10 03 2012

Today, I saw a young woman on the television news who has been and is wasting her precious life.  Anything for the handout.  Anything for the lazy, good for nothing life.The reporter asked her if she felt bad about taking food stamps.  Now, this young woman looked as normal as anyone else.  She had on a nice coat to keep the cold away from her body.  She had a hat on her head to keep her head warm.  And I am assuming that either someone gave those things to her or she got them free from a handout store.  Otherwise, she might have been sitting on the curb shaking from the cold.  But in the United States, almost no one has to shake from the cold.  They are provided the very basics of life everywhere.  And guess what – they don’t even have to work for it.

In her answer to the reporter she was proud of taking the food stamps.  She was proud of her personal life.  No telling where she lives or who she hangs out with every day.  She was proud on the television camera.  She smiled what would have been a nice smile until she showed her teeth and they were very dirty with several missing.  And she grinned even further and said, ‘well, it’s o.k. with me.  I have no income.’  Why does she have no income.  Does she have no job?  That is where the income comes from –  – a job!  Get a job!  Then you have an income.  Then you can be responsible for yourself and your own life.  Then you can live the American Dream.  You can learn and progress and become your own person.  And don’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes that there is no job out there for her.  There are jobs everywhere.  These people just simply do not want to work.  That would mean they would have to get up, put their feet on the floor and move.  They don’t want to do that.  As long as someone else takes care of them, they don’t have to do that.

But she wouldn’t understand to get a job if it was written in stone and put in her hat.  She has grown up wanting to live this life.  She has wanted to be on the dole, to take from others, to be provided for.  The only thing she has to give up for that is her individuality.  And she doesn’t even know that.   She probably never will.  Her teeth have fallen out because she didn’t care.  She doesn’t care where she lives, nor how she lives, nor who she hangs with every day.  And caring is what matters.  Caring brings with it a personal pride in all facets of life.

All children should be taught to care.  The parents are responsible for their teaching.  They are the ones who must teach their child to care about others, to care about himself, to take care of his belongings, to care enough to want a good life.  The parents are the ones who must show the way.  They must light the lamp and lead their children to CARE!  Only then will the children progress in life.  It used to be the norm that one generation wanted to see the next generation have a better life and this was handed down over the years.  My parents had a hard upbringing without enough food, warmth, or personal belongings.  They worked and provided so that their children and grandchildren could have a better life.  This was the normal way to live.  Until the 1960’s crowd decided it was more fun to lay around,  demonstrate when necessary and live on the dole.

This irresponsibility was what those parents handed down to the next generation and the next.  And we are still stuck with their unkempt way of life.  It is time for them to bathe, wash their hair, brush their teeth, dress appropriately, and get a job.   And get off the dole.  No more lazing around waiting for someone to feed them.  No more food stamps because they have no income.  It is time to CARE for themselves and their own children.  Now!  Before it is too late.  Now!  before their life has passed them by. And before life has passed their children and grand children by also.

Caring and Responsibility would go a long way towards straightening out the problems of our beloved Country.  Please Dear God:  Teach us all about Caring and Responsibility.   Thank You