2 03 2012

Woke up this morning and the whole world had changed again.  Those daffodils/jonquils had drooped their heads and are getting ready to call it a day.  But in their place, the Bartlett Pear trees have all burst into bloom.  Lovely white blooms cover the whole town.  And sitting right below them are the Japonicas with their orange and red blossoms.  And the Forsythia has stretched out its arms in all directions with beautiful yellow flowers all over the place.  Even a few of the Azaleas are blooming now with various colors from red to pink and purple and even some of the white.  Mingled in with that are the red and purple leaves of the Barberries.

It is truly, truly beautiful outside today.  Thank You, Dear God once again.  You provide us with such overwhelming glorious color to make our world even better.

Think I will open all the windows and doors today and let some of that beautiful sunshine come right on in.  But then, I just remembered that the pollen will be coming in, too.  So guess I’ll just have to watch this beautiful world from inside the window.  But that’s alright.  It’s still beautiful and I appreciate being able to enjoy it.  Hope you do, too.