language and that all important position in life.  I just wonder to myself how many young women would really rather stay at home and do their primary job.  How many of them would really rather just be a wife and mother if they had the chance.  I just wonder if the truth were known how many of them would gladly choose that primary job of caring for their husband and children over and above all that career choice.

Wouldn’t it be fun to  get up every morning and just be yourself every day all day long.   Wouldn’t it be fun to watch your children grow up instead of hustling them off to a daycare so that someone else can have this great lasting joy.  It would not be necessary to have a field trip every day.  Nor to be constantly hovering over your children.  It would be so wonderful just to let them be children and you be a mother and a friend and a wife to your husband.  Oh, that would be just great.

If only the truth were known.