27 03 2012

Makes no difference who is in charge in your home, the main ingredient is the love that is felt by everyone in the house.  You don’t have to be rich or even poor.  You don’t have to have all those material things that everyone talks about.  You don’t even have to have a very good place to live.  The most important ingredient – to say again – is the love felt in that home.

And it must be felt by everyone.  Each person should feel wanted and needed every single day of their lives.  Even if you get irritated or tired or sick, you should still be comfortable right here at home.  That is where the heart is as the saying goes.  And it is a true saying.  Home is definitely where the heart is.  So, when you get a chance beginning tomorrow, let everyone in your household know that you really do love them and you are glad they are there.  It may be your spouse or your children or a different relative. But make sure that everyone around you knows that – in spite of the world’s many problems and in spite of that blaring television set or that leaking faucet or whatever else is going on in your house – that everyone is loved and wanted every day.

It takes only one person to begin this feeling.  If you show that you love everyone, then others will follow in your footsteps.  This does not mean that you have to hug and kiss them all the time.  It just means that you smile often and talk nicely and make sure each person  knows they are needed in your life.  The other members of your family are the ones who make up that family.  So let all your family know that you love them.

And then Thank Your Dear God for the fact that you have a family to love in spite of whatever else might be going on.  Thank God that  you can tell them that you love them and that you are glad they are here with you.

And then Thank God for Loving You, just as I Thank Him for Loving Me.  His Love makes everything in my life o.k.  No matter what.  And for that, I am truly and absolutely most grateful.