18 03 2012

Well, I am right here looking at these various stacks of papers on my desk.  There is one of newspaper articles that I intend to use for writing blogs.  But don’t know what they say anymore.  Guess I’ll have to read all those newspapers again to find out.

Then I have another stack of file folders that I need to go through.  Some need replies and some need for me to order something – whatever it might be.  Then I have a few pictures on the back of my desk.  Important ones to me.  One of a daughter helping at school.  Another of a daughter in various photos.  Another of a friend and I.  Another item standing there is a book that tells me all the birthdays.  And I sure don’t want anything to happen to that one.  I have to look at it pretty often to make sure I don’t forget a grandchild’s birthday or an in-laws birthday.  Or one of my own children’s birthdays.  I also have all the figures written down telling how old everyone was in the year 2000.   That way I can just add up the years and maybe, just maybe I will get them all right.

Beside that is another stack of papers and folders together.  I guess this must be the most important stack of all but I am afraid to go through it.  It might just bite me.  Or disintegrate when touched.  Don’t have any idea what is in that one, but guess I will have to make myself go through it eventually.  Maybe in the summer on one of those hot nights when it is stuffy and we cannot go outside.  That would be a perfect time.  Will have to try to remember that one.

Next to this desk is a table with all sorts of things on it, machines of all sorts and new telephone books.  I don’t know where to put the telephone books as I have run out of room in all the drawers.  One of the drawers is crammed full of those free return address labels that I will probably never use.  But I don’t dare throw them away.  Might just need them sometime.  And they are free unless I want to donate to some organization.

And that reminds me to tell you that when you get old and lonely, just join an investment list or a charity list and you will get piles and piles of mail every single day.  Sometimes the postman can’t get it all in the mailbox.  But it makes going to the mailbox exciting every day.  Especially when desperation sets in.

And then of course I have to have a box of tissues just in case I should need them sometime.  And a tray of paper clips and rubber bands and all that other necessary stuff that makes for an office.  Have to have all that, you know.

Next I have another stack of important mail that I might answer sometime.  Or I might just throw it away.  That is why it is in a separate stack so I can make up my mind later – when I have had time to really know what I want to do with it.  I also order from catalogs using that stack. I put a catalog there with the pages turned down of stuff I like.  Then if I still like the stuff, I might order it in about a month.  If I don’t like it, I just throw the catalog away.  Works for me really well.

One year, I kept looking at this beautiful yellow raincoat.  And I looked at it for months.  Then, one day I decided I would actually order it.   So I turned the catalog to the turned down page and sat down at the telephone to dial.  Then I looked at the picture and under it, there was the total price.  This told me that I must have already ordered it.  Surely I wouldn’t forget having done that.  But then, I went to the coat closet and sure enough, there was the yellow raincoat with the tags still on it.  Now, that is really dumb.  But I had to be thankful that I didn’t order it a second time.  Who knows.  Might have.

Oh well, maybe tomorrow or the next day or the next day or the next week or the next month, I might just get around to going through some of these stacks of important papers.  Meanwhile, I’ll just fume to myself because I can’t see the top of my desk anymore.  Maybe by Easter.  Or maybe the Fourth of July.