14 03 2012

I remember when women stayed home and cared for their families. My mother did this day after day and all the women at her time also did this unless they were without a man to take care of them.  This was the accepted norm for married life and family life.

I did the same.  I went to work as soon as I got out of high school and had no trouble finding a secretarial job.  Worked for a couple of years and then started a family.  Pretty much the norm at that time.  Very happy life, too.  Never had any desire to be a career woman.  No thanks!  That job at  home was completely satisfying.  I was my own boss and could do as I please just so long as I took care of everyone in the household.  This was fine and dandy with me.  As I said, I was very happy and very satisfied with my life.  I was surrounded by friends and neighbors and family.  What more could I ask for.  We lived in a small home and then a larger one and a larger one as our family grew.  This meant I had more to do to take care of all this family and I loved it.  Wouldn’t have traded it for all the careers in the world. I eventually joined all those other women in the carpool section, driving that station wagon everywhere, but I loved every minute of taking care of and listening to and loving all my children.

But then, those women who thought my life was demeaning decided to band together and convince all those unsuspecting young women out there that they had to have a college education in order to have one of those great careers.  This meant they would all make a lot of money and not have to stay home and take care of that boring family.  They wouldn’t have to cook anymore or do laundry or run the vacuum or feed the babies or iron or do any of that demeaning work.  But – they forgot to tell them that they would have to be at a job every day at a certain time and someone else would tell them what to do every day and they would have to have more clothes and more expensive food and have to put those precious babies in a place where someone else could have the joy of watching them progress and grow.  But this was all to be so wonderful.  Especially all that money they would make.  Oh boy!  Who could pass that one up.  Only most of them ended up making a minimum salary and still having to wash and iron and vacuum and feed their family at home, which also meant they had to still wash dishes and mop floors and do all that demeaning work they had left behind when they embarked on that wonderful satisfying career.  Oh Yeah!

And besides that, those particular dissatisfied women also insisted until they got their way that all the women could have that choice of whether or not they wanted to have those precious children.  They were in complete charge.  After all, it was their body, wasn’t it.  It was their decision to make, wasn’t it.  Oh, but someone forgot to tell them that this is called murder and you don’t murder another human being.  You don’t even harm one much less kill it.  And that precious, innocent human being didn’t even have anything to say about it.  But, those career women knew everything, especially how to kill those babies.  This was the way to go.  They just forgot to tell any of the other women that they would always feel that regret.  They might hide it for a long time, but it would always be there.  And that child would always be in the back of their mind.  Wonder what it would be doing today.  How old would it be now.  Would it be a happy person with a family of its own by now?  And the shame of knowing they did this.  And eventually, what will God say.

So, if you are a young woman reading this today, rethink your future life. Marry that man you fall in love with.  Plan to stay at home and take care of your family.  Plan to have that satisfying wonderful life that you can have if you will just work at it.  Hug those babies.  Welcome them when they come along.  Love your husband and provide that comfortable existence for everyone in your family.  Appreciate what God gives you and thank Him frequently.  He is the one in charge.  He is the one who makes those special decisions.  Recognize that and get on with your life.  It can be wonderful.  Mine was and is today.