2 04 2012

I hear people talking every day about how bad things are in this world.  With all the stealing and lying and half truths and murders and pornography and disrespect of everyone in authority and adultery and torn up families and turning their backs on God, the world is in a real mess.  There is little doubt about that.  Some people are even to the point of wringing their hands and bemoaning the fact of wonder what is going to happen to all of us if this sort of behavior continues.

But – people don’t realize that most of these horrible, disgusting problems have been going on for years.  In the case of stealing for instance, look at how long some of those in power have been stealing.  And just think of all the years they were able to hide their terrible crimes against others.  And in the case of lying, people have been telling the same lies for many, many years and getting by with it all.  The murders might have happened ten or more years ago.  I just read of one that was recently solved because of the DNA found four years after the crime was committed.  And in another case, a body was found ten years after the person was murdered.  The police were able to arrest the murderer within just a few hours.  And look how many stories are in the newspapers every day about those who have lived their whole lives off the backs of others.  They are being caught now.

How many times do you read of hear on the television or radio about the adultery that has been going on for many, many years, particularly with those whose lives are very prominent.  In the case of pornography, most cases reported began many years ago and the evidence is just now being found.

So it seems to me that God is just now cleaning out his house.  He is making all those wrongs right.  And he lets no one hide anymore.  They cannot hide their misdeeds and horrors from His light anymore.  He is permeating all the corners of this earth.  You can see that everywhere you look if you will just look.  How about the many people who have been murdered in the name of one regime or another.  Those rulers are being called to task right now. No more hiding.  No more assuring the world they are really good people deep down in their hearts.  Bull!  Some are horrible and it is being seen every single day.

I don’t know about you, but I am thrilled to see the reports on whoever or whatever is being found out today.  Hooray!  The criminals are being stopped dead in their tracks.  God is cleaning His house right now.   Just watch and see.  If you pay attention, you can see it and I personally am giving thanks every day to Almighty God for cleaning His house.

Thank You Dear God For Cleaning House.  I can hardly wait until it is all accomplished.