5 03 2012

Guess what!  Found the perfect candidate for President for the next election.  Got an email listing all the things he would have done if elected.

First thing – Would have issued an Executive Order that grants Obamacare waivers to all 50 states.  And then go to the House and Senate Republican leadership and get them to submit full repeal legislation.    Yay!!!!

Next –   Approve the Keystone Pipeline   Hot Dog!!!!

Then – Ask the House and Senate to submit Fair Tax legislation and guarantee a vote in both chambers within 100 days.  Hooray!!!!!

Fourth – Ask Congress to submit and pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.  And then promise to travel to all 50 states to fight for its passage.

Fifth – Have a conference call with the four  Governors whose states border with Mexico and ask them to submit a comprehensive list within 24 hours of what they need to secure their border and then guarantee the federal government would help them complete the job within a time period.

Want to know who this person is that sent out this email?     It is Mike Huckabee.   Maybe, just maybe, if we all got together and begged and pleaded and then drafted him, he might run for that office and get this wonderful country of ours back on track.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful though?

Please, Dear God, Send us someone.  We sure do need him.