13 03 2012

I am quoting here – ‘Liberals always think their ideas are the only ideas. They think whatever they want is what everyone else in this world wants, too.  They ‘assume’ everyone agrees with them.  Typical conquering attitude.’  You know what that word ‘assume’ means?  Makes an ass out of you and me.  Never assume anything.  Go with the facts.

‘In today’s world, the leading liberals usually make their point by talking too loud, too fast, and too often.  The would-be conquerors who started World War II also talked too loud,making constant speeches.  Some of those speeches lasted for hours.  They talked too fast for most of us to understand, usually to mask over their discrepancies of thought. And they certainly spoke entirely too often.

Those two wannabe liberal leaders attracted the same kind of  ‘always ready followers’ that the liberals of today do.  The follower is usually hungry to join up with anyone on any subject and the leader who espouses extreme ideas always attracts his attention.  The idea itself does not really matter.  It is the charisma of the liberal leader, the speech, the inflection of his words, the almost hypnotic effect of his behavior that attracts the ‘always ready follower’.  When the liberal’s words are analyzed, it becomes instantly obvious to anyone with common sense that his ideas are completely ridiculous.  However, by the time common sense enters into the picture, the liberal has already attracted quite a following of those ‘always ready followers’.’

You recognize any liberal leaders here?  You recognize any of those ‘always ready followers’?   Take a good look and see your government at work today.  And those  people who follow along as though they were following The Pied Piper.  Just listen and watch.  Same scenario.  Same speeches. Same everything.  Promises of anything and everything mankind could ever want.  And you only have to be one of those followers to become that clone.

Hitler did it all.  Mussolini tried to do it also.  The Japanese leaders did it.  And look what they caused in this world.  Just search out any World War II landing or beach or island in the Pacific or country in Europe.  See what they did.  And then make sure it never, ever happens again in your lifetime.  Never, ever vote for another Democrat who espouses that same kind of scenario to get your precious vote.

By the way, the quotes are from my book entitled  IN THE 1940’S .  If you want to know what family life was really like during the 1940’s, then by all means order this book.  You will definitely enjoy every word.  All my books are only $10 each or any 3 for $25 plus $2 postage.   Great reading.  Full of history and humor.  Order from —-       BET   P.O.Box 2249, Benton,Arkansas 72018.




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