8 03 2012

It is raining pretty hard today.  And I am so glad.  I have been waiting to hear the rain for a long time.  To explain – I recently bought some new hearing aids and guess what — They Work!!!   I am so thrilled with this.  I haven’t heard some things in a while and rain is one of them.  Oh, it is so beautiful to listen to the rain.  I saw it was raining pretty hard so I opened the door and stuck my head out just in case I could hear it.  Then I shut my eyes and it sounded just like the rain is supposed to sound.  All the way back to my childhood.  I could imagine hearing the rain so many years ago, too.  So, Dear God:  Thank You for That.  I am so grateful to be able to hear the rain again.

And then, I have heard all week about Rush Limbaugh’s famous words regarding the college student and her birth control pills.  I agree with Rush completely except that I would not have used that particular word to describe her.  I might have said nicely something about a lady of the night or something to that effect.  But what he said was true – she is requiring that we pay for her birth control pills so she can live this immoral life.  I do not agree with her that this is a woman’s issue.  This is not about women.  It is about her.  Other women do not and would not expect for these pills to be paid for.  She can just pay for them herself.  And so can all the others like her as far as I am concerned.  And I am sorry that the liberal element has such a strong phone bank that they can push hard enough for Rush’s sponsors to be intimidated to the point of dropping their sponsorship.  That is a shame that any element of society can do that.  I have seen those phone banks work on all sorts of issues and I do not agree with that stance at all.  That is called being a bully.  Read my blog about bullying.  You might just recognize that element.  They recently used it for Planned Parenthood. Always the bully.  Like a child who throws temper tantrums on a regular basis and always gets his way.  Same element.  Same results.  Terrible shame.  But Dear God:  Thank you for that element and their bullying ways also because they show the rest of us how we do not wish to live and remind us why.

And, Dear God.  Thank you for all those who stand their ground and insist that the President and his cronies have no say whatsoever over our personal lives. I realize they are trying every day to destroy our way of life.  I understand completely how they are going about all this.  It is a nick at a time on our armor.  Just a tad here and a nudge there.  Thank you for the Catholic Church making it clear that we have the right to follow our conscience and they have no right to tell us how to live.  Thank you again for that.  And thank you for all those who write their congressmen about this issue.  And thank you for those who continue to live by Your rules.  And thank you for those who remember You and how to follow You.  Thank you Dear God.