IN THE 1940’S

23 03 2012

I was proofing my book, In The 1940’s this afternoon.  I am copying it – again – and going to put it on a flashdrive.   My thought is that when I become a rich and famous writer, my children will want to have it.  And so I have been copying all 6 of my books for posterity – or whatever it might be.  Anyway, I ran across a paragraph that I thought so appropriate for today’s world.

I was writing about how we would all go out in the car for a drive to treat Mother for a few hours.  And I said – ‘Of course we knew that our mother cooked, cleaned, sewed, and shopped for us.  While doing that, she also taught us all the morals we needed to know in order to live a good, honest, decent life.  We listened to what she taught us.  We did not refuse her discipline nor her teachings.  Gradually, she formed us into the people we would eventually become.  Hers was not an easy task.  The job of a Mother is not always appreciated.  It sometimes takes years to understand all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that a Mother so carefully fits into her children’s lives.  If done right, the mother’s job is a very precious commodity and one which simply cannot done by anyone else.’

Today, I saw a young mother taking her small child to the local daycare.  The mother quite obviously was not dressed for work.  Maybe she had important appointments today or something like that.  I would not know and will not judge.  But if she was just going shopping or playing today, then she should have been taking her young child with her or caring for that child at home.

So many children are regimented from the moment of birth.  They have no idea what it would be like to get up in the morning, take their time eating breakfast with their mother there to visit with them, and then playing with their toys while getting dressed for the day.  They should have nowhere they have to go.  Only home.  Only growing up for the day.  Learning those valuable lessons from their mother and knowing how important they are in her life.

I am always hearing about Hero stuff these days.  I think the most important heroes of today are those mothers who dare to stay home and actually take care of their families.  Those who learn to cook from scratch in order to save on groceries.  And doing their own washing, cleaning and other household chores.  Those who would dare to deny themselves the glory of having that wonderful high paying job and instead doing what they are supposed to be doing today.  Taking care of those children God has given them.  And providing that comfortable atmosphere called home.

I am not talking about mothers who ignore their children while playing on the computer all day or those who watch tv all day.  I am talking about that real Mom in today’s world.  The one who takes the time to listen to her children and be with them on a regular basis.  Those Moms who care and show that they actually care.

There is so much pressure on the family all the time.  If the mother can provide that stabilizing factor in the middle of her family, she has done an outstanding job in this world.  It is not necessary to take those children on outings every day.  It is not necessary to provide structured lessons while they are very young.  It is far more important to let them be children.  Let them grow up knowing they are loved and an important member of their own particular family.

And it is also very important that the Mother provide that loving atmosphere for her husband.  He needs to feel wanted and needed and comfortable in his own world. The wife is definitely the equal partner.  She just has a different job.  Totally different than anyone else.  She is the one who makes everything work together for the benefit of all the members of her family.  She is the real hero in life’s story.



22 03 2012

Do you remember that from when you were a kid?  I do.  Seems like someone was chanting that now and then at some other kid  Never knew why particularly, but still remember hearing it.

A Democratic Senator was speaking at a luncheon this past week and made the comment that the gas prices would go down just as soon as the election was over.  Now, I would like to know exactly how this educated, smart Senator could possibly know this.  He continued that it was all due to politics.  Again, how would he know that. Seems sort of fishy to me that he could stand before people and make this comment when supposedly the oil crisis which has resulted in higher gas prices is supposed to be strictly because of prices elsewhere in the world.  And blamed on the big oil companies of course.  So how could the Senator have any say about it at all.  Could it be that the Democrats have raised the prices in order to promote their energy policies so everyone will think that if we just go more to the green stuff, then gas prices will come down.

I note on the television news today that the Democrats are pushing the green ideas right now.  They think that if they channel the sun and the wind and whatever else they think they are in charge of, then they can control the world.  They have forgotten that God alone controls the wind and the sun and all the other stuff of this earth.  And He will be the Only One who will decide exactly what and when we will be able to use it.  As I have said in previous blogs, God is in complete control of His world. And He has provided for us up to this point.  What makes all these so-called smart people think they are in charge of anything.

In the 1920’s and 30’s, who could have even imagined the IPhone.  Who would ever have thought of the airplanes we fly on today or the cars we drive.  Who could have imagined the computers and the fact that I can write on this machine and you can read it today.

Watch who you vote for this year.  The Democrats are deliberately trying to destroy our way of life so they can run all our lives and tell us exactly how and when we should live.  As I have also written before in blogs, learn about Hitler and then watch what is going on in your world of today.  You would think he was back once again.  His policies certainly are.

Be sure and vote for the Republicans – all of them – in your area.  I will vote straight Republican this year and forever more.  Never vote for a Democrat again.  Certainly not for that one that says the gas prices will go down just as soon as the election is over.  And that leads to another blog tomorrow.



21 03 2012

Again, I ask, Why Abortion?  Why kill the innocent babies who cannot possibly defend themselves.  It just all seems ridiculous to me.  And yet, we are all a part of this horror.  We pay taxes every day of course – those of us who do.  And our money is given to those free clinics that perform these horrible abortions.  So, without realizing it, we are all a part of this terrible affront to Almighty God.  And we have no say in the matter.

Now, with the recent  uproar over birth control, I quite  definitely do not care if that young woman who testified before all the world that she needed her birth control pills paid for by the government has her pills paid for or not.   If she attends college, she is not destitute, so I really don’t know of any reason why she should need a handout for anything.  But that is her business.  And I couldn’t care less about her moral stature.  That, also is her business.  Certainly none of mine.

In this world of today, anything seems to go.  So I do not judge anyone for anything.  Have enough trouble keeping my head on straight some days, so don’t need to take on anyone else’s life.  When I meet my God some day, I want to be as clean as I can possibly be.  I want to be welcomed with open arms.  And for that reason, I try to live a good, clean, decent life.

I hope and I pray that this Democrat administration will be defeated when we all vote.  I hope and I pray to Almighty God that we can get back on a moral path like we used to be years and years ago.  Before all these weird and strange rules became our way of life.  Life used to be revered.  Now it is a joke.  Morals used to be something to be attained.  Now, they are another bad joke.  Anything goes.  Live any way you please.  That is the motto of  today’s  world.   At least that is what is reported on the news everywhere.

But that is not necessarily  true..  I know a lot of young people who live very good, decent lives.  They strive to be good citizens and want to have nice families and good marriages.  They still believe marriage is a one time man and woman relationship.  They still believe in having babies and taking care to raise them with good morals.  They still go to Church and believe in Almighty God.  They still are the backbone of this country.

Don’t let the media confuse you and make you think that everyone is out to lie or steal or live an indecent life.  That is simply not true.  There are a lot of very good people out here in this country.  And they hope to vote for  Republicans in November.  Hope you will, too.


20 03 2012

I assume that everyone knows that from the White House down, this is a pro-abortion administration.  I have never quite understood this.  Why would anyone in their right mind want to destroy an innocent unborn human being.  What motivation can they possibly have.  Nothing is worth the life of another human being.  So why pick on the unborn child.  It has always just been beyond me.

Years ago, I wrote a letter and sent it to a lot of relatives and friends.  It began – Believing that abortion is murder – and gave the reasons why I felt as I did – anti- abortion.  I was absolutely amazed and still am at the mindset of some of my friends and relatives.  Sure was an eye opener to me.  Most of us grew up together.  Why the change of heart on this one issue.  What would make someone think it was justifiable to kill another human being.

In the Ten Commandments which all religion is based upon – it says – Thou Shalt Not Kill.  It doesn’t say anywhere that it is alright to kill an unborn child.  It doesn’t mention anything about choice or lifestyle or unplanned pregnancy.  Nothing else but Thou Shalt Not Kill.  So, I would be very afraid that if I supported abortion or ever considered doing such a thing that I would have to explain my actions before Almighty God.  I don’t think I would want to do that – never.

I was told after the birth of my first child that I could not conceive again and would never have any more children.   I was o.k. with that.  Didn’t matter at the time. Figured this was my life.  So be it.  I planned on not having anymore children.   And guess what – I had a whole houseful.  And I loved every minute of it.  You just never know what God has in mind for you.  Never even considered I had a choice in this matter.  If I was pregnant – again – so what.  We never actually starved.  Sometimes grocery money was a little bit tight like almost not there, but somehow, someway, we always managed to eat alright.  And the clothes wore and wore sometimes, but no one ever thought much about it.  My sons were buying their own clothes at 14, having part time jobs.  And all my children were handling their own checking accounts at 15 because they all worked somewhere for someone and made enough money to warrant checking account.

Sometimes when I sat on the bed sick as a horse for the first 4 months, I would wish I wasn’t pregnant again.  But I was and that was really o.k.  I would get over this nausea eventually.  Surely I would.  And then when I started dilating early each time and had to do nothing for the remaining time of my pregnancy, that was o.k., too.  All my kids learned how to wash dishes, make beds, run the vacuum, dust, answer the telephone and take pretty good care of themselves.  Never hurt a single one of them.  And then when each baby was born, they were all there willing to help out again.  Made for a very nice family.  Everyone was very responsible.  Maybe that was what God had in mind.

No matter what it took though, we were all willing to accept that new  baby and welcome it into our lives and our hearts and our home.  Why in this world would anyone ever consider killing such a precious child.

Dear God, Help all those who would do such a thing.  They really need Your help.  Thank You.


19 03 2012

I am most definitely not a theologian, so I am not quoting the Bible.  I just remember from my childhood what I learned and how it has stuck to me like glue ever since.  I remember in the Sunday School Class that the teacher told us God had said that if you are heavy laden meaning if you have a heavy load to carry, that if you give it to Him, He will carry it for you.   And that load was not wood or bricks or anything like that.  It meant the load of your life like sorrow or problems or no money or whatever it was at the time.

I grew up in a Southern Baptist Church and attended Sunday School every week.  My parents did not attend Church because my father worked late at night.  But neighbors took us kids to the Sunday School every week.  I never did really fit in with the Baptist Church but I learned a lot there.  I learned all the stories that were appropriate from the Bible.  I could even recite all the Books of the Bible at one time.  By the way, I can also recite the Presidents of the United States that I had to learn as a Pledge in a Sorority later in my life.   See, not everyone can do that!

Anyway, getting back to that heavy burden, some of us can really relate to that one.  I know I can.  It seemed that those burdens came along pretty often and some of them were pretty heavy too.  In fact, I don’t know that I could ever have carried them on my own.  But I remembered those Sunday School Lessons and I did offer my burdens to God for Him to carry for me.  And He did.  Sometimes, I would wonder about it, but I knew in my heart that He did hear me and He did pick up those burdens and help me carry them.

And He still does that for me even today.  Some days are really hard.  This has not been a particularly good day for me.  I just couldn’t seem to get going from early this morning until after dinner.  Something was wrong all day.  Something to fix or something I forgot or maybe I forgot to fix.  Just was not a good day.  And once again, I just offered it up to God and He made it better.  Or at least livable.

Over my life, when things have been exceptionally bad, I learned to sit down with God and just talk to Him.  Sometimes I was able to go to Church to do this.  I eventually joined the Catholic Church and visit with God present in the Most Holy Eucharist every day if I can.  Other times, I just had to make a moment in my life to sit down at home and really talk with Him.  He is really there.  He is in my life.  He is listening.  It is just up to me to take advantage of these moments and let Him be in charge.  That ain’t easy to do sometimes.  But I have learned more over the years about letting go and letting God handle whatever might be the problem.  You know, this is a saying at the AA and Alanon about letting go and letting God.  And it works there, too.

That is all that matters anyway.  The fact that it does work and does help me in my daily life.  I am so glad I don’t try to solve everything on my own.  If I did, my life sure would be a mess.  Instead, I just lean on God and all things seem to eventually fall into line and every problem gets solved.  Might not be answered the way I would have done it, but the result is always what I needed and wanted.

So once again, Thank You Dear God for Your Promises.


18 03 2012

Well, I am right here looking at these various stacks of papers on my desk.  There is one of newspaper articles that I intend to use for writing blogs.  But don’t know what they say anymore.  Guess I’ll have to read all those newspapers again to find out.

Then I have another stack of file folders that I need to go through.  Some need replies and some need for me to order something – whatever it might be.  Then I have a few pictures on the back of my desk.  Important ones to me.  One of a daughter helping at school.  Another of a daughter in various photos.  Another of a friend and I.  Another item standing there is a book that tells me all the birthdays.  And I sure don’t want anything to happen to that one.  I have to look at it pretty often to make sure I don’t forget a grandchild’s birthday or an in-laws birthday.  Or one of my own children’s birthdays.  I also have all the figures written down telling how old everyone was in the year 2000.   That way I can just add up the years and maybe, just maybe I will get them all right.

Beside that is another stack of papers and folders together.  I guess this must be the most important stack of all but I am afraid to go through it.  It might just bite me.  Or disintegrate when touched.  Don’t have any idea what is in that one, but guess I will have to make myself go through it eventually.  Maybe in the summer on one of those hot nights when it is stuffy and we cannot go outside.  That would be a perfect time.  Will have to try to remember that one.

Next to this desk is a table with all sorts of things on it, machines of all sorts and new telephone books.  I don’t know where to put the telephone books as I have run out of room in all the drawers.  One of the drawers is crammed full of those free return address labels that I will probably never use.  But I don’t dare throw them away.  Might just need them sometime.  And they are free unless I want to donate to some organization.

And that reminds me to tell you that when you get old and lonely, just join an investment list or a charity list and you will get piles and piles of mail every single day.  Sometimes the postman can’t get it all in the mailbox.  But it makes going to the mailbox exciting every day.  Especially when desperation sets in.

And then of course I have to have a box of tissues just in case I should need them sometime.  And a tray of paper clips and rubber bands and all that other necessary stuff that makes for an office.  Have to have all that, you know.

Next I have another stack of important mail that I might answer sometime.  Or I might just throw it away.  That is why it is in a separate stack so I can make up my mind later – when I have had time to really know what I want to do with it.  I also order from catalogs using that stack. I put a catalog there with the pages turned down of stuff I like.  Then if I still like the stuff, I might order it in about a month.  If I don’t like it, I just throw the catalog away.  Works for me really well.

One year, I kept looking at this beautiful yellow raincoat.  And I looked at it for months.  Then, one day I decided I would actually order it.   So I turned the catalog to the turned down page and sat down at the telephone to dial.  Then I looked at the picture and under it, there was the total price.  This told me that I must have already ordered it.  Surely I wouldn’t forget having done that.  But then, I went to the coat closet and sure enough, there was the yellow raincoat with the tags still on it.  Now, that is really dumb.  But I had to be thankful that I didn’t order it a second time.  Who knows.  Might have.

Oh well, maybe tomorrow or the next day or the next day or the next week or the next month, I might just get around to going through some of these stacks of important papers.  Meanwhile, I’ll just fume to myself because I can’t see the top of my desk anymore.  Maybe by Easter.  Or maybe the Fourth of July.


16 03 2012

I have heard it said all my life that if you will just give yourself over to God, He will hold you tightly by the hand and lead throughout all your life.  That is a little hard to understand and even harder to swallow.  How can you just do that.  Who is going to really take care of you every single day.  Well, of course, that is not intended to tell you just to sit down and make yourself comfortable and then God will take care of you all the time.  Because more than likely, people forget the other side of that coin and that is that  God helps those who help themselves.  So, you see, you gotta’ do your part all the time, too.  If you expect God to take care of you every single day of your life, then you have to live your life to the very best of your abilities every day.  Simple tradeoff. And it does work.

My husband and I had a great marriage and several children.  And then alcohol sort of worked its way into his life and he became a different person.  And our marriage went downhill big time.  I knew nothing of his addiction and did not realize what the real problem was.  He hid his drinking so I knew nothing about it.  Never even suspected this was a problem in our life.

But he was only interested in one thing and that was the alcohol.  I was interested in having a nice life, raising great children, paying bills and living the way people are supposed to.  As time marched on, he became more addicted and thus less of a person.  Not interested in living that nice life, nor in paying any bills either.  And then, I finally realized what the problem was and that was the end of that.

Because of help from AA and Alanon, we were able to scratch our way to the surface once again.  At this time, I had a tiny baby as well as several other children.  I began stopping by the local Catholic Church every day if I had a car to drive and if it ran.  I would only stay a minute, but took all those children and stopped to tell God thank you for all that He had done for me in my life and to tell Him whatever was going on today.  And I did that over and over again, spending at least 10 to 15 minutes before His Presence every day. Just enough to keep me going.  I was determined to have that good life again and I knew that God would get me there.  I not only placed my hand in His Hand, but I offered everything in my life to Him.

Gradually, very gradually our lives turned around again.  And I knew in my heart that God was the One in charge.  He was the One who made it all happen.  We did come back to that good life once again.  My husband started his own business and became very successful.   We had several more children and paid off all bills and were never in debt again, ever.  We also were able to provide well for our children and live in nice homes and drive nice cars and wear nice clothing.

All this was because I turned my life over to God and gave Him the reins to lead me and guide me on. And He did.

I tell this story in my latest book, THE REAL STORY.  Not only is this story in there – and it is very interesting in its detail – but there is also a chapter about my father who came up from abject poverty to be one of the most powerful people in our State.  And it also tells the REAL story about the 1957 crisis at Little Rock High School in 1957 and this is not the story as sent out by the media.

All my books are $10 each plus $2 postage.  Order through Amazon or send check or money order to BET   P.O. Box 2249, Benton,AR  72018.   I also sell my books 3 for $25, same postage.    Thanks, Bet