20 03 2012

I assume that everyone knows that from the White House down, this is a pro-abortion administration.  I have never quite understood this.  Why would anyone in their right mind want to destroy an innocent unborn human being.  What motivation can they possibly have.  Nothing is worth the life of another human being.  So why pick on the unborn child.  It has always just been beyond me.

Years ago, I wrote a letter and sent it to a lot of relatives and friends.  It began – Believing that abortion is murder – and gave the reasons why I felt as I did – anti- abortion.  I was absolutely amazed and still am at the mindset of some of my friends and relatives.  Sure was an eye opener to me.  Most of us grew up together.  Why the change of heart on this one issue.  What would make someone think it was justifiable to kill another human being.

In the Ten Commandments which all religion is based upon – it says – Thou Shalt Not Kill.  It doesn’t say anywhere that it is alright to kill an unborn child.  It doesn’t mention anything about choice or lifestyle or unplanned pregnancy.  Nothing else but Thou Shalt Not Kill.  So, I would be very afraid that if I supported abortion or ever considered doing such a thing that I would have to explain my actions before Almighty God.  I don’t think I would want to do that – never.

I was told after the birth of my first child that I could not conceive again and would never have any more children.   I was o.k. with that.  Didn’t matter at the time. Figured this was my life.  So be it.  I planned on not having anymore children.   And guess what – I had a whole houseful.  And I loved every minute of it.  You just never know what God has in mind for you.  Never even considered I had a choice in this matter.  If I was pregnant – again – so what.  We never actually starved.  Sometimes grocery money was a little bit tight like almost not there, but somehow, someway, we always managed to eat alright.  And the clothes wore and wore sometimes, but no one ever thought much about it.  My sons were buying their own clothes at 14, having part time jobs.  And all my children were handling their own checking accounts at 15 because they all worked somewhere for someone and made enough money to warrant checking account.

Sometimes when I sat on the bed sick as a horse for the first 4 months, I would wish I wasn’t pregnant again.  But I was and that was really o.k.  I would get over this nausea eventually.  Surely I would.  And then when I started dilating early each time and had to do nothing for the remaining time of my pregnancy, that was o.k., too.  All my kids learned how to wash dishes, make beds, run the vacuum, dust, answer the telephone and take pretty good care of themselves.  Never hurt a single one of them.  And then when each baby was born, they were all there willing to help out again.  Made for a very nice family.  Everyone was very responsible.  Maybe that was what God had in mind.

No matter what it took though, we were all willing to accept that new  baby and welcome it into our lives and our hearts and our home.  Why in this world would anyone ever consider killing such a precious child.

Dear God, Help all those who would do such a thing.  They really need Your help.  Thank You.