7 03 2012

Everyone knows or should know that the family is the nucleus of society.  This has been true since God created man a long, long time ago.  Somehow, man  managed to live this truth for a long time, too.  Until the 1960’s that is. That is when the family unit was sorely tried on every front and virtually destroyed by those who would destroy mankind.

As the years have passed, we have all seen the destruction of mankind on a slow but sure pathway. There is little if any respect for God and His Kingdom.   There is little  respect for most parents from their children.  There is  killing and maiming and the terrible, disgusting abuse of little children on a daily basis.  The family is still under siege every day from those who would deny its very existence. Almost any kind of destructive behavior is  heaped upon  the family unit.  I  think it is time to start saying out loud what we think about this terrible destruction of the nucleus of society. I think it is time for everyone to support rather than deny the existence of the family unit.

In your own area, start telling young families how proud you are of them and their way of life.  Tell them how much you hold them in high regard for daring to live a good life. Support the idea of a one income family.  The father should be the head of the household and the primary breadwinner.  The wife should stay home and care for her young children. She should be the one who is teaching her children their manners and their values.  She is the one who must build that home atmosphere for everyone in her family.   She is the responsible one for molding her family members into the people they  should be. Speak up.  Tell everyone what you think and how you feel.  Give them your support.  You might be surprised to know that sometimes a supporting word is all someone needs to get their life going in the right direction.

We don’t need government support.  We need human support.  And we need to thank God because we are able to maintain our family existence. And we need to ask God for help to continue to do just that.

God gave us the nucleus of society, this family.  He is the One who set up this family unit.  We need to support His Way most of all.