3 04 2012

Have you noticed all the younger women who are hooked on Social-ism?  I have.  I am not talking about the political word Socialism.  I am talking about those young mothers of those young children who think they have to be Social in this world  of today.  So many of them chase after the ‘belonging’ to a certain crowd or a special club or the right friends.  And they all think this is the answer to whatever it is they want in this world.

These young mothers all want what is put before them.  They would risk their very life just to have their picture in the right place and to pose with the right person.  Why.    This is all empty.  The so-called Social life is an empty promise for everyone.  But most of the younger ones do not realize this.

I was brought up on dances and teas and all those other proper social avenues.  I had the right friends and went to all the right places.  And then I turned my back on all of it.  I could see how empty it was.  The women who were so involved were chasing something that did not exist.  It did not matter to me what anyone had or where they went or who they were with.  It was the person who was important to me.  It was their very being that made me want to be their friend or to reject them as a friend.  I was not interested in all the Social-ism.

It was not the end of the world in my house if the children did not have a name brand shirt or a haircut like everyone else had. It was more important to develop that inner child, that personality that would carry them through their life.  I want always for my children to be honest, upright, good citizens.  I wanted for them good morals and happy lives.  I did not teach them to be ‘somebody’.  I wanted them to be that someone they could be proud of as they grew up.

When I see those mothers chasing after that empty air for their children, I want to remind them that all those ‘things’ are not what are necessary in this life.  It is the person inside all those ‘things’ that matters.

I, too, can  put on my silk blouse and my perfect shoes and beautiful skirts or pants and go out to lunch with all those Social-ism ladies. I can still be seen in all the right places with the right people.   But I would rather be home and fix lunch for my husband and youngsters.  I would rather be called ‘Mom’ by all of them than to be somebody important out there in the big world.  And I still feel that way.

All those who are chasing after that empty sack of promises need to know that it is not what you have but what you are inside that makes the difference.  And that will always be true.  Social-ism or not.