IN THE 1940’S

23 03 2012

I was proofing my book, In The 1940’s this afternoon.  I am copying it – again – and going to put it on a flashdrive.   My thought is that when I become a rich and famous writer, my children will want to have it.  And so I have been copying all 6 of my books for posterity – or whatever it might be.  Anyway, I ran across a paragraph that I thought so appropriate for today’s world.

I was writing about how we would all go out in the car for a drive to treat Mother for a few hours.  And I said – ‘Of course we knew that our mother cooked, cleaned, sewed, and shopped for us.  While doing that, she also taught us all the morals we needed to know in order to live a good, honest, decent life.  We listened to what she taught us.  We did not refuse her discipline nor her teachings.  Gradually, she formed us into the people we would eventually become.  Hers was not an easy task.  The job of a Mother is not always appreciated.  It sometimes takes years to understand all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that a Mother so carefully fits into her children’s lives.  If done right, the mother’s job is a very precious commodity and one which simply cannot done by anyone else.’

Today, I saw a young mother taking her small child to the local daycare.  The mother quite obviously was not dressed for work.  Maybe she had important appointments today or something like that.  I would not know and will not judge.  But if she was just going shopping or playing today, then she should have been taking her young child with her or caring for that child at home.

So many children are regimented from the moment of birth.  They have no idea what it would be like to get up in the morning, take their time eating breakfast with their mother there to visit with them, and then playing with their toys while getting dressed for the day.  They should have nowhere they have to go.  Only home.  Only growing up for the day.  Learning those valuable lessons from their mother and knowing how important they are in her life.

I am always hearing about Hero stuff these days.  I think the most important heroes of today are those mothers who dare to stay home and actually take care of their families.  Those who learn to cook from scratch in order to save on groceries.  And doing their own washing, cleaning and other household chores.  Those who would dare to deny themselves the glory of having that wonderful high paying job and instead doing what they are supposed to be doing today.  Taking care of those children God has given them.  And providing that comfortable atmosphere called home.

I am not talking about mothers who ignore their children while playing on the computer all day or those who watch tv all day.  I am talking about that real Mom in today’s world.  The one who takes the time to listen to her children and be with them on a regular basis.  Those Moms who care and show that they actually care.

There is so much pressure on the family all the time.  If the mother can provide that stabilizing factor in the middle of her family, she has done an outstanding job in this world.  It is not necessary to take those children on outings every day.  It is not necessary to provide structured lessons while they are very young.  It is far more important to let them be children.  Let them grow up knowing they are loved and an important member of their own particular family.

And it is also very important that the Mother provide that loving atmosphere for her husband.  He needs to feel wanted and needed and comfortable in his own world. The wife is definitely the equal partner.  She just has a different job.  Totally different than anyone else.  She is the one who makes everything work together for the benefit of all the members of her family.  She is the real hero in life’s story.