21 03 2012

Again, I ask, Why Abortion?  Why kill the innocent babies who cannot possibly defend themselves.  It just all seems ridiculous to me.  And yet, we are all a part of this horror.  We pay taxes every day of course – those of us who do.  And our money is given to those free clinics that perform these horrible abortions.  So, without realizing it, we are all a part of this terrible affront to Almighty God.  And we have no say in the matter.

Now, with the recent  uproar over birth control, I quite  definitely do not care if that young woman who testified before all the world that she needed her birth control pills paid for by the government has her pills paid for or not.   If she attends college, she is not destitute, so I really don’t know of any reason why she should need a handout for anything.  But that is her business.  And I couldn’t care less about her moral stature.  That, also is her business.  Certainly none of mine.

In this world of today, anything seems to go.  So I do not judge anyone for anything.  Have enough trouble keeping my head on straight some days, so don’t need to take on anyone else’s life.  When I meet my God some day, I want to be as clean as I can possibly be.  I want to be welcomed with open arms.  And for that reason, I try to live a good, clean, decent life.

I hope and I pray that this Democrat administration will be defeated when we all vote.  I hope and I pray to Almighty God that we can get back on a moral path like we used to be years and years ago.  Before all these weird and strange rules became our way of life.  Life used to be revered.  Now it is a joke.  Morals used to be something to be attained.  Now, they are another bad joke.  Anything goes.  Live any way you please.  That is the motto of  today’s  world.   At least that is what is reported on the news everywhere.

But that is not necessarily  true..  I know a lot of young people who live very good, decent lives.  They strive to be good citizens and want to have nice families and good marriages.  They still believe marriage is a one time man and woman relationship.  They still believe in having babies and taking care to raise them with good morals.  They still go to Church and believe in Almighty God.  They still are the backbone of this country.

Don’t let the media confuse you and make you think that everyone is out to lie or steal or live an indecent life.  That is simply not true.  There are a lot of very good people out here in this country.  And they hope to vote for  Republicans in November.  Hope you will, too.