9 03 2012

I know exactly what is wrong with the educational system these days.  It  seems that the biggest problem  is the fact that almost none of the children come to school ready to learn.   And it is not the school board’s fault – in most cases. It is also not the teacher’s fault.  It is the fault of the parent and the child.  The parent has not taught that child how to behave in a classroom.  As a result, we have money rolling out to pay extra teachers who have to be hired just to babysit the child who disrupts the classroom.  In some cases, children are even said to have problems with learning when all they really have is a problem sitting and being quiet so they and the others in the classroom can actually learn.

Children should be taught how to become normal human beings from their earliest times.  It is up to their mother and father to teach them all the basics of life in their first few years.  These basics are how to get along with others, how to mind their manners, and how to mind their parents.  This is always done lovingly, carefully, but insistently.  This does not mean that any child should ever, ever, ever be mistreated in any way.  Children learn mostly by the tone of voice of their parents.  And by a good example set by their parents. That mother can soon learn and teach that she is in charge and the child is to mind her.  Period.

Instead, that poor child is bundled up almost from the first day and taken to a day care facility where he is lumped in with all the other children and taught in a group setting. He learns some of the basics, yes, but he does not learn as much nor as carefully as he would if his own parents were teaching him.  I realize that in some cases, the day care is a definite necessity but in most cases it is not.  The parents can make whatever sacrifices are necessary in order for the mother to stay home and take care of that child.  So what if the mother does not have an important  outside job.  So what if she can’t get all dressed up every day and go out into the world.  And so what if she cannot deny her basic instinct and has to agree that her job is now in the home taking care of that child.   That does not mean staying on the telephone all the time or the computer most of the time.  That means the mother is to actually take care of her home and her family.  There are lots and lots of support groups out there now to help the young mother to stay at home and be happy doing so.

If money is the primary issue, then the parents can learn not to spend any more than they absolutely have to.  They can cook from scratch.  There are all sorts of recipes available for the mother to cook good, nutritious meals while saving lots and lots of money.  I wrote a cookbook that tells all sorts of tips and money and time saving ideas that the mother can learn.  It is available at BET   P.O.Box 2249, Benton,AR  72018   Price $10.  This book will make a good cook out of  almost everyone.

With a little practice, the family can learn how to cut costs on almost every item in their budget.  The mother can plan to return to the job market  after her children enter first grade.  I used to go to work part time now and then just to prove to myself that I wanted to stay home. My children needed me at home and I needed to be there for them. To stay home takes practice, but it is well worth that.

If you have a family or are expecting one soon, then by all means plan to take care of those children from the first day.  Teach them how to achieve success in their schooling and in their world.  Only you as a parent can do this.  Only you can prepare that child so he is ready to learn when he enters his school years.  Make his generation the one that finally gets a really good education.  Then we won’t have to spend all that money on baby sitting teachers. And we won’t have to be always searching for a new ‘program’ that will teach our children.  Just simply go home and take care of your home and family.  The whole educational system of our country is waiting just for you!