24 03 2012

Seems like I always have so many things to Thank You For, Dear God.  But I really mean it.  I appreciate all You do for me every single day of my life.  I have no complaints in my life.  Everything is always o.k.  Some days are harder than others, but so what.  You have always seen me through those dark times and into the light again.  So I Thank You over and over again.

Today, we finished lunch and my daughter went to her room.   She was planning to brush her teeth.  Then I set about sweeping the kitchen floor.   Suddenly, I heard this beautiful sound.  It was my daughter singing quietly, softly.  I think that was the most beautiful sound I ever heard.  Complete innocence.  Complete beauty.  Just wonderful to hear.  You see, she has had numerous problems since birth and this is the first time I ever heard her sing all by herself.  It is truly the most beautiful sound I ever heard.  She didn’t sing long, but I am sure I will be hearing it again.  How do I ever thank you enough for that special treat.

Added to that this week, we had a thunderstorm the other night.  It began about bedtime and I was waiting for it.  I have had hearing problems for years.  Got a new set of hearing aids recently and can actually hear again.  So I was waiting to see if I could hear the rain.  I sat in the darkened bedroom and just listened.  And I heard the hail hitting the house.   Then I heard the thunder as it rolled.  I could see the lightning and it all made sense with the thunder and the lightning together.  Then I heard the sound of the rain hitting the house.  It was truly wonderful hearing all these sounds together.  What a wonderful blessing to be able to hear the storm as it passed over.

So, You see, Dear God.  I have so much to be thankful for – and this is only the last few days. Just think of all the blessings I receive all the time that I never even notice.  Thank You, Thank You Again!



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