29 03 2012

It is so hard to hear God knocking on my door sometimes.  I get so busy with so-called important things every day.  Have to get this done early in the morning.  Then have to get something else done before time to fix lunch.  And then something else before the kids are home from school.  And another chore before time to start dinner.  So, no time to listen for God knocking on my door.

But then, I remember that I have to make that time.  I have to learn to listen to those subtle little things in my life that tell me God is knocking on my door.  He is there waiting, always waiting for me to acknowledge His presence.  He wants to come into my life.  And when I remember to open the door for Him, He makes things just a little easier. He helps me with the chores I MUST get done today.  And He helps me to sing and laugh instead of fuss when things get rough around the edges.  And He helps me to remember those forgotten little things I need to do for everyone in the house to make them happier and more comfortable in their lives.  And then He is the One who helps me get those precious little things done.

I used to never even think about Him in my life.  I was too busy driving the car and taking everyone everywhere and trying to fit into my life all those people and all those chores.  But when I finally had serious medical problems and was forced to stop – then I learned to listen. I found that all that being so busy  really wasn’t that important.  It was the little things of life, the belonging to each other, the family visits, the family conversations around our table, those were the important things of life.  And God was still standing at the door waiting to be invited in.  Only when I learned to open that door wide and include Him in my daily life, did I learn that He was the most important element of all.

It was His coming into my life that changed everything.  He gave me the mental and physical strength to overcome everything that came my way.  I learned to stop and listen to what He was telling me in my everyday life.  I learned to wait for His answers before tackling everything on my own. I learned to give Him my hand and let Him lead me instead of just bulling my way through every situation.  And I am so glad I did.

I still listen to Him every day.  I still have that door wide open so He can come in anytime He pleases.  And I have a great life to show for it.  So, if you remember today, open your door to God and let Him come into your life.  Learn to listen for those little subtle things He whispers in your ear.  Learn to hear Him in spite of all that is going on around you.  Let Him lead you along your way in life.  You will be so glad you did.