28 03 2012

I was proofing my book In The 1940’s again today.  As I said before, I am going to put it on a flashdrive so my children can have it when I become famous.  Today, I was reading about the end of World War II.  So many people nowadays think we were wrong to drop the atomic bomb.  They don’t realize the situation as it was at that time.

Roosevelt had died and Truman  became President.  The War in Europe was now over and everyone was waiting for Japan to surrender.  My father was in the Philippines and  had written that the men were  being trained for an assault on Japan.  Now, my father had sight problems and was 40 years old.  He said he was being trained for hand to hand combat including weapons such as a  bayonet.  He couldn’t have found the enemy without his glasses.  So obviously they were planning to use all the men on an all out assault. He also said there was talk that the men from the European conflict were going to be sent directly to the Pacific Front as they would also be a part of this massive drive into Japan.

The United States asked Japan to surrender.  The answer came back an emphatic NO.  They would fight until the last man was dead.  They were then asked once again.  Again they refused.  So the first atomic bomb was dropped.  It was a horrible thing, no doubt about that.  And one which no one who remembers anything about any of that time would ever want to happen to mankind again.

After the bomb, the  United States asked once again for Japan to surrender.  This time, the answer was another emphatic NO.  So the second bomb was then dropped.  And that was the end of the War.

We have wars now and the reports are in the papers every day about 3 or 6 or possibly 10 people killed.  At the time of World War II, the numbers were in the hundreds every day and sometimes in the thousands.  The Okinawan invasion had just occurred and it was reported that the Ocean was turned blood red from the conflict.  So no one wanted to see anymore men die.  Not from the United States nor from Japan.  The world was through with that War. It was time for it to be over.  And it finally was – but only because those bombs were dropped.  If it had not been for those bombs, we might have had thousands and thousands more men killed.  And for what- to prove how important someone was.  Or how important they could become if they could just conquer the world.  Same things are going on today.  There are always people like that out there, just waiting to cause more trouble for everyone else.

But with today’s technologies, things are not quite the same and hopefully never will be again.  Instead of blaming the United States for dropping those bombs, everyone should be grateful that we had such a weapon in order to put an end to that terrible, horrible carnage.  As Americans, we all still pray to Almighty God to Grant Us His Peace, Please.  We all long for that peace in our lives.

This book of mine is very good and tells a lot of the history of the War working it into everyday life.  It is also full of humor as all my books are.  Remember, my books are only $10 each plus $2 postage or a grand total of $25 for 3.  Look them up on or on Amazon.  #2503 tells of growing up in the 1930’s and 40’s.  In The 1940’s tells of the life at that time in an ordinary family including father goes to War and all the ramifications of that.  Then The Wonderful 1950’s tells of the challenges of this changing world.  All of these books are suitable for anyone from 8 years old to 100.  Very enjoyable and fun to read.



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