5 04 2012

Since I am a thinker, I have been thinking of Our Lord Jesus Christ on this day and all that He endured for all of us.  I am most certainly not a theologian of any kind and cannot think as such.  But I have a deep, inner feeling towards Jesus and what He endured.  In the Catholic Church on this night, Jesus’ Last Supper is remembered and celebrated.  This is when He offered up His Body and Blood for all of us.  And then we, as Catholics are still so privileged to be able to receive His Body and Blood all these centuries later.   How fortunate we all are.

After the supper, Jesus went into the garden to pray.  He suffered there, too, because He knew what was waiting for Him.  In fact, it is written that His Agony was so great that His sweat became as drops of blood upon His brow.  He was then arrested and suffered that long, long night.  He was beaten unmercifully with His flesh being torn from His Body.  And then He was ridiculed with that cape upon His shoulders, the reed in His right hand, the slap upon His face and that Crown of Thorns upon His head.  Dear God, Forgive us all, Please.

After that, He was forced to carry that heavy cross and was beaten when He fell.  He met His Mother along the way and that meeting was horrible for both of them.  Forgive us once again, Dear God.

And then, He was nailed to that cross.  His  cross was lifted up and He hung there all the live long day.  Until 3:00 when He gave up His Life.  His Mother was forced to watch Her Son die that day.  Then She held Him in Her Arms until He was placed in that tomb.

Dear God:  Please forgive us all what we have done to you.

But then on that third day, He rose from the dead.  And we all have so much to be thankful for that He suffered for our many sins and opened the doors to Heaven for all of us.

Thank You, Dear God.  Thank You.  Help us that we might not offend You any more in this world.



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