12 03 2012

Every day, I pick up the paper and it is full of stories about how wonderful all is here on the homefront. Lie!  Then I turn on the television news and hear the same thing again.  Lie!  Do you remember when the President made his first State of the Union speech and the Congressman called our ‘You Lie!’  Well, he was right.  They all lie – over and over again.  This is to make us vote for the Democrats.   Not me, Not me, Not me, ever again!

This past week, I have heard at least a thousand times about how great, grand and wonderful the job market is right now  Seems that unemployment is only about 8.4% or could be 8.7%.  Have forgotten the exact number, but doesn’t make any difference anyway.  The point is that it is supposedly better than it was under Bush.  No way!

When George Bush was President, the unemployment rate was at 4.6% in 2007.  Half what it is now.  And remember, please remember that with this present administration, it has been as high as 10%.  Never forget those figures.  And, during George Bush Presidency, there was 52 Straight Months of Job  Creation.  That set a record never heard of before.  Don’t forget that one either.

The current President was out campaigning this past week and his remarks were about how those who came before him caused all our problems and we should not forget that.  In fact, he even stated in the State of Texas that ‘they think we have amnesia.  They think we have forgotten what happened before’.  I ‘m not ever going to forget.  The Republicans that came before were the ones who made this Country great.  The Democrats are the ones who tear it down, piece by piece and give it away under the crooked cover of being nice and civil while lying.

The Democrats have a history of lying about everything.  The media lies constantly in every story put out.  Just like last week, the big story was the dog that was found in the dumpster and had been skinned.  Oh, the media carried that story in big columns and over and over again.  Then when the ‘dog’ was found to really be a coyote that someone had put there, the media barely mentioned it in all the news stories.  You might even have missed that one.  Sure wasn’t on the front page where the story had originally been.  Cover it up, don’t tell the real story, and keep that lie going, no matter what it is.

My mother always said, ‘If you tell the truth the first time, then you don’t have to worry about what to say the next time.’  Always works.  Always has.  Always will.

Dear God:  What Happened To Honesty?   Media and politicians had a better story.   And besides, everybody does it.  Everybody lies, you know.  Except for those that don’t.  And there a lot of us out here who think lying is wrong and we don’t do that.  And we don’t tolerate  any gray areas in our lives.  We try to live  the way we are supposed to.  Every day, all day long.   Works every time.