22 03 2012

Do you remember that from when you were a kid?  I do.  Seems like someone was chanting that now and then at some other kid  Never knew why particularly, but still remember hearing it.

A Democratic Senator was speaking at a luncheon this past week and made the comment that the gas prices would go down just as soon as the election was over.  Now, I would like to know exactly how this educated, smart Senator could possibly know this.  He continued that it was all due to politics.  Again, how would he know that. Seems sort of fishy to me that he could stand before people and make this comment when supposedly the oil crisis which has resulted in higher gas prices is supposed to be strictly because of prices elsewhere in the world.  And blamed on the big oil companies of course.  So how could the Senator have any say about it at all.  Could it be that the Democrats have raised the prices in order to promote their energy policies so everyone will think that if we just go more to the green stuff, then gas prices will come down.

I note on the television news today that the Democrats are pushing the green ideas right now.  They think that if they channel the sun and the wind and whatever else they think they are in charge of, then they can control the world.  They have forgotten that God alone controls the wind and the sun and all the other stuff of this earth.  And He will be the Only One who will decide exactly what and when we will be able to use it.  As I have said in previous blogs, God is in complete control of His world. And He has provided for us up to this point.  What makes all these so-called smart people think they are in charge of anything.

In the 1920’s and 30’s, who could have even imagined the IPhone.  Who would ever have thought of the airplanes we fly on today or the cars we drive.  Who could have imagined the computers and the fact that I can write on this machine and you can read it today.

Watch who you vote for this year.  The Democrats are deliberately trying to destroy our way of life so they can run all our lives and tell us exactly how and when we should live.  As I have also written before in blogs, learn about Hitler and then watch what is going on in your world of today.  You would think he was back once again.  His policies certainly are.

Be sure and vote for the Republicans – all of them – in your area.  I will vote straight Republican this year and forever more.  Never vote for a Democrat again.  Certainly not for that one that says the gas prices will go down just as soon as the election is over.  And that leads to another blog tomorrow.




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