19 03 2012

I am most definitely not a theologian, so I am not quoting the Bible.  I just remember from my childhood what I learned and how it has stuck to me like glue ever since.  I remember in the Sunday School Class that the teacher told us God had said that if you are heavy laden meaning if you have a heavy load to carry, that if you give it to Him, He will carry it for you.   And that load was not wood or bricks or anything like that.  It meant the load of your life like sorrow or problems or no money or whatever it was at the time.

I grew up in a Southern Baptist Church and attended Sunday School every week.  My parents did not attend Church because my father worked late at night.  But neighbors took us kids to the Sunday School every week.  I never did really fit in with the Baptist Church but I learned a lot there.  I learned all the stories that were appropriate from the Bible.  I could even recite all the Books of the Bible at one time.  By the way, I can also recite the Presidents of the United States that I had to learn as a Pledge in a Sorority later in my life.   See, not everyone can do that!

Anyway, getting back to that heavy burden, some of us can really relate to that one.  I know I can.  It seemed that those burdens came along pretty often and some of them were pretty heavy too.  In fact, I don’t know that I could ever have carried them on my own.  But I remembered those Sunday School Lessons and I did offer my burdens to God for Him to carry for me.  And He did.  Sometimes, I would wonder about it, but I knew in my heart that He did hear me and He did pick up those burdens and help me carry them.

And He still does that for me even today.  Some days are really hard.  This has not been a particularly good day for me.  I just couldn’t seem to get going from early this morning until after dinner.  Something was wrong all day.  Something to fix or something I forgot or maybe I forgot to fix.  Just was not a good day.  And once again, I just offered it up to God and He made it better.  Or at least livable.

Over my life, when things have been exceptionally bad, I learned to sit down with God and just talk to Him.  Sometimes I was able to go to Church to do this.  I eventually joined the Catholic Church and visit with God present in the Most Holy Eucharist every day if I can.  Other times, I just had to make a moment in my life to sit down at home and really talk with Him.  He is really there.  He is in my life.  He is listening.  It is just up to me to take advantage of these moments and let Him be in charge.  That ain’t easy to do sometimes.  But I have learned more over the years about letting go and letting God handle whatever might be the problem.  You know, this is a saying at the AA and Alanon about letting go and letting God.  And it works there, too.

That is all that matters anyway.  The fact that it does work and does help me in my daily life.  I am so glad I don’t try to solve everything on my own.  If I did, my life sure would be a mess.  Instead, I just lean on God and all things seem to eventually fall into line and every problem gets solved.  Might not be answered the way I would have done it, but the result is always what I needed and wanted.

So once again, Thank You Dear God for Your Promises.