1 04 2012

Have you happened to notice the high pitched almost scream that most babies to age 5 exhibit these days?  I can almost hear them in my sleep.  I know when I was raising all my children, they each had a particular sound.  They did not all sound alike all the time.  But today’s littlest ones all have the same shriek.  And it almost echoes off the walls of the grocery store, the local WalMart, and even in church.

This particular sound comes from the fact that they are all lumped together in the day cares and the preschools.  As they play outside on the playground together, you can hear this particular sound.  It doesn’t matter if it is boys or girls, they all still sound the same.  If you get a chance, listen and you will recognize it everywhere you go.

I was in church last night and a 3 year old was acting up a couple of pews in front of me. It wasn’t that in particular that bothered me. (I have had children who acted up in church before, so I know exactly how that mother felt).  But it was the fact that the little girl had that piercing scream all the time.  She had a pacifier in her mouth and every few moments, she would shift it to the side of her mouth and utter that scream.  It seemed almost necessary to her.  I assume she probably does that along with all those other children in her class wherever she is dumped for the day. Now I know there are single mothers everywhere these days and they must work to provide.  But that is simply not the way to live.  It is far, far better to get married and then have children and then take care of them as individuals.  Not lumped together dumped somewhere.  After the children start to school in first grade, then the mother can go out into the working world but not unless she just absolutely has to.

You know, the real problem in every household in this country is not that there is not enough money and thus financial problems. It is not that everyone is so harassed and hurried.   It is that those poor children never have any opportunity to just stay home and be themselves.  They are regulated and motivated by others than their families constantly.  They do not know what it is like to have a serene, quiet day at home with just their mother and father.  Please, for God’s Holy Sake, give these poor children a chance at a normal life.  The only way they will get that is if the Mother stays home and cares for them.

The women’s movement such as it was and is was and is a disgrace to most of mankind.  Women are the ones who are the stabilizers in the home.  They are the center of that existence.  They are the ones who are supposed to be there.  They are the ones who are the backbone of that family.  It is the husband’s place to make the money and provide for the family.  It is the mother’s place to do those little necessary things that make up everyone’s life.  She is the one who nurtures and cares for everyone.  She is the one who makes sure everyone is happy and  satisfied in their daily lives.

I know that ever since the 1960’s when those who thought they knew everything there was to know decided to tell us all how to live and what to do,  decided that every young mother needed to get out and get a job and make money and provide and still do her job as a mother and wife.  Well, it has always been my thoughts that she already had a job as wife and mother.  She didn’t need to have another one.  And as more women entered the work force, the salaries of the men seemed smaller all the time and the prices went up on everything and suddenly that second job for the wife was a necessity and not an extra.  So here we are.  If you don’t believe that, check on the money situations of the late 1940’s and early 1950’s when women stayed home and the husband made the money.

We now have these poor children who have no home life.  We have a worn out harried wife and mother working two full time jobs.  And we have a husband who is supposed to provide more and more although the money he makes goes around less and less.

Mother, go home and care for your family.  Father, do the best you can and provide all you can for that growing family.  And women’s movement, get out of the way.  People want to live a normal life again.  And family, work at being a family.  Try very hard to stay together and to provide that pleasant life for all.  You will be so glad you did.  Everyone will be glad you did.

Dear God:  Help these families of today.   They all need you, but those poor children need You the most of all.