1 03 2012

Do you remember Adolph Hitler?  He was the monster of the 1940’s.  One of them.  And he was truly a monster.  I remember him well.  Read about him, saw him in the newsreels, and heard all about him over and over again.

After the war was over and I was a young mother, I lived across the street from a really nice Jewish woman.  Her family had managed to get out of Germany right before Hitler did all his horrible things.  I visited with her occasionally as we both had children the same ages.  But I wish now that I had listened to her a lot more.  She knew of a life that I can only imagine and not one I would ever want to follow.  She and her parents had slipped out of Germany with  money sewn into their clothing.  They actually risked their lives in order to get away and come to America for a far better life.

She told me that before Hitler showed his monster side, he was a great leader.  He had come into that position with the full support of all the people because of his promises.  He was going to provide everything for everyone and all would live a great, grand, peaceful, wonderful life. Only he forgot to tell them exactly how he was going to manage to do all this. He just waved his arms in the air and made rousing speeches that mesmerized the people.  And they followed him like the children followed the Pied Piper.

She said when she was a young girl that all the schools had been taken over by the state.  They were fully supported by the government and provided everything for everybody.  She even got to take special dancing lessons all for free and transportation to those lessons was provided free.  Everything was free.  Everything except the people later.  For in providing all this free stuff to everyone, someone had to pay the bills.  So, some of those people got to pay and pay and pay.

By this time, almost all of life was free to all the citizens of Germany.  There was what we call health care today, and special homes built to take care of people who could no longer take care of themselves.  Everything was run by the state and it was truly a wonderful existence.  Nothing was left to the individual.  In fact, the individual had no say about anything anymore.  The prices had gone sky high and people either lived from and by the state or they starved.  And when they were fed, they learned how to say ‘yes sir’ to whatever was asked of them.

He even  began to weed out those he did not think were fit to belong to society.  They were put in those homes he had provided.  Anyone who was too old to work was put somewhere.   And those people who had disabilities were also put somewhere.  There were special places set up for them in order for all to be taken care of by the state.  But this was just a part of that promise of everything for everyone.  No one should object to any of this.  It was for the good of all.

Next, he shut down all the businesses and shops that he didn’t think should exist  because of the shop owners religion or their position in society or whatever reason he could think of.  By this time, everyone was living in peace and there were no guns around of course.  That way, no one could possibly protect themselves, their families, nor their belongings.   Soon, everything  else also belonged to the state.  Including all the people.  And no one objected because all was provided free and there were no obvious problems.  So they stood mute when arrested or humiliated, or mutilated or stripped of all their belongings.

Next, Hitler decided he would ‘manufacture’ the perfect society.  So, he killed off those he did not think perfect or he had forced sterilization performed on those so-called misfits. And then he forced into a sex slavery those he considered perfect specimens that he would use to manufacture this perfect society.   During all this time, he was also conquering other nations in order to promote his ideas and ideals.  A true monster.

If any of this scenario sounds familiar, remember it when you vote next time.   We don’t need a monster in office to provide everything to everyone.  We don’t need all those free services that take away the individual rights of every human being.  Remember those who stood mute because they had no way to protect themselves nor their families nor their belongings.

I will never vote for another Democrat in my lifetime. I hope you won’t either.  Hopefully, God will protect us from the monsters.