25 03 2012

The Federal Reserve keeps announcing that they will keep interest rates at the lowest rates – EVER – in order to keep inflation down.  Well, hate to tell them but it isn’t working.  Never has, never will.  The head of the Federal Reserve has been saying this same rhetoric for several years now and it still isn’t working.  Have you bought groceries lately?  Someone needs to tell him what a box of cereal costs now or the price of a bag of chips or any other of those regular groceries.  And take a look at that gasoline price today.  More today than yesterday or the month before or even several years before.  Wonder why if keeping the interest rates down avoids all this inflationary jump in prices.  Maybe we need a new head of the Federal Reserve.  One who knows what is going on in this world of today.

And then I read of the unemployment figures for the month or week or whatever it was the last time I read it.  These numbers are supposedly down.   Not so.  Not so.  Instead, that drop is just because so many people have run through all their benefits on unemployment and so they are not counted anymore.  The number of jobs is not up either.  Whoever makes up these figures evidently doesn’t mesh with the ones I see on the television set.

And how about that pipeline.  Seems it was stopped – permanently.  And now it is on go again part of the way and I understand from reading the papers again that the pipeline people are being told to hurry up and get this done.  What is it.  Go or not.  Hurry up or stop.  Hard to tell.  Almost like watching a fantasy movie.  Up and down, around and around.

It is also clear to me that those jobs that were supposedly manufactured for the anti-energy lobby have now disappeared also.  Oh, what are we to do.  When the windmills stop turning, are they going to hurry out  there and blow those blades around?  Sure makes you wonder about all this stuff.

Once again, those same people who put out all this rhetoric have forgotten that they are not in charge  anyway.   God runs this world and He will continue to do just that.  They can scurry around and act busy all they want.  I guess they call that walking fast and carrying a clipboard, but it just doesn’t work with most people anymore.  Either tell it truthfully or don’t bother the rest of us. We know better.   We can see through all this rubbish.

Just like the gas prices.  Watch and pay attention.  They are sky high now.  But before it is time to vote, the Democrats will somehow make those prices come down and then all their followers will be enthralled at how wonderful they are.    Of course those gas prices should never have been raised in the first place.  But now they will lower them just in time for the election.  Aren’t those Democrats just marvelous though.  Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire    Again and again.

And those jobs will just miraculously appear but only on paper.  And those unemployment figures will miraculously drop.  And that pipeline will be touted as the most wonderful thing that the Democrats ever did for us.  Just watch.  And then be sure and vote Republican.  Maybe then we can get some truth going in this country for a change.  I am sick of the lies.  Sure would be nice to know that we are being told the truth for a change.  Hopefully after the election, there will be a time of truth once again.