4 04 2012

Ever since the so-called women’s movement began, women were relegated to the not so lofty station of ‘women’.  Before that, there were ‘women’ and there were ‘ladies’.    Women were the type who were out in the world causing trouble wherever they went.  And they still are.  Ladies were thought of as above all that.  They held themselves to a higher station and maintained their dignity in all situations.  They would not dare to shout or to cause trouble or to be in the middle of the so-called ‘fray’.

Instead, they accomplished much but they just went about it in a very dignified way.  For instance, if the community needed a particular item, they would raise money and community support by simply talking to their friends and the members of the business community.  And they would always reach their goal.  But they did it all quietly and efficiently.   They never found it necessary to make a scene nor to be a bully.  Women on the other hand were always making a scene and being a bully in whatever happened to be the situation.

The women made fun of the ladies most of the time.  They talked about their clothing and their manners and their status in life.  In most cases, this was because the women did not have the dress up clothing nor manners nor a status in life. Instead they banded together to simply bully their way through any situation.

Personally, I’ll take the good old fashioned lady any day over the loud mouthed trouble causing women of today.   A lady goes about her business, taking care of her family and doing whatever is necessary in her life to keep all her loved ones happy.  She is perfectly happy doing what she is supposed to be doing without telling everyone else how to live and what they should believe in today’s world.

It is refreshing to see a lady who teaches her children those important manners and provides the comfort in her home for her family and her friends.  She is satisfied in her daily life and makes those around her happy in their daily lives.  She may have a job, that is true.  But she doesn’t use that job to beat everyone over the head with.  She doesn’t find it necessary to be that bully in any situation.

Dear God:  Thank You For The Ladies in all our lives in today’s world.